School Levies: Vote 'Em Up Or Vote 'Em Down?

Bryan Dubois
Jul 14, 2010


If you feel strongly about a school levy issue in your area, what would you like to tell school administrators and the public about why you're voting the way you're voting?

With one year of operating funds left, Margaretta has a crucial levy coming up...

...while Perkins has a renewel coming up in November.

What's your opinion on them?



 Perkins has a renewal in November but the most important issue is the new schools being developed by the administration. Cost estimates from 100 million to 50 million depending on the bells and whistles. That's a chunk of change.  Here are some questions I would like answered.

1. Based on an average home in Perkins Township being $200K. How much will this add to your property tax and for how long?

2. Do new schools need to be built if all the open enrollment students were returned to their previous schools?

3.What happens if a homeowner can not afford to pay the additions taxes needed to fund these new schools?

4. The superintendent does not live within the school system. He does not have family that lives in this district. What vested interest does he have other than adding a new line to his resume?



This is an open question to all supintendents and I would like a response from all of you.

 I have parents who own their home.  They are on a fixed income. If you increase their property tax through a new school levy they will have to make decisions on food, medicine or property tax. Now if they don't pay their property tax the county will take their home . Yes, talked to the Erie County Treasurer and she informed me, they will lose their home ,they own, so you can have a better school.

Please explain your rational behind my elderly parents losing their home to pay for your needs?


Anyone who votes yes on the Perkins Schools Levy really needs their head examined.  This board and their consultants are out of their minds!  It's actually laughable!


Sorry for my spelling error. I was on a deadline over lunch.

My thoughts

"Anyone who votes yes on the Perkins Schools Levy really needs their head examined.  This board and their consultants are out of their minds!  It's actually laughable!"

I would consider voting yes depending on the estimated increase in my real estate taxes. If the District can get a new high school and middle school and community center for $150 to $200 a year increase in my taxes I would consider it for the future Perkins kids (mine will be off to college soon). The high school is a piece of crap and needs expensive repairs which could be a waste of money and may be better spent on a new building. I plan on getting informed between now and November and suggest others do the same.


New Departure


UAW wages

Schools had funds

People decided to buy a Kia, Toyota, Nissan, Lexus



No more good paying jobs

Schools can't get a levy passed

Golly gee Brian, think there might be a connection.............

My thoughts

One of my biggest fears is outliving my retirement assets when I retire. Therefore, I will probably keep working (part time maybe) as long as I am able to make the funds last longer. How old are your folks and how long have they lived in retirement? My father-in-law has a small pension and social security check to live on every month and we help out around his house taking care of things he cannot do for himself (shoveling snow, cutting grass) that he would have to pay others if we didn't. You may be able to help them lower some costs that way. Should they downsize? Your folks could look into a reverse mortgage to provide funds although I hear fees are pretty high and their heirs will inherit an asset with a related liability. These suggestions are only related to you stating that their budget is tight and a tax increase would make them choose between food, medicine and taxes. Just thoughts to loosen the budget and not a pro levy stance. When I reach retirement age and am asked for more funds for schools I will probably be less inclined to vote "no".


 Outsider: I have seen articles about community outreach. You could call the board office or check their website for information about when these meetings will be held. If you are serious about learning the answers to your questions, I'm sure this information would be made available to you.

I guess I only disagree with your question number 4. If you work, do you live and work in two different communities? I do, and I pay taxes in both. I have a vested interest in my employer--my name and my paycheck. This will be Mr. Gunner's last position. He will retire. I heard him talking about it at one on the outreach meetings that I wrote about above. 



Go to an outreach meeting. I too was thinking, "Not now; not in this economy!" The buildings are so inefficient and in need of so much work that we would be foolish not to take advantage of the down-turn in the economy. The fewer districts that apply, the better for us. We can save oodles and gobs. Yes, I know that a few on this site will shrilly, and with great sarcasm, write about the evils of taxes. The money will go somewhere. It might as well be here. 


E Paper 7-13-2010

Sheriff sales start on B3, continue on B4, B5, B6, B7, B8, B9, B10, and end on B11.

Where I come from, that ain't good.....................

Falling Down

I used to say Yes to levies because I believed in the strength of a good community even being single with no children. However I can no longer say yes. Here are the reasons: the Ohio Supreme Court ruled that the funding of schools under the current system is unconstitutional, I pay my bills, house payments and taxes while others are getting breaks, rebates, free rides and I still pay my bills, house payments and taxes, enough is enough!!!!!  Like so many I am tired of paying taxes for others.

So the answer is NO to levies. School and Elected Officials need to change their ways, PERIOD.

Bryan Dubois

Falling Down,

Do you see any difference between a levy in Margaretta (operating levy to ensure solvency and local control) and a levy in Perkins (for capital improvements) or would you vote them all down?

I understand the frustration with taxes in general, but I think there's a difference between the two.

Falling Down

I understand the difference, but I am not sure if the Perkins one is a renewal for capital improvements or just a general renewal ( quality register information for article and questions); the operating one for Margaretta is very important to their operations.

However I have to say No to both, my charity has run out for all. It does not matter if it is Schools, Governments and most of all big business with their bailouts.  I realize people are trying to slow and reverse the downward slide in economy with lots of programs, but I believe the economy is at depression levels even though we are being sold a somewhat positive spin on things.

The economy has reached a benchmark in my opinion. The government can only carry it so far, and as long as I have a say it will not be on what little I have.



The best way to save oodles and gobs of money is not spend money. How about we cut taxes on the county, state and federal levels. That would be bigger than oodles and gobs. Trillions would be my guess.

Let's see. I have parents, children and grandchildren in the Perkins school district. Mr. Gunner has  only a job and paycheck. Who has more vested interests in the community? If you think Mr. Gunner is going to retire after his stint in the Perkins School System I have lakefront property to sell you in the desert. If you follow his career he has come and gone about every five years. If he truly believes in this project move here and be a part of our community. I'm not against Mr. Gunner but  if he wants me to hop on board for the next 20 years he needs to do the same. . If your are a leader, be a leader and make the commitment  like you expect the rest of us to make.


When you see "operating" levy, it is for raises.  Never pass any operating levies.

For older folks, you can get a homestead reduction if you are 65 or older.  It will take $200 to $300 off your tax bill.  Just go down to the County and apply.



The homestead reduction was applied for and received may years ago by my parents. What other suggestions do you have for a married couple who have lived in the same house for over 30 years, have the house paid off and are struggling to stay afloat? How much in taxes do you feel will be added to their property tax with a 50-100 million dollar assessment for a new school? With every other government agency in the county and the state demanding more money this will most likely put them over the edge. Do you have any other suggestions? The county treasurer said sorry but she will have to take their property.

Does everyone realize that you do not own your property even if you have paid off your mortgage. The federal , state, county ,township and city governments can reposes your home if you can not pay the taxes they wish to charge you. A majority of these taxes you don't get to vote on. You are just assessed by the government agency.



Nearly fifty years ago, a principle at the local high school informed me that the school was going to put a “Permanent Improvement Levy” on the ballot. I had never heard of that kind of levy before, and I asked him to explain the “Permanent Improvement Levy” to me. I don’t think I will live long enough to forget his reply. He said “normally we use money from the General Fund for all expenses, if we put a regular levy on the ballot, voters may not want to pass a levy that will go for teacher’s raises”. “If we put a permanent improvement levy on the ballot for our building improvements, that leaves more money in the General Fund, and we can still get our raises”. Of course that was nearly fifty years ago, I'm sure no person would use such tactics today.
Just Saying

I have been a resident in many of the surrounding counties over the years and have always voted yes for a levy that supported their school system, even before I had children and while my spouse was laid off. However, that changed the day Perkins initiated open enrollment.


Outsider - whether you are for or against a levy, people cannot retire expecting their living expenses not to go up.  What did they do when the price of gasoline went up?  Water?  Electric?  Turnpike tolls?  Medical expenses?  Food?.............When determine when you can retire, you have to expect your expenses to go up every year.


 So, Outsider, you do not live in the Perkins school district, yet you have a vested interest, unlike the Supper? I pay my retired mother-in-laws car payment and insurance. We understood, when she retired, that prices for everything would go up.

We are living with the results of major tax cuts now. Why would anyone cut them to solve the problem that this created? I have heard that this is the definition of insanity--keep doing the same thing and expect a different result.


I would venture to say that ereimom is an erie county democrat that has her head buried in the sand.



I'm talking about being taxed out of your home. You have choices with water, food and other costs. You can cut back or change how you spend you money. You don't have a choice with taxes. You pay them or lose your house. Sounds like it would be OK with you if your taxes were increased by . What number would be acceptable to you?



Did I say I didn't live in the Perkins district? Your assumption is not valid.  We haven't seen anything in the way of major tax cuts. You definition of insanity and my definition are worlds apart. Sounds like a majority of people who post on this issue are in closer agreement with me. Guess we will see who is right at the polls. 


I don't have a number in mind, I just know that expenses always go up (mine as well as yours), and retirees should plan accordingly.  A reverse mortgage is, of course, an option.


 All three posters may agree with you, but I wouldn't call that a majority. Your post was written in such a way that most would think that you do not live in the Perkins district. You are likely correct about the levy failing though. Does anyone else have the ability to check past IRS returns--I mean like thirty years past? I pay much less in taxes, as a percent of income, today, than I did in 1980. Rant about taxes and smaller government all you want, but when you actually check the facts, an enlightened person could not agree with you.

Government has grown in this time period. Most of it for security reasons. Deregulation has shrunk government. As has defunding certain sectors, such as FDA and EPA. Federal government also shrunk when the Fed transfered accountability to the state, such as transportation and education. The later sort of explains your property tax dilemma.



The federal government has shrunk? That statement is scary. Your federal, state  and local governments have grown beyond any rational amounts. Maybe that is your problem.  This is not a Democratic or Republican issue. It's a common sense issue. You can't spend more money than you have. It's a federal, state and county problem. It's a local problem. As local as your school system, police department, library or water & sewer department.


I do believe that the No Voters in Margaretta community has been very clear on thire stance but it must be worth repeating.

The No Voters of Margaretta would repsectfully like Ed Kurt to step down.  He is not trusted and has made some very big financial mistakes in the past years.  The BOE also needs to step aside as they just are Ed Kurts's Yes Men!!  The Yes Voters aruge that it is for the kids and that voting no hurts the students.  I disagree.  We need to continue to stand up and demand a change in the BOE and administration in order to SAVE OUR BEARS.  A levy is only a band-aid for a gapping wound.  We need to rid the school system of the Good Old Boys and get honest, repsectful, caring people to run the school and make some much needed changes!  Vote No Ed Kurt must GO!


It was just brought to my attention that in today's paper there is a flyer on  the Margaretta School levy on August 3rd. This paper claims there will be a $211.40 increase in annual tax on a $100,000.00 home.. BUT...according to the legal notice they are required by law to says there will be $0.69 for each $100.00 of valuation...ummm...if my math is correct, that would be a $690.00 increase per $100,000.00 home. I realize that this legal notice is in the very back of the paper in small print and they are hoping no one sees it or bothers to read it, but I did, and so have others since it was brought to my attention. So take note...they also had listed the taxes in all the surrounding distrists (except Huron, why's that?) and taxes for a $100,000.00 home in Margaretta would be $1479.06 !!! The MOST of any of the other districts listed. Makes me wonder where the truth lies, in this little flyer or in the legal notices? hmmm