BLOG: Former Bassett's Clerk Gets 11 Months Behind Bars

Bryan Dubois
Jul 16, 2010

Here's an example of the occasional senselessness of our criminal justice system:

What good comes from sending this woman to prison?

She admitted her mistake.

She's been publicly embarassed by her mistake.

She cannot make amends behind bars (which she probably has already made.) and now she cannot care for her family who depends on her.  We're punishing her children for something she did.  (Is that right?  Is that the purpose of our criminal justice system?  I always thought it was for the protection of society and the rehabilitation of an offender.)

Tax dollars must now be spent to house a non-violent offender who has admitted her mistake and has sought help in dealing with it.

Again, what is the purpose of using one of the harshest punishments we have on this woman?  Are we using a prison sentence for retaliation?  Retribution?

Does a prison sentence for this first time offender make sense?



 to Julie R. yeah, you are right ! Isnt that the woman who happens to know alot of "dirt" on some pretty important white guys in Sandusky ?  

Chung Lee

Bryan apparently you missed the July 16, 1:15 pm comment that Chung Lee made and your ill prepared response on July 16, 2:33. Instead you chose to pretend that this clarification was not made and refer to the July 16, 10:35 am comment.  Did you miss the 1:15 comment (though you acknowledged it) or are you that dishonest to misquote the comments in the order that they occurred?  Then again it could be as simple as the fact that  you have difficulty following chronological order of events?   Amazing how you have mastered this Glenn Beck technique. 

Bryan Dubois

Chung, I read your posts. 

Still have no idea how it's relevent to what we're talking about.

The beauty of these commenting threads is that you can't be dishonest about what was said - because it's all still here!   Would you mind explaining this commenting dishonesty theory of yours?

Dude, another Glen Beck reference? 

Get some help, bro.  Maybe nobody in your life has ever been this honest with you, but this obsession with Glen Beck is not healthy.  It might be time to look into some kind of therapy.  Just my opinion.

Julie R.

Mr. Dubois: In reference to your question of "How's everything going for you?"---- were you referring to the probate case and the estate of the person who passed away eight years ago in 2002?  If so,  like all shady cases in corrupt Erie County it's like the Energizer battery-----it just keeps going and going and going!




brutus smith

Do you remember when hurricane Katrina struck and the black people who were taking things were called looters and the white people who were taking things were called survivalists?

Captain Gutz


"Do you remember when hurricane Katrina struck and the black people who were taking things were called looters and the white people who were taking things were called survivalists?"

Uhh, no I don't remember that. But I found this

That's  a photo of ONE black person, and there are some plausible explantions given as to why the photos were captioned the way they were. And I don't see the word "survivalist"

brutus smith

Chung, you are right about bryan's comprehension of things. He even pastes what you say in his posts and STILL can't comprehend it. Bryan, those mail order reading classes you took are not accredited.

Bryan Dubois

Brutus, you liked that accreditation line didn't ya?  Admit it: you laughed.  (Even though you ride Chung's jock, you still thought it was funny.)

Chung Lee

Chung Lee think it is funny that a "professional" blogger would say that  one commenter is "riding the jock" of another commenter (classy moved Sandusky Register).  Especially when this "blogger' has a last name that would be pronounced "Do Boys" by many of his intellectually challenged supporters.

Mime Bloggling's picture
Mime Bloggling

 Sound like Chung Lee should change name to Yu Flung Poo.

hancrack me up

 Oh No! A cop's wife has to go to prison! How dare they print this! Such a horrible newspaer for printing the news & such a horrible public for reading it! I'd be willing to "bet" she gets out extreeeeemely earlier than others that have done the same crime- just like rapist Fitzpatrick did.


I must say, of all the stories that I have read comments posted on this one by far has been the most entertaining!

Although I feel 11 months may have been too harsh,  a couple of months of three hots and a cot wouldn't have harmed her along with about 500 hours of community service- 100 hours being served standing outside of the Courthouse wearing a sandwich board that proclaims " I'M A THIEF".

Do boys.....Chung, hilarious- I peed a little laughing so hard at that!


She got at least part of what she deserved. What cop's wife, or any one else, wouldn't know that they were commiting a crime.

Don't do the crime if you can't do the time, period, no exceptions.

It's really too bad that her family, especially the kids, have to live through the embarrassment and scandal she has caused, something she obviously was too selfish to take into consideration.

I personally don't buy the bull that "she is sick because of her addiction". That is a path she choose, but that's just my opinion.

brutus smith

Finding supplies for what capt? Oh yeah, to survive! What a wingnut.