For A "Post-Racial" Country We Sure Are Obsessed With Race

Bryan Dubois
Jul 24, 2010

After having elected the nation's first black president, we were told that a great hurdle was cleared.  That the dream of Martin Luther King Jr. was reached because we elected a man based on the "content of his character" and not the color of his skin.   Two years after the election, we see that this country's obsession with race has only intensified. 

We're told that race doesn't matter - shouldn't matter, but the race factor is pounded into our heads as if it's the deciding factor.

From Border Patrol agents who act in an inexplicably racist manner to the weekly all-things-racial agitprop from newspaper columnists - if race can be an issue, it seems that race is the only issue.  (In Rufus Sander's latest column, can his praise of a conversative like Herman Cain be explained any other way than by pointing out that Cain is black?)  A new law in Arizona is construed as "racist" because 99% of the people who violate immigration laws in Arizona are of one particular race.   Is there a way to protect the US border without it being described as racist?

The era of hope, change, unity has devolved into a racially charged shouting match.

Be on the lookout for the ulterior motives of anyone who cries "racist" too quickly.  (Not the Border Patrol guys, mind you.  I can only imagine both of those agents will be fired in the near future if what was written in the pages of this newspaper was accurate.)  In political debate, claims of racism are often abused to distract from the main issue in an argument.

In Arizona, the claims of racism are being used to distract people from the issue of whether or not the government is upholding it's duty to secure the US border.

Tea party activist are regularly maligned with accusations of racism to distract from the issues on which they attempt to focus:  Out-of-control govenment spending will never be addressed if the left-wing is able to cut the conversation short with a flippant accusation of racism.  (Which I've heard is a tactic being promoted among left wing groups who see how effective it can be.)

A phony charge of racism seems to be lurking behind every political debate.  One dare not make a simple observation if it involves race for fear of being branded a racist.

Where are we headed on this issue?



Post racial president or a president who uses race to his political advantage?




1.)The national NAACP has promoted every issue on racial lines instead of looking for common ground, example the false attacks on the tea party, no comment from the Obama administration.  

2.) The constant attacks from "LaRaza" (the race) promoting everything as anti-Hispanic, again no comment from Obama only calling the Arizona law "racist" and then admitting he or his attorney general had not even read the law.  They later backed off and stated they opposed it because it "violated federal law", it mirrors federal law. Yet they are silent on "sanctuary laws" from left leaning cities that do violate federal law, why?

3.)During his run for president he ditched his two decade pastor Rev Wright, but only after media pressure, yet he sat in  that church fro 20 years and heard the racial rants of this mad man.

4.) He characterized his own white grandmother as a "typical white person."  His wife indicted America as "just downright mean" and she was never proud of this country, she was then hidden from the media..

5.) Referred to the actions of  the Cambridge Police Department "stupidly" without all the facts just because it involved a black friend,

6). The short lived appointment of Van Jones, need I say more.

 7.) Nominated a supreme court justice who stated "she was wise in a manner a white male never could be".

8.) Silent on the New Black Panther Party and their hate rants."

Post racial or race as a political advantage?


Bryan Dubois

Sam, good summary.  Most of what Obama says he stands for, his actions prove opposite.  Racial equality?  I don't think so.

I believe he aims to practice racism as a means to swing the historical pendulum back the other way to compensate for wrongs committed not against him, but of other people who lived and died long before us.  Example:  For a period of time, blacks were openly intimidated in this country.  Now that Obama is in power, he's going to openly allow the blacks [panthers] to openly intimidate whites with impunity.  This is tit-for-tat playground behavior not behavior of the leader of the free world.  We now have federal laws and protection against discimination, but Obama prefers passive aggressive acts of real vengeance, not peaceful social progress to bring about change.

Obama has no interest in practicing racial equality.  He's simply an agent of extremism looking for collective revenge - just as his pastor Reverend Wright preached. 

brutus smith

 Now if you two boobs would have given examples from both sides I could see your point. But when you only point out things from one side and then proceed to argue that the other side isn't racist, IS RACISM!

6079 Smith W

@ Mr. Dubois:

I’m happy to see it when a writer enters the discussion.

Reading your comments helped me recall the tenor that was initially set for this presidency by Rev. Joseph Lowery in the Inauguration Benediction when he asked God to better the lives of peoples of respective races and then ended his “prayer” with the phrase: “…when white will embrace what is right."

Sure sounded fallacious, inclusive and racist to my ears.

In context:

“We ask you to help us work for that day when black will not be asked to get in back, when brown can stick around, when yellow will be mellow, when the red man can get ahead, man; and when white will embrace what is right,”

Bryan Dubois

Good example, Mr. Smith. 

Thanks for weighing in.

Bryan Dubois

Brutus, I do believe that Sam offered 8 examples to support his opinion.  Leaving the other side out isn't "racism" it's bias.  Bias is not only acceptable in opinions - it's expected.

My example of real racism was the Border Patrol agents.  Did you read the article before commenting?


Let's face it , we are ALL racist at some point in our lives . I believe racism stems from fear and fear is a natural survival instinct that all living things have and to deny that is to deny our very nature . What makes us civilized is that we move beyond that natural fear and mistrust of what is different or strange to us . Racism will always be with us in some way or form . How we face and deal with our fear of those unlike us is what will bring about real change . Understanding is the real hope that we should strive for in life . We WILL have many personal set backs in this endeavor but the endeavor is what will enrich us ultimately.

Bryan Dubois

Bluto, I agree with you.  I believe that we're all racists to a degree.  (Black people tend to "stick together" as do white people.  Latinos, Italians, Poles etc.  That's why we have pockets of ethnicity in cities.)    I guess civilization defines what degree is acceptable vs. not acceptable. 


Bryan Dubois

Bluto,  just for fun:

Acceptable level of racism:  Joking around about why you think white people are silly.  Choosing to live next to people of the same race.  Sitting with a group of people of your race at lunch.

Unacceptable level of racism:  Hiring or not hiring someone because of their race.  Giving preferential treatment in a public institution based solely on race.

We could go on and on with these.

I think the problem is that some people don't understand the difference.

brutus smith


6079 Smith W says:


“We ask you to help us work for that day when black will not be asked to get in back, when brown can stick around, when yellow will be mellow, when the red man can get ahead, man; and when white will embrace what is right,”

Enlighten us as to what part of that is not true.

Chung Lee

Once again Chung Lee must get a good laugh out of the pre-fab sophomoric "incite" (insight provides value).  Chung Lee would like to point out that this Black Panther Movement consists of less than 20 members and the manufactured controversy that Faux plays 24/7 is of the same 3 dudes.  Clearly these "Black Panthers" are misguided but a group of 20 dudes is far from newsworthy.  Just curious, if this problem is so widespread....why does Faux only show one clip and why did the Bush Justice Department drop the charges against them?  Hey "Du boys" how about doing a google search on Tea Party Racist Signs.  I bet even you could find thousands of examples and not just from one source.

Just curious, how come the Tea Party was "founded" after the first black president took office?  The facts show that Reagan tripled the national debt during his administration and Bush was far from a fiscal conservative and he left the liability of 2 wars on the table.  Chung Lee is sure that this is all coincidence?  Could you imagine if it was Barak Obama that said "Deficits don't matter" instead of Cheney?  If the Tea Party was formed on principle instead of racism that would have been the founding moment,

brutus smith

 bryan, I was commenting on your's and sam's post. Comprehension my boy, comprehension. And sam has yet to prove what Rev Wright said wasn't true, failed to show what Sotomayer said isn't true, failed to look up the final outcome of the Cambridge police incident, and failed on the other points too. Are you bi-racial bryan or sam? Whites can stereotype and blacks can't? How many links to pictures and videos showing tea baby racism do you want? You are a typical right winger, you look for 1 incident to justify your everyday actions. What do you think briethbart was doing? He was trying to justify tea baby racism by trying to depict a black woman as being racist. And in her case she would have every right to have racist feelings since her father was murdered by whites in the south and it was covered up and dismissed. How would you feel if it were you?

6079 Smith W

 @ Mr. Dubois: 

One of the most eye opening books that I ever read on this subject was “Up From Slavery” by Booker T. Washington. 

In essence, Mr. Washington taught that if one sought to be the best plumber, bricklayer, etc., skin color would not matter and that the “white man” would seek you out. 

Unfortunately, the struggle for racial equality was won early last century by those like W. E. B. Du Bois who favored a political route as opposed to Mr. Washington’s education path.

Sadly, the U.S. seems to have more of the confrontationally vocal Jesse Jackson’s and Al Sharpton’s as opposed to the likes of Bill Cosby, Walter Williams or Herman Cain. 

IMO, for overall social betterment, it would be best for all if politics were tabled and results orientation was the focus - education, education, education. 

However, as the saying goes: 

You can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make him drink; but you can make him thirsty.  

Simply providing the path to education is not enough. The U.S. spends more on education than any country in the world. The will to succeed must also be instilled; therein I believe, lays the simple yet seemingly difficult key.






Bryan Dubois


The political "solution" never seems to be the best solution, does it?  They rely on force rather than choice and force always has a way of eventually backfiring. 

Smith W, just curious:  Do you think Obama knew what would be said by the Rev at the benediction?

brutus smith

 I have a question for you race relations experts. How many of your relatives were hung just because they were white? 

6079 Smith W

 @ Mr. Dubois:

Speaking of education: You may recall that even Oprah Winfrey initially supported inner city education in Chicago, abandoned her efforts and opened a school in Africa.

 To their credit, the Africans appreciate the commonsensical fact that education is potentially a way out of poverty.

The wrongheaded lefty pogroms of simply re-distributing wealth from the productive to the unproductive without the necessity for effective results will, if continued, ultimately produce economic disaster for the U.S.

Why bother getting an education when by simply voting for the right politician will help one to achieve an adequate lifestyle?

That process is fiscally unsustainable.

Bryan Dubois

I do recall the Oprah Winfrey story.   Sustainability seems to be lost on some of these people.  They're products of the destructively over-indulgent lives we celebrated so long in this country.  What I don't agree with is this belief that no matter how much you tax people, pressure the already abused welfare system that we'll have money to keep throwing.  As if our country is drawing from unending cash supplies.

I wonder if the people who voted for Obama as a means to have their mortgage paid, their cars paid for and not having anything else to worry about are satisfied with how his actions have pressured the life-blood of our country to the point that they've slowed the production of wealth?

(I'm digressing!)

As far as that benediction goes, my point on that is that a benediction sets the tone (as you pointed out) and I can't help but believe Obama knew what was going to be said...

Raoul Duke

I guess I have to accept that a lot people don't think like I do, just as much as I have accepted that some people don't look like I do. That's up to me, not them.

6079 Smith W

Mr. Dubois asks:

“Do you think Obama knew what would be said by the Rev at the benediction?”

IMO, if he didn’t, his advisors like Axelrod knew. That kinda stuff has to be approved. Plus the “Rev” had a reputation. He publicly confronted POTUS GW Bush at Mrs. M.L. King’s funeral.

I lived in the NW suburbs of Chicago for just short of twenty-five years and left last yr. to return to Ohio. I understand very well – The Chicago Way.

(I miss the pizza and Italian food tremendously!!!)

I’m fairly astute politically  (I have a BA with a major in Poli. Sci. and a minor in History) and I NEVER heard of Mr. Obama until he ran for the U.S. Senate. To the best of my knowledge the man was a “zero” legislatively.


RE: Bryan               I agree , people don't understand and I include myself  in with the many at times . I am of mixed heritage of a certain ethnic kind ( with respect to Big Chuck and Little John ) and have been mistaken for just about any race under the sun and even though I consider myself a human being before anything else I still fall into those familiar paths just like everyone else . Even so far as to laugh at off color jokes (excuse the pun) . We will all do these things from time to time , it is just the way we are and besides  most jokes are told at some else's expense anyway . You have to have a sense of humor or you will go crazy is my belief. I just try to keep it all in perspective . That's my best excuse anyhow. I guess when I truly think about it I have always been more of an outsider then anything , even within the confines of my family . Don't get me wrong ,I love my family and try to respect others but I like my solitude . It brings me a sense of peace and helps my clarity of thought . So , levels of accept-ism is the norm for the everyday world in a world of groups and individuals.

Bryan Dubois

Bluto, point well taken.  It takes all kinds!   I think I'm part of the same group you're describing...

brutus smith

 13 trillion in debt from free market capitalism isn't economic disaster? Who knew.

brutus smith


Bryan Dubois says:

"I wonder if the people who voted for Obama as a means to have their mortgage paid, their cars paid for and not having anything else to worry about are satisfied with how his actions have pressured the life-blood of our country to the point that they've slowed the production of wealth?"


If others had doubts about your membership in the right wingnut party, you just put their doubts aside.


once again brutie has his panties in a bunch because he lacks facts so he falls back too the lib tactic, call the other side racist.  Post racial president, sorry just the opposite, uses race for political advantage.  Admits he lacks all the facts, still he calls the police actions "stupidity.";hl=en_US&amp;fs=1"></param><param 

For the ctics of Fox News, unlike the lib media this report was unbiased, without judgement and both sides were given equal time. "Fair & Balanced" 


re: actions have pressured the life-blood of our country to the point that they've slowed the production of wealth?

When you purchased your, Liz Mobile, (the one she used in the police chase) the money YOU sent out of this country, "helped pressure the life-blood out of this country".

The shifting of money from pocket to pocket, and ignore the trade deficit, started long before Obama.


Bryan Dubois

LOL @ Kimo.  Pal, the Liz mobile was a minor mistake compared to the major folly of getting involved with the situation in the first place.  Life lesson learned:  Never get between a person and the enemies they make for themselves. 

Sam, I've found that there's no sense in arguing with somebody who clings blindly to liberal beliefs.  The majority of liberal beliefs are rooted in self-loathing and that's not a pretty thing to get mixed up in.  (But that's another blog post!)

6079 Smith W

@ Mr. Dubois:

RE: Liberals/Socialists/Marxists/Progressives/Fascists/Democrats/Authoritarians/Totalitarians - the term is "ideologues". 

Have you heard or read the Racist-in-Chief’s weekend address as yet? 

Allow me to synopsize it for you: 

It’s Bush’s fault. 

Lessons from Obamamology 101:

Admit nothing, deny everything and make counter-accusations.

Bryan Dubois


What good is all the talking when the average small business owner isn't expanding business for fear of new taxes from health care "reform?"

They are forcing change and getting unintended consequences.  Such is the involuntary-socialist way...


re:The majority of liberal beliefs are rooted in self-loathing....

How to win friends and increase circulation.

Are you on the payroll at the SR?

Or are you getting a free ride to promote Bryan?

brutus smith

David E. Frank, a former prosecutor in Massachusetts who is now a senior news reporter for Massachusetts Lawyers Weekly,[35] commented that, from a legal standpoint, "the decision not to prosecute certainly seems to be the correct one." In his analysis, even if the prosecution could prove all of the disputed factual allegations in Crowley's report, Massachusetts case law does not consider offensive and abusive language to be disorderly conduct per se, and they would be unlikely to prevail in court.

He arrested him because he was embarrassing him. Once he knew who he was and knew he wasn't violent, he just should have got in his car and drove away. Therefore he acted stupidly and chose to keep it going.  And what a joke with the Faux news clip. Where did she get those guys to interview at the actor's guild? ROFLMAO!