FIT CHALLENGE: Clark adjusts her snacking

Ellyn Clark
Jul 20, 2010


The week of July 11 was a pretty good week.

I weighed in at 173.6 pounds. When I weighed in last week, I think I was something like 174 or 175. I continue to lose weight, but not as fast as I would like to. My goal for this month is to try and break through this plateau by losing at least seven pounds.

T.J. Temper, my trainer at Northern Ohio Medical Fitness Center, has changed up my workouts a bit and has required me to take as many spinning classes as I can within a week. This has turned out to be only one or two. 

He has also encouraged me to take advantage of all the classes offered at NOMFC. So, last week, I think I fit a class in almost every day. I hate to admit it, but I actually enjoyed taking the extra classes. 

I took Molly Bauman's Boot Camp. That one really kicked my butt! I took a couple of spin classes and then I also took Molly's body sculpting class. It's been nice to change things up a bit. It has also been nice to work out with others in a group setting.

Because of my work schedule and T.J.'s schedule, I have not been able to work out with T.J. our regular three days per week. This is one of the reasons he has encouraged me to take advantage of the classes offered at NOMFC. The instructors require me to work out just as hard as if the workouts are on a one-on-one basis. 

T.J. said he designed my workouts to burn as many calories as humanly possible and as quickly as possible. What I interpret that to mean is he designed them to kick my butt! And to kick it hard enough to get me out of this plateau. 

I have also changed my diet a bit. I have cut the amount of eggs I've been eating in half. I am not eating as much peanut butter as I used to (which is difficult for a p.b. addict) and I have added some new snacks.

One of the snacks I have added is frozen grapes. Freezing grapes? That is something I would never have thought of doing. A friend suggested it. Grapes are delicious and more fun to eat when they are frozen. Try them for yourself. I think the red ones taste better than the green. And if you're in the mood for something soft but crunchy then you'll be all set.

I am also trying to make sure I eat within a half hour to an hour after my workout. This is important because our metabolism is at its highest right after a workout. A speedy metabolism means an accelerated calorie burn. And to lose weight one has to burn more calories than what they take in. And eating speeds up metabolism as well. My post workout snack is usually some nuts and raisins.

I used to think a snack meant like a handful of chips, a Little Debbie snack cake, some cookies and milk, a doughnut, some ice cream with everything but the kitchen sink on top. You get the idea. 

I also thought that a snack had to be in rather large portion sizes. Well, I've learned that a snack is an apple with a bit of peanut butter or honey on it, or it's a slice of whole grain bread with a bit of pb & j, or it's a hard boiled egg, or it's some nuts and raisins. A snack is something to tide you over to your next meal so that you never feel hungry. It doesn't have to be a lot and it shouldn't contain a lot of carbs (sugars).

Right now, I am writing this in the wee hours of the morning. I am very sleepy and can't think of anything further to write. And right now because I'm so sleepy, I'm not certain that all of this flows from one idea to the next. And because I'm so sleepy I'm not sure it makes absolute sense to anyone else but me. So cheers to healthy snacking and I hope everyone had a good night.