BLOG: Three Examples Of Delusion

Bryan Dubois
Jul 18, 2010


You've heard the saying, "the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again, but expecting different results?"

Well I don't have a clever saying to define delusion, but here are three good examples:

National Delusion:

On the night of THE DECISION, the ESPN commentator showed a graphic which displayed the results of the day's polling question:  Where do you think Lebron James will play next season?

The color coded graphic showed the majority of pollees in New York believing that Lebron would play for New York.  The majority of pollees in Illinois believed that Lebron would play for Chicago.  The majority of pollees in Ohio believed Lebron would play for Cleveland.   But the entire rest of the country?  They rightly believed Lebron would play in Miami.  Delusion.

Basketball star Delusion:

Lebron James thought he could build up the excitement over where he'd play next season and that no matter what he chose, basketball fans would "love" him unconditionally.  He's just that good.  The commentator dude brought him back to earth with real-time video of his jersey being burned in Cleveland. 

Delusion Unmasked:

And lastly, in our little tourist community where gunshots have been interrupting Sanduskian's sleep near-nightly for the past 3 weeks, the grandfather of the alleged perpetrator in the last shooting incident is "shocked" that his grandson is accused of shooting someone.

No Relative Of Mine Could Do That Delusion:

[Shaking head] 

Delusion ain't just a river in South America. 


brutus smith

I'll give you  one more example of delusion, Republicans care about the middle class. If that's not delusional I don't know what is.

columbus avenue

Here's another one: 

The Schwangerites have the community's best interests at heart, not their own personal agenda.

Raoul Duke

Maybe people are delusional to keep from going insane. Think about that...for awhile.

Captain Gutz



What about republicans that are middle class?

brutus smith

They have a mental illness if you think anyone but millionaires benefit from Republicans.

Julie R.

Delusional is that Cuyahoga County crook Jimmy Dimora screaming: "This is nothing more than a conspiracy by all those conspiracy theorists FEDERAL AGENTS that are wearing tin-foil hats! This is a witch hunt because I'm a Democrat plus I'm Italian! Every Italian-American in Cleveland should be outraged! This is a conspiracy by the Cleveland Plain Dealer to get me, too!"     (pause.........)    "And besides, I haven't done any more than every other politician has ever done so why are they picking on poor little 'ole me?"   


Post reads: "Delusion ain't just a river in South America."

 Off the topic of being delusional for a moment (or on the be the judge....)   Is there a river in South America called “Delusion”? I am not familiar with it. I traveled many parts of that area, and never heard of it.    Isn't this saying supposed to use the word denial (as in the Nile River in Africa) – therefore, the saying would read: “D”enial isn’t just a river in Africa.....   To some extent, my fellow Americans, we are all delusional ( denial) about something. I think organized sports and consumers are delusional for paying ballplayers more than they pay our farmers. Perhaps I’m in denial...but, I think our farmers offer more to our Country than ballplayers.    You see, we are all “touched” just a little.
Bryan Dubois

Please excuse Pragmatic, folks.  He's not the sharpest tool on the Christmas tree.


I have never heard of a tool on a Christmas tree.

brutus smith

bryan, your skills as a comedian are about as bad as your reading and comprehension skills.

Bryan Dubois

And yet you read faithfully.  :)


Captain Gutz...... what middle class????????

The Republican party remains convinced all will be well if only we eliminate taxes on the most wealthy.

They're targeting social security next.....instead of simply raising or eliminating the income level at which social security deductions stop.




Captain Gutz

..."fewer people today live in households with incomes between $30,000 and $100,000 (a reasonable definition of "middle class") than in 1979. But the number of people in households that bring in more than $100,000 also rose from 12 percent to 24 percent. There was no increase in the percentage of people in households making less than $30,000. So the entire "decline" of the middle class came from people moving up the income ladder. For married couples, median incomes have grown in inflation-adjusted dollars by 25 percent since 1979. "



  If you only knew...but, your attempt at being humoristic is a cute show to watch.    Now, what about an intellectual comment? If my statements were incorrect or even unethical - please provide the readers with some clarification. Where is the Delusional River in South America?  Is it something you made up to make us laugh or think? I’m trying to do both while reading your article, but to no success. Also, are ballplayers worth more pay and benefits than our American farmers?     I’m just asking.....   After all, we don’t want to hear about James anymore...that horse is dead. So, readers may attempt to find something...anything....else in the story to focus on.  Furthermore, what grandfather would tell the press, “Oh, yes sir, my grandson is a low-down, good-for-nothing scoundrel.  He should have never been born.”    If you read human behavior research literature you will find that the majority of families will protect each other under most circumstances, to include murder, rape and white collar crime.  It would be delusional to expect family to turn on family. While this, of course happens in civilization, I think if you become well-read on human behavior in society, you will find that the familial culture is difficult to penetrate.     Perhaps, you made an ill attempt at humor to provide a pun where we are supposed to think you are delusional for not using the typical pun in your story.  But, I must be honest with you, if that was your purpose, it just wasn’t funny. Sorry. I’m not being rude, just honest.    Okay, now we have gotten to the all time low of providing intellectual stimulation to our conversation: You have indicated that I’m not the sharpest tool on the Christmas tree (sorry, I don’t get it) and I have told you that you are not funny (try a different paronomasia or joke next time...just to see if it would be funnier). Oftentimes, using more intellectual humor in a common situation can make articles not only more interesting to read...but people will appreciate your wittiness. 
Bryan Dubois

Prag, are you serious?

brutus smith

captgutz,  provide your source with  independant figures on this.

Julie R.

The sharpest tool on the Christmas tree????????

Raoul Duke

Actually, I think that all three examples are more "hopeful" than delusional. I hoped LeBron would stay in Ohio. LeBron hoped that people would understand when he didn't. And the Grandfather hoped that his Grandson wasn't capable of such a thing.

Delusional would be me thinking that I have a chance to make it on the PGA tour when I've never played an 18 hole round of golf anywhere under par.  In my life.

Bryan Dubois

Jimmy, the poll was, "Where do you think LeBron will play next year?"  It wasn't "Where do you hope LeBron will play next year."  (But yeah, I agree that people were probably answering with hope in mind rather than reality.)

And Julie, you mean to tell me that you've never heard that saying? 

How about these:

"You ain't the brightest bulb in the shed."

"Don't judge a book until you've walked a mile in a glass house."

"She's a couple cards short of a six pack."

Julie R.

No, Bryan, I can't say I have ever heard of the sharpest tool on the Christmas tree or your other funnies, either.  So what's the sharpest tool on the Christmas tree?