FIT CHALLENGE: Mortus looks at long-term goal

Gary Mortus
Jun 23, 2010


mso-layout-grid-align:none;text-autospace:none"> color:black">We are moving toward the end of the first six months of the FIT Challenge, and I am pleased with my progress.

mso-layout-grid-align:none;text-autospace:none"> color:black">I can see the benefit of looking at my goals in the 12-month period. The goals are very manageable in this time frame, especially since this is not a quick weight-loss program.

mso-layout-grid-align:none;text-autospace:none"> color:black">I believe getting my health in order this way will make me more successful in the long run. I think too many people want quick results — they get the results for a short period, but it's difficult to maintain. I am trying to change my lifestyle and make better choices in eating for the long haul.

mso-layout-grid-align:none;text-autospace:none"> color:black">I worked out June 15 and June 17 with Derek Nimrichter of Bodi N Balance, but we couldn't work my schedule for a third  color:black">session this week. Derek seems pleased with my progress up to this point.

mso-layout-grid-align:none;text-autospace:none"> color:black">Derek also knows that this is a marathon and not a sprint. We continue to do increased weight training to help with the calorie loss. Through these six months, Derek continues to keep my goals in focus and doing a great job of leading me to my health goal.



bodinbalance's picture

What are you talking about?  This is resistance training not a marathon or a sprint.  We have treadmills but other than that there is not much running going on.  If you want to run a marathon keep me out of it. 

In 1593 William Shakespeare wrote in Taming of the Shrew, Katerina tells off a gentleman to go jogging till his boots go green; this was a proverb meaning going when you are most ready or able. The etymology of the word is unknown, but it may be related to shog or be a new invention in the sixteenth century. At that point, it usually meant to leave. 

So we really don't know where jogging even came from.  Lets talk a bit about where the fat goes when you lose it.  The common theory is that it goes into a rabbit hole and lands in a place called wonder land.  I think they use it in baked goods.