Academy Shuns Batman, Eastwood, Springsteen

Jason Singer
Mar 23, 2010


Holy Oscar snubs, Batman! You're not up for Best Picture!

The Academy Awards announced their list of nominees yesterday, and "The Dark Knight," Clint Eastwood's "Gran Torino" and Bruce Springsteen were all conspicuous in their absence from certain top categories.

Batman, which grossed $1 billion worldwide, was not included among the Best Picture nominees.

And its director Christopher Nolan, who garnered widespread praise for reviving a dying franchise, was left out of the Best Director category.

But Eastwood and Springsteen have even larger gripes.

Eastwood, who won Best Actor from the National Board of Review for "Gran Torino," wasn't even nominated by the Academy.

"Gran Torino" is Eastwood's last acting performance ever, and was widely considered one of the four best performances of the year.

"Eastwood the actor is in total command, daring himself to new depths," wrote Richard Corliss in Time. Peters Travers of Rolling Stone all but guaranteed an Oscar victory in his review of the film.

Furthermore, I also find it hard to believe there were five films better than "Gran "Torino" in 2008, which received a grand total of zero nominations.

Not only does Eastwood give an affecting, nuanced, yet explosive performance -- a true valedictory if it is indeed his last film -- it's also a touching, insightful and often hilarious movie.

The last big snub was The Boss.

Springsteen won a Golden Globe for his song, "The Wrestler," for the movie of the same name.

The Academy could have nominated five songs, but only chose to nominate three and not include Springsteen. Bizarre.

Click here to listen to the song "The Wrestler."

On the bright side, there were some nice stories from the nominations too.

Richard Jenkins, a great actor who starred in "The Visitor," a terrific indie film which came out earlier this year, got his first nomination for Best Actor.

Asked how that will affect his career?

"I'm 61; Brad's not going to have to move over," he said with a laugh, referring to one of his fellow Best-Actor nominees, Brad Pitt.



As long as my girl Kate Winslet wins I am happy. I think I will propose to her at the after party....I will have to do something about her husband first I guess.


Shame on the crotchety Academy and its tight tie knots and tailored pants. Someone please pour beer in the voters' champagne and crack a capsule under their weather-beaten noses to wake them up. Snubbing Springsteen summational and emotive tune is like denying Christmas carolers the right to sing "Jingle Bells" on Christmas day. What a complete and utter joke!!!


We'll go to the after party together. You propose to Kate Winslet, I'll propose to Penelope Cruz, they'll both say yes and we'll call it a weekend.

Sound like a deal?

I think if we both work together, we can take out Sam Mendes, and all your problems will be solved.


What. The. Fark...I just read your 1/12 blog. I've always believed you to be a zit on the arse of humanity, but in a collective way, like all the other bloggers employed by this rag. However, you took the top prize on the 12th. How farking insensitive can one Register hack be?
Besides all that, if you'd done your homework on the real reception of "Slumdog," you'd have been aware that few Indians had even heard of it, and even fewer will see it thanks to a little thing called poverty. Of those that have seen it, they've been reported all around to have HATED it! Here's a hint; never write an opinion piece, even an opinion, that could begin with "I'll bet..." You're a waste of space.