BLOG: Guerra says Anytime Fitness is best gym

Annette Guerra
Jul 13, 2010


This past week felt like a vacation to me. My husband had a difficult work schedule that interfered with me working out with my trainer, Kevin Gallagher of Anytime Fitness.  

So needless to say, I had no workouts at all this past week with him. I did get a chance in the evening to go to the gym with my sister-in-law and get my own workout in. Wasn't as good as what Kevin does to me, but I tried. 

Also, I took a vacation from the diet. I didn't splurge, but I wasn't strict with myself either. 

I started to think this was a challenge for me. To see what it's really gonna be like when this year is up and there is no trainer around and no one watching me. Will I be able to maintain my weight? 

I did weigh in the beginning of last week though. to see how the week would go with this challenge of mine. And the funny thing is I still lost weight, so I think I will be fine on my own once this year is up.  

I still do have a lot to learn in these next six months, but I'm getting the hang of it.

I had my first workout July 12 with Kevin since my little "vacation" and, boy, he didn't let up. He had me doing six reps of each exercise!  

I was like "What happened to the five we were doing before I took my break?" But I amazed myself, cause I did it. I did everything he asked me to do. Sweat and burning pain feels good. It feels like I've accomplished something.

I have to give credit to Kevin, though. He is really concerned about how my body adjusts to these workouts. If I've been having pain for awhile, we don't push any exercises that would irritate it.

He even makes sure my multiple sclerosis doesn't flare up, so if anyone is looking for a dedicated, caring trainer, Kevin is your man.  And you can even get a seven-day free pass to check out Anytime Fitness gym. 

You will love the gym and the new you that it makes you.