The One Thing You Learned From The Bryan Jones Shooting

Bryan Dubois
Jul 19, 2010

Imagine you're standing next to somebody in line at a fast food place and you see the headline laying on the countertop in front of you.  You have time to say only one thing to the guy next to you - because in a moment, you'll be moving on with your cheeseburger and fries.   Assuming that you both have read the story and know the details, what is the short, summarizing comment you make to your neighbor about the events in the story?

...leave your one-liner...



 Yes bobaluey , that is a very tacky picture. Why cant I stop looking at it ? I must like getting creeped out. Do you keep looking at it too ? I would like to believe my eyes are just playing tricks on me. But I really do think it is Bryan in a casket !!!!!!!!!!!   WOW. Like I said before, creepy.


$11 Grand to reconstruct his face and head? Couldn't you have maybe done something different like a closed casket or cremated his remains and spent the $11 Grand on his son?  as for the comment: "Booze, gun & threatening to kill someone, naw nothing bad could come out of that!". 


Stupid is as stupid does.

Chung Lee

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I totally agree with most...

Jul 19, 2010
05:06 PM 40oz says
How about this... My prayers go out to the officers who had to make a life changing decision and will be scrutinized and tried by public opinion. I don't think ANY officer puts on the vest HOPING for a gun fight! God Bless the Men In Blue!!!


how about good shot?   too personal?


Julie R.

I sure hope none of these comments are from Sandusky policemen.  That would be very disturbing to say the least.


Julie R, your last comment, troubling, typical of you and low class!  This article has NOTHING to do with the Sandusky Police, but then again you being off topic, what a surprise.  You can't manufacture it to fit your anti-SPD agenda......

Julie R.

Ooops.......sorry. Allow me to reiterate.

I sure hope none of these comments are from any policemen. That would be very disturbing to say the least.


Well, speaking for myself, I'm not the police,  NOR   a  man. 


Well, are  they thinning out the herd?

hancrack me up

 Hillbilly cops don't like teargas-only fireworks & "shoot to kill".


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Where were the PARENTS???  Clearly by all the history I've read this young man has been a loaded cannon for years!. Maybe 11K should have been spent on some counseling or some rehab!  The line should have been drawn years ago by them instead of letting the lawmen draw it for them..........that's all I got to say about that.........