BLOG: Mortus preaches weight loss the natural way

Gary Mortus
Jul 13, 2010


It's hard to believe we're over halfway through 2010. I am officially at 57 pounds lost. Losing 10 pounds a month thus far is respectable. I have been losing at a slow and steady rate, which I hope will continue for the remainder of the year. 

During the next six months, I will strive to lose 6 to 8 pounds each month to reach my goal of 100 pounds.

I am feeling much better at this time with more energy and strength. I know going forward it will be a challenge to maintain my weight by eating correctly and getting enough exercise. 

What I am learning while doing the FIT Challenge will give me the guidance to keep moving forward. I will not slip backwards as this has been a great change in modifying my eating habits and working out with Derek Nimrichter of Bodi N Balance.

I continue to buy new clothes to keep up with the weight loss and not look too "sloppy." I have started to buy XL shirts and have purchased a couple pair of 38 pants. I find this pretty impressive since I started out wearing 3XL shirts and size 44 pants.

This past weekend my wife Carrie and I attended a wedding on June 10 and a retirement reception June 11. We both received comments on our weight loss, which helps to motivate us even more.

When Carrie and I talk with friends, I believe they are surprised to hear that our weight loss is the result of better eating habits and increased exercise. Our weight loss has been attained, not by surgery, pills, packaged foods or anything out of the ordinary, just how health professionals have always said to do it. 

We along with the other two FIT Challenge contestants are showing publicly that if you set your mind to the task it is a goal that you can reach and also get healthier to extend your life.



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You have not really done anything out of the ordinary yet.  Just wait till October!  HaHaHa...