BLOG: Mortus' vacation doesn't derail diet

Gary Mortus
Jun 28, 2010


The end of the first six months is starting and it seems that all is going well. This will be a short blog as I was on vacation last week.

I left June 18 for vacation and went into Michigan to see the sights. We traveled to Mackinaw City, the Upper Peninsula and down the west side of Michigan ending in Frankenmuth. We had a great time and saw many scenic areas of Michigan.

We returned home June 25 and I was actually anxious to get on the scale. I did a lot of walking on vacation and did use the exercise equipment at a couple of the hotels. I felt I made good choices for eating; however, I still had some items that were way off my diet.

In Sault Ste. Marie we ate at the Lake View Drive Inn. The hamburger was fantastic and the onion rings were great. On June 26, I stepped on the scale to see a 1-pound gain. Not too bad. I was hoping I could watch what I ate and still maintain my weight while on vacation - the plan worked.

On June 26, I was also at the gym for a session with Derek Nimrichter of Bodi N Balance. Derek had me weigh myself and check the numbers. He was pleased to see a loss of body fat while I was on vacation. Derek did take it easy on me for this session knowing I was just returning from vacation. On June 27, I did get back on the bike and rode for a few miles to get back in gear.


bodinbalance's picture

Hey Gary,

I wanted to thank you for helping us support the Wounded Warrior Project on Saturday with the annual Pugil Stick tournament.  You did awesome!  Next year you should be ready to destroy Derek Nimricter (the Squirmin German).  He defeted last years champ so you should be gunning for him now.  The video DVD will be available in about one and a half weeks.  I will forward some photos of you to Brandi.  She may want to use them.  Thanks again for turning out.