For A "Post-Racial" Country We Sure Are Obsessed With Race

Bryan Dubois
Jul 24, 2010

After having elected the nation's first black president, we were told that a great hurdle was cleared.  That the dream of Martin Luther King Jr. was reached because we elected a man based on the "content of his character" and not the color of his skin.   Two years after the election, we see that this country's obsession with race has only intensified. 

We're told that race doesn't matter - shouldn't matter, but the race factor is pounded into our heads as if it's the deciding factor.

From Border Patrol agents who act in an inexplicably racist manner to the weekly all-things-racial agitprop from newspaper columnists - if race can be an issue, it seems that race is the only issue.  (In Rufus Sander's latest column, can his praise of a conversative like Herman Cain be explained any other way than by pointing out that Cain is black?)  A new law in Arizona is construed as "racist" because 99% of the people who violate immigration laws in Arizona are of one particular race.   Is there a way to protect the US border without it being described as racist?

The era of hope, change, unity has devolved into a racially charged shouting match.

Be on the lookout for the ulterior motives of anyone who cries "racist" too quickly.  (Not the Border Patrol guys, mind you.  I can only imagine both of those agents will be fired in the near future if what was written in the pages of this newspaper was accurate.)  In political debate, claims of racism are often abused to distract from the main issue in an argument.

In Arizona, the claims of racism are being used to distract people from the issue of whether or not the government is upholding it's duty to secure the US border.

Tea party activist are regularly maligned with accusations of racism to distract from the issues on which they attempt to focus:  Out-of-control govenment spending will never be addressed if the left-wing is able to cut the conversation short with a flippant accusation of racism.  (Which I've heard is a tactic being promoted among left wing groups who see how effective it can be.)

A phony charge of racism seems to be lurking behind every political debate.  One dare not make a simple observation if it involves race for fear of being branded a racist.

Where are we headed on this issue?


columbus avenue

It is a simple as black or white.

brutus smith

 So bryan, why didn't they expand their business the last 8 years?

Bryan Dubois

Brutus, that's a good question we should ask small business owners.  I can't speak for what was in their mind for the last 8 years, nor can you.  What we can ask them is why they're wary about expanding now.

The answer I'm getting is that economic uncertainty coupled with an ever-looming threat of taxation is putting small business owners on guard.

What's the answer you're getting?


re:The majority of liberal beliefs are rooted in self-loathing....

How to win friends and increase circulation.

Are you on the payroll at the SR?

Or are you getting a free ride to promote Bryan?

Chung Lee

Sure it is all about taxation and it has nothing to do with the drying up of the credit markets.  Banks are not lending. Taxes are nothing more than a talking point.   Even if taxes go up.... good businesses will grow.  Let's not forget during the Bush administration there was a company called Enron and they paid taxes only 2 of their last 10 years and business.  Did Chung Lee mention that they were the 6th largest company in the US when they went bust?  Can't quite blame Obama for that one.  Seems interesting that the Republicans now want to stop regulations that would prevent that disaster again. 

brutus smith

 What I am hearing is that big business wants the economy to remain bad until after the Nov elections. They want their wealthy loving friends (Republicans) to get back in office so they can complete the destruction of the middle class. Their reasons of uncertainty don't hold water. That's what I'm seeing and hearing.

Bryan Dubois

Brutus, you must have some really "interesting" friends.


OBAMA IS NOT A "BLACK" ! He is a half breed MULATTO ! Look up the definition in the dictionary!


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brutus smith

 Barack Obama is our 1st African American President.

brutus smith

 bryan, do a little reading here.


Let's see if this flies?

Why would anyone post: "The majority of liberal beliefs are rooted in self-loathing".

That is a "personal attack" on anyone that is a Democrat and or a Liberal.

When someone spews those kinds of comments, I can't help wondering what the motive is.

In my twenty four years of government service, that behavior was filed under, "make yourself look good, by making someone else look bad". "If all else fails smear the hell out of them". "It's not how you win that counts, it's the win that counts".

How sad that we have stooped so low.





Kimo is a Hawaiian name.

I am an American.


I do have a birth certificate to prove it.

I just threw that in here to inform you "Birthers".

Don't want any trouble from them people, they are vicious!

The fireworks on Kelleys just finished, nice display, if you find any misspellllled words, I was distactored.

Mime Bloggling's picture
Mime Bloggling

 Barack Obama is our first bi-racial President. Bill Clinton was our first "black" President. ;)


 Yes, you are absolutely right, Mime Bloggling. 

Bryan Dubois

lol @ Mime. 

He has an office in Harlem.  That must prove it!

Chung Lee

Chung Lee think if "self loathing" is building arguments based on fact.... so be it.  The alternative is to be ill informed, biased and reliant on talking points Tea Party Type.


---> QUESTION? if the Scientist say everybodies beginnings started  from Africa, how much DNA makes one blaxk and one white?

    I would like to use them racist laws to benifit from. Or you afraid to touch this question?

6079 Smith W

Jim Webb (D-VA) wrote a piece in the weekend WSJ entitled: 

“Diversity and the Myth of White Privilege” 

I thought that his conclusion was interesting:

“Nondiscrimination laws should be applied equally among all citizens, including those who happen to be white. The need for inclusiveness in our society is undeniable and irreversible, both in our markets and in our communities. Our government should be in the business of enabling opportunity for all, not in picking winners. It can do so by ensuring that artificial distinctions such as race do not determine outcomes.

Memo to my fellow politicians: Drop the Procrustean policies and allow harmony to invade the public mindset. Fairness will happen, and bitterness will fade away.”

Read more:


@ Mr. Dubois: Congratulations on making it into the "Top Comments" section. Who could have imagined that "race" would be such a hot topic? :)



Raoul Duke

It shouldn't be about laws. As so called "Christians," you'd think we would at least try to have tolerance for "everyone" who is different than we are. It's currently politically correct to hate Middle Easterners and Mexicans. We are so far removed from the time of slavery and mass killings of Native Americans that we have no concept of the general hatred white people once had for them. How can we expect things to get better within this country when we have isolated ourselves so much from the rest of the world with our arrogance?


re:so be it

I asked pointed questions.

Basic bottom fishing.

Listed possibles.

"Someone" went whining that my questions were personal attacks?

One of the more interesting things about these troll boards, is what gets deleted and what doesn't.

Burns a lot of daylight, and moonlight if you look at the times.


Chung Lee

Kimo they no want to talk about issues they just what to spew their rhetoric.  Lots of projection of intent too.  When the fallacy of their argument is point out the Republicans like to say that it is a hateful attack.  Even the title of this rant  "We sure are obsessed about race",  Well I think the "we" should be clarified and once it is........ "we" find that it is the same 20% that have been against anything Barak Obama. 

Chung Lee also get good laugh out Bryan claiming that Democrats are self loathing.  First of all, if anybody is self loathing is is the Blacks who think they are Republicans and the Gays who live in the shadows and vote Republican ie Log Cabin Republicans.  Another point Chung Lee wonders what type of newspaper thinks it is a good idea to associate with someboyd like Dubois who has no credentials or original thought?  One more thing...... Chung Lee know a thing or two about business and it is never a good idea to call your customers and potential customers "self loathing"  Have nice day.

Mime Bloggling's picture
Mime Bloggling

Chung Lee:  "First of all, if anybody is self loathing is is the Blacks who think they are Republicans"

Oh my, oh my Chung Lee...who is now not basing his notion on facts?

Tell that to our growing Black GOP friends here:



Obama's Poll Numbers Down, Imaginary Racism Up“ by Ann Coulter

From the NBRA web site.

I wonder if Ann Coulter would consider it a personal attack if I asked her what her motive is and where her money comes from.

Follow the money, look at the people quoted.

Turns out to be the same people behind the Tea Party Movement, financed by the same people that smeared Kerry.

Not much to crow about bub..........


brutus smith

 I love it when our resident racists here try to grab any straw they can to justify their racism. How many black Congressmen and Senators are there today, 7-25-2010?


I am not racest , not by any means

I dont care if the person were purple as long as he does what needs to be done to fix this country



Imaginary Racism Up by  Ann Coulter 07/21/2010   We Sure Are Obsessed With Race By Bryan Dubois Jul 24
2010 Three days ……….. Same playbook?
6079 Smith W

@ Kimo:

Thanks for the link. I seldom if ever read or even listen to Coulter. I think she has a valid point however.

As the Dems increasingly lose independent voters, whose votes were the key to Mr. Obama landing in the WH. They feel that they need to heighten the volume of the attacks in hopes of preventing a Nov. Congressional disaster.

Quite frankly, the shrillness of the shouts of “racism” by the left increasingly looks absurd and desperate to any thinking independent voter. 

In the final analysis, it's probably having the unintended effect of driving more of them away.

Ya better tell your bosses to change tactics;  Nov.'s a precious few months away - time's-a-wastin'.


Bryan Dubois

Smith W,

I hadn't seen that column either until Kimo posted it.  (He must read Ann Coulter alot.)  I'm flattered that I'm being compared to a New York Times bestselling author and nationally syndicated columnist!  (Made my day!)

Also note that not one person challenged the validity of Coulter's claims.   Figure that one out.  :)

hancrack me up

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