BLOG: Mortus participates in gladiator event

Gary Mortus
Jul 7, 2010


The FIT Challenge is entering the second half of the year.

I feel fairly confident that my goal of a minimum of 80 pounds is very attainable. I would hope that I can surpass 80 pounds, but time will tell. This past week went well as far as working out with Derek Nimrichter of Bodi N Balance.

On July 3, I participated in the Pugil Stick Tournament hosted by Bodi N Balance. This annual event benefits the Wounded Warrior Project. The tournament places two "gladiator" contestants on floating rafts with a stick to see who can knock each other into the water.

I did OK. I was able to balance to get out of the boat and stand to joust my opponent. But I was eliminated in the first round.

This event was very enjoyable with many activities that included a car show, barbecue and kids games. I would encourage you to watch for next year's announcement and try to attend. I did attend two family picnics this past weekend along with other activities. The food at these functions are always great.

I am finding that it is getting easier to make good choices and limit my food. This still allows me to enjoy but eat sensibly.

On July 13, the next addition of the FIT Magazine is being published and I hope to have good numbers posted for all to see.

I am still enjoying talking to everyone about this challenge, including my exercise and diet. I am looking forward to my next doctor's visit July 19 to review my progress with my doctor. I hope to surprise him with my changing health.


bodinbalance's picture

From hence forth you shall be know as morticus the destroyer, Champion of catawbua.  Next year you will be lighter and faster.  You will strike fear in all who enter the arena.