The One Thing You Learned From The Bryan Jones Shooting

Bryan Dubois
Jul 19, 2010

Imagine you're standing next to somebody in line at a fast food place and you see the headline laying on the countertop in front of you.  You have time to say only one thing to the guy next to you - because in a moment, you'll be moving on with your cheeseburger and fries.   Assuming that you both have read the story and know the details, what is the short, summarizing comment you make to your neighbor about the events in the story?

...leave your one-liner...



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Don't point a gun at a cop

Kottage Kat

Mamma, Don't let your babies grow up to be Felons


Children can sleep in bed safer tonight

My thoughts

I thought Brian Jones drowned in a swimming pool?


Starryeyes83, Mckinley, Kottage Kat, and BA1281, those are all very true points.


At least the cops have good aim, unlike the people in Sandusky at 4:00 in da morning

And to "My thoughts", that made me chuckle!

Raoul Duke


Julie R.

A simple prayer for the family, maybe?


Julie R.

There but for the grace of God, go I? Or you?


Julie R. says

"There but for the grace of God, go I? Or you?"

I doubt if you have ever been highly intoxicated, made threats towards your own family, have a history of violence and raised a gun towards officers.  I doubt that you would have put yourself in this tragic situation.   Its called personal responsibility.


people need to learn to take responsibilty of their own actions and stop trying to place blame on others.


What have we learned or should have known if you have any common sense, history of violence, intoxicated, made threats that day, points a gun at a police officer, result this tragic event.  I am sure the family will look for a payday in the courts and more financial support resulting from his death than their son would ever had provided in life.  For the officers involved, "better to be judged by 12 than carried by 6".

Bryan Dubois

Sam, if you said all that to some guy at McDonalds he'd prolly look at you like you're crazy.


Bryan DuBois, if I said it at McDonald's I also would super size my fries with you.  I will try to keep it very simple to allow you to understand

Bryan Dubois

Oh, I understand.  Your comment wasn't complicated in the slightest.  You're basically saying that Jones's past history and his current actions (pointing a weapon at cops) got himself killed - and that now the family will be awarded a court settlement which will exceed the maximum amount that Jones could've made if he was employed.

I'm simply saying that if you made that entire comment to some random bystander at McDonalds, he - and everyone within earshot would've thought you were crazy.  (People don't typically jump on soapboxes while standing in line at McDonalds.)

Bryan Dubois

Don't call the police unless somebody is already dying.


If the cops have guns drawn, it's for good reason. Raise your HANDS, not  your SHOTGUN!!


How about this... My prayers go out to the officers who had to make a life changing decision and will be scrutinized and tried by public opinion. I don't think ANY officer puts on the vest HOPING for a gun fight! God Bless the Men In Blue!!!


Bryan you are ridicolous.... You are implying that the cops should have waited to get shot before defending them selves????

He raised a shotgun and pointed it at them, they are justified in shooting him.

If someone raises a shotgun and points it at you and you know they have the ability to kill you, your telling me you would just let him shoot you, cmon!!!!


Concernedsubject, Finally someone who feels the same way I do on this subject.


Bryan, reported and spoken like a true liberal crybaby.


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One liners , people,  one liners!!

Bryan Dubois

Thanks starryeyes.  


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 Is that a pic of a casket with Bryan in it?    Uh, that is a little creepy.  

Chung Lee

Why didn't the police prevent the kid from taking a gun, threatening his mom and pointing the gun at them?  Clearly the fault of the police (sarcasm)


"The familys should also be mouring (for a lack of words) for the officers that had to make such a decision!" 

"Yeah like the Deputies said ~ think we should shoot a drunk guy holding a shotgun today?  What do you think?"

40 oz has it right.  God Bless the men in blue~! 

And Bless Bryan's family.  May they see the situation for what it truly is before they go to the lawyer's.


yes, it's a tacky picture of the casket , what was the register thinking??