BLOG: From the Consumers’ Perspective: Fair Electric Rates for All Electric Homeowners

Sue Daugherty
Jul 12, 2010



Serving Our Seniors has received over 300 RSVPs from all-electric homeowners who want to take part in the upcoming forum “From the Consumers’ Perspective: Fair Electric Rates for All Electric Homeowners”. Due to the huge response in attendance the location for this event will take place at The Chapel, 4444 Galloway Road, Huron Township.

It’s important that consumers take as much action as possible between now and the November election. The last thing we need is to give the-powers-that-be an excuse to delay taking necessary action so that all electric homeowners can afford to live in their all electric home or apartment.   To find out more about the forum, watch Sue on Friday's "Between the Lines" broadcast by clicking HERE. Because we are certain that there will be adequate seating for this event, additional RSVPs are not required in order to attend. All are welcome.   The panelists will be: Rep. Dennis Murray, Jr.; Rep. Terry Boose, Senator Mark Wagoner;  Gary Mortus, External Affairs Manager for FirstEnergy; Amy Gomberg, Legislative Liaison for the Ohio Consumers’ Counsel. Despite being invited in early May 2010 to speak at the forum, the PUCO has yet to advise me  of who (if anyone) will be attending this very important forum.
To watch Sue's appearance on Between the Lines talking about the event, click on the player below        


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I recently looked at an all electric home that is the same size as the home I am presently in.  The electric bill in the winter ran around $250.  My present home (gas heat and water heater, everything else electric) runs about $200 for gas and $100 for electric in the winter.

Sounds to me like an all electric home is a bargain.  If you ask me it is the gas company you should go after.  Well, first I would go after the water department, then the gas company. 

Sue Daugherty

Mr. Sandusky,   In February, there was such an OUTCRY when the all electric discount was taken away January 1, 2010, that the Governor ordered the PUCO to reinstate the all electric discount.  In May 2011, the rates you saw when you were considering that ALL ELECTRIC HOME will become non-existent. 

Talk to all aelectric home owners and ask them to show you their January, February, March & April 2010 bill.  Trust me... it won't be 200.00.   It will be more like $1,000.00,  $800.00 or $600.00 per month.   Therein lies the problem.

If consumers sit back and become complacent with their current rate and don't voice their concerns about owning an asset they can't afford to live in, nor can they sell it -- where does that leave the ALL ELECTRIC CONSUMER?  Answer:  HOMELESS.   

Hope to see you July 23rd at 4pm at THE CHAPEL.





I think your prices are way out of range...I have an all electric home and I have never had a bill over $250! I just opened my bill today for the billing period of June 9th to July 8th and my bill is $194.97 and yes that is an all electirc home. I don't know what people are doing to get $1,000 electric bills in an average all electric home but whatever it is they obviously need to stop it.

Yellow Snow

Yeah, you're cheap now, but get Sue's point.  The electric co. wants to kick-your-electric-heating/air-conditioning- hind-end and push it where you don't want to see it.  Maybe you're elderly, maybe not.  If you don't take a stand now, your tomorrow is definately too late.  We're looking at 4X-5X price increases.  They agreed to a price, now they want to deny it.  Everyone all-electric or not, should attend, if it affects all-electric users, you can bet they're headed your way next.

brutus smith

 I really get a kick out of you people whining about your electric bills. You didn't care about us gas customers paying the high gas bills for the last 30 years. We got the "s$cks to be you attitude" from you. Switch to gas or go solar if you don't like it.


MR. SANDUSKY. If one in an all electric home turns down the heat to about 60 and shuts off heat to other parts of the house such as a spare bedroom, then electric usage will be down. Some people in all electric homes do this plus use kerosene heaters to help with the heating. That $250 electric bill was either budgeted or less electricity was used. Look at how many kilowatt hours were used and compare that to previous electric bills during the same month. The main point is that that Ohio Edison made a promise that is being broken. BABYCAKES, Take a look at your WINTER heating bill instead of a summer bill and post your winter bill. Sue mentioned January, February, March & April 2010 bill. BRUTUS SMITH, high gas bills for the last 30 years?????  Can you post a link about the high price of natural gas the past 30 years? I think that the main point here is electric heating rates. Houses that were heated electrically were required to be super insulated at great expense over what a gas heated house was.

brutus smith

 Are you serious sal ole buddy? Why do you think we had assistance programs to help people pay their gas bills???? Here is a quick sample because I am not going to waste my time responding to such a foolish request.

Hildegard Miller of Toledo, a customer of IGS Energy, is grateful for the decreasing natural gas rates.


In January, 2005, her bill was $355. In January, 2006, it was $483. Her most recent bill, for November, was $138

How silly.