For A "Post-Racial" Country We Sure Are Obsessed With Race

Bryan Dubois
Jul 24, 2010

After having elected the nation's first black president, we were told that a great hurdle was cleared.  That the dream of Martin Luther King Jr. was reached because we elected a man based on the "content of his character" and not the color of his skin.   Two years after the election, we see that this country's obsession with race has only intensified. 

We're told that race doesn't matter - shouldn't matter, but the race factor is pounded into our heads as if it's the deciding factor.

From Border Patrol agents who act in an inexplicably racist manner to the weekly all-things-racial agitprop from newspaper columnists - if race can be an issue, it seems that race is the only issue.  (In Rufus Sander's latest column, can his praise of a conversative like Herman Cain be explained any other way than by pointing out that Cain is black?)  A new law in Arizona is construed as "racist" because 99% of the people who violate immigration laws in Arizona are of one particular race.   Is there a way to protect the US border without it being described as racist?

The era of hope, change, unity has devolved into a racially charged shouting match.

Be on the lookout for the ulterior motives of anyone who cries "racist" too quickly.  (Not the Border Patrol guys, mind you.  I can only imagine both of those agents will be fired in the near future if what was written in the pages of this newspaper was accurate.)  In political debate, claims of racism are often abused to distract from the main issue in an argument.

In Arizona, the claims of racism are being used to distract people from the issue of whether or not the government is upholding it's duty to secure the US border.

Tea party activist are regularly maligned with accusations of racism to distract from the issues on which they attempt to focus:  Out-of-control govenment spending will never be addressed if the left-wing is able to cut the conversation short with a flippant accusation of racism.  (Which I've heard is a tactic being promoted among left wing groups who see how effective it can be.)

A phony charge of racism seems to be lurking behind every political debate.  One dare not make a simple observation if it involves race for fear of being branded a racist.

Where are we headed on this issue?


6079 Smith W

Wasn't ML King all about promoting a colorblind society?

Why is it then that in their alleged search for societal and economic fairness that the lefties tend to do an awful lot of labeling and categorizing of peoples, races, creeds, cultures and ethnicities?

Bryan Dubois


As I said, color is the only thing they see.

Smith W, have you ever noticed how the militant left wingers pervert the idea of "equality under the law" into complete societal equality.



Twenty years he attended the church and listen to Rev Wright and his racist rants.  Now we are to believe he is post racial?

Bryan Dubois

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brutus smith


Bryan Dubois says:


"Also note that not one person challenged the validity of Coulter's claims.   Figure that one out.  :)"


That's because everyone thinks Man Coulter is a whacked out loon. ROFLMAO!

brutus smith

 What Rev Wright said is called BLACK HISTORY!

Julie R.

The moderators removed one of Dubois's comments because it contained personal attacks? Oh my!


One does not have to read Coulter, Obama's best bud Saul Alinsky's Rules For Radicals will shed all the light on the agenda of the present administration. It's called attack,attack, and attack. Racism charges and Tea Party attacks are the way Osama and company does business. To  Brutus Smith, at least one representative less, Charlie Rangel comes to mind. When a minority commits the majority of the crime what are we to do.


brutie, what Rev Wright ranted was racism at its worst, anyone who denies that is either in denial and or a fool........

Raoul Duke

Arrogance via ignorance.


I just did a quick Google to see if you were reading from the Wing Nut playbook.


Didn't go past the title and date.

Took a wag.

I remember when Ann Coulter called John Edwards the "Q" word. She got the wingnuts a lot of press. All the while Edwards was.........................

If I were to post my opinion of all you wingnuts, I would get deleted, don't want to bother the blog police on a Sunday.................


Yo Goofy

You back on the rock?


brutie more "black history" or racism, anti christian attitude?;hl=en_US&amp;fs=1"></param><param

brutus smith

 To geniuses bryan and sam, Come up with something he said that wasn't true. In your own words, I know that is asking a lot, but try.


brutie, must be difficult to defend the most racial and radical president in modern history, which explains your weak replies and lack of any facts.


Yeah Kimo, opened up the house here the first week of May. I'm a little tired of this Florida weather up here, could have stayed back in Florida for this junk!

6079 Smith W


Kimo wrote:

“If I were to post my opinion of all you wingnuts,” 

With your use of an invective – you did.  

As the saying goes: The cheapest commodity in the world is an opinion because everybody has one. 


6079 Smith W

 @ Mr. Dubois:

While channel surfing last evening I happened to catch the movie “Boyz 'N the Hood.” I had never seen it before.

It’s a very sad movie that more than helps to illustrate the unintended consequences in the waste of human potential that socialist "do-gooder" policies produce.

One year, while I was living in Chicago, it became the murder capital with over 600 homicides. Tragically, many were children caught in gang crossfire.

Here's an idea for another Progressive economic redistribution program:

Take the gangb*ngers to a shooting range and teach them basic skills. Then perhaps they would potentially only hit that at which they were aiming as opposed to innocents.

Raoul Duke

It never has occurred to me that Obama is racist. I didn't vote for him because I thought he was unqualified to be the president.

6079 Smith W

@ Jimmy Ego:

If according to some, the mere criticizing of Mr. Obama and his policies makes one a racist, then doesn't Mr. Obama in his weekly address by singling out "the Republican leader in the House of Representatives" (Mr. John Boehner) who is white, make him one as well?


BTW: Why are all actors portraying intruders in home security commercials white?


I literally flipped a coin, "held my nose" and voted for Barr.


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Chung Lee

Chung Lee wonder if the right wingers are intellectually challenged or just academically dishonest.  Criticizing the president does not make one a racist.  However, if the "issue" had occurred in a previous administration and there was no objection and now there is.......well one should question the motive.  For instance, the deficit did not become a rallying cry for many until January 20, 2009.  Coincidence?  Seriously, how can right wingers deny that many within their fold refer to the president as a black muslim?  How can one ignore the ignorance and biogtry?

Chung Lee would like to point out that Boehner is not white....... he orange. 


I wonder why Chung Lee need to refer to himself in the 3rd person, underlying issues?    Its the left wingers who makes all criticism of Obama a racial issue.   The deficit has increased by a third in only 18 months, that's not a racial issue, its out of control liberal spending.  To my knowledge Obama is a mixed race Christian.  Why does he refer to himself as a "black man", ashamed of his white heritage?.


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     I remember when Racism or being Racist meant that Blacks sat in the rear of the bus, had seperate drinking fountains and rest rooms, couldn't be served in restaurants, were hanged in trees, were segregated from whites and discriminated against in many other ways.

      Now if you have a different opinion or disagree with a person of color, even a mixed race such as the President, you are branded a Racist. These are sad days indeed. Let's remember what the great Republican Civil Rights Leader, Martin Luther King Jr. said:  "I look to a day when people will not be judged by the color of their skin, but by the content of their character. "

"Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter."
Martin Luther King Jr.


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Invective:: Abusive language; discourse that casts blame on somebody or something.

Ya got me mixed up with Beck, Fox Wingnut News, and the rest of your sources of information.

To compare me to them, is a personal attack.

I got a boot out of my post being deleted; no one has directed more personal attacks (using screen name) than you have at Jimbo. I never asked, they were never deleted.

Take the personal attacks out of Politics and unemployment would double.

It's hard for me to figure out what the "new" rules are.

I have seen all kinds of filthy Acronyms in the past, have we suddenly??????????

We will see if this flies.......................

Chung Lee

Sam you might want to educate yourself.  Many of the states define somebody as being black if they are 1/2  1/4 1/8 or 1/16 black.  Legal definitions of race have been on the books since the beginning.  Chung Lee knows that if Obama said the sky was blue they would say it was green.  Chung Lee pretty sure if Obama say he white...... the wingnuts would call him black anyway.


Sam says the Chung Lee incorrect once again, federal definition for some like Obama is biracial, someone with parents of two different races, cannot be counted as either parents race. Sam says that Obama uses race for political advantage unlike any other recent president from either party. Limp wristed liberals would like Obama to be black, would make them feel better about themselves, .

Chung Lee

Sam that sounds like more projection there buddy.  Chung Lee thinks that maybe wingnuts don't want to think of Obama as black so that they think their actions are no racist.  Sam, Chung Lee would like to know where you get your information?  "Someone with partents of two different races cannot be counted as either parent race".  You better contact the Justice Department and the Census Bureau because apparently they got it wrong and the nut bag site you got this from is certainly a better source lol.  Wake up Sam part of the reason you no like Obama because he is black so what does that make you?  Clearly not an informed citizen as you suggest you are!

The U.S. Department of Justice Federal Bureau of Investigation categorizes black or African American people as "A person having origins in any of the black racial groups of Africa" through racial categories used in the UCR Program adopted from the Statistical Policy Handbook (1978) and published by the Office of Federal Statistical Policy and Standards, U.S. Department of Commerce, derived from the 1977 OMB classification