Tell us what you want

Mar 23, 2010


Starting right about the beginning of school (I know it's way too early to start talking about school), we'll be adding several new features to Fandy and debuting an updated, streamlined look.

The first version of Fandy has steadily grown in popularity since we launched it a year ago and we want keep the momentum going. It's been successful because many of you like it, and we want to know what we can do to make you like it more.

So please, any of you who are Fandy's fans (ha ha): What we can do for you to make it better?

And if you've tried and it didn't do anything for you: What would you like to see it become?



There are other sports out there besides Football and Basketball. The golf teams are normaly ignored until someone makes it to state. Does Sandusky have a varsity bowling team now?


it looks like nobody cares


While I think the SR has the best online offering of all Ohio Papers that I read, and that is quite a few. As a online subscriber, I think you need to give it some thought. I am 60 years old and what you are providing is difficult at best to read. The print on my computer, especially the classified ads make for a lot of work to sort through. So, I feel I cannot renew my online subscription, even though I love your paper. Just can not read the darn thing. Once I get a blackberry, it will be even worse. You still have a great newspaper, I just cannot read the online paper well enough to pay for it. Fandy seems fine, work on the actual paper online presentation. Thanks.