BLOG: The coolest thing happened to me

Sue Daugherty
Jul 6, 2010


Never underestimate people!!  I just had the coolest thing happen to me last week.  Two college students (Stephanie & Destiny) who work at Cedar Point midnight til 8 a.m. (one is studying Marketing) called and applied to volunteer at Serving Our Seniors. We got to talking and I was explaining how there is such a negative image about growing older. I wished someone would help Serving Our Seniors in creating a positive image of growing older.

Well, they came up with a GREAT idea: Inviting people age 60 and older to meet new people in a way that is going to be fun & funny. They are calling it a “SWAT MEET”.  It will be taking place from 2:30 p.m. til 4:30 p.m. on August 2.  SWAT stands for Senior With Attitude & Tenacity.  And the “Meet” is for meeting other people like them. Married couples, single seniors – it doesn’t matter -- all are sure to have a blast.   Stephanie & Destiny have planned for a fun icebreaker upon arriving. Attendees will meet at least 10 new people.   While waiting for the  main events to start there will be a round of “Name that Tune” to spark social interaction and some friendly competition.  Then there will be two game shows: THE NEWLYWED GAME and THE DATING GAME.    Here is where you come in. They have a few details they are trying to get into place.  Can you help them?  Here is what they need:              ·   A location that will hold up to 75 – 100 people (They think they have one, but the decision won’t be known until July 9th).  The location must allow those coming to the SWAT MEET to BYOB.   Virgin Pina Coldas and Margaritas will be available.            ·   3 to 5 Blenders that make awesome frozen Pina Coldas & Margaritas            ·   3 married couples age 60 or better to be a contestants in THE NEWLYWED GAME.             ·   1 bachelor and 3 bachelorettes to volunteer  to be contestants for the DATING GAME.     If I have sparked your interest you can reach Stephanie or Destiny by e-mailing them at  In the Subject line put  HELLO STEPHANIE & DESTINY.  Or you can call our office at 419-624-1856 or 800-564-1856 and leave a message for them.