Get Register headlines fed to your browser, a reader, or your blog

Mar 23, 2010


You may have noticed a little orange icon with the initials RSS has appeared at the top of our stories.

RSS stands for “Really Simple Syndication” and it’s a universal standard compatible with several tools in your digital life. Here’s a quick video that does a pretty good job of explaining the most basic way to use RSS feeds, i.e. with a specific kind of web app called a reader:

You can also download desktop software that does the same thing, Newsgator, which makes one of the web apps mentioned in the video makes a particularly good one.

Some web browsers, such as Firefox (download free here -- it's way better than IE), support the feeds themselves. If you click the RSS button, the browser will ask if you want to subscribe to the feed. If you do subscribe, it’ll be presented like a bookmark (different browsers may display them a little differently), but when you view the bookmark it won’t just say “Sandusky Register,” it’ll show you all the current headlines and you can jump right to the story you’re most interested in.

Finally, the other cool thing you can do is feed an RSS feed to your blog. Popular blogging software like Blogger will display Register news headlines right on your blog. All you have to do is feed your software the appropriate url. To get that, simply right-click the orange icon on one of our pages (the one on news stories will give you news stories; one on an individual blog, such as this one, will give you that individual blog’s posts) and copy the link location. Then go to your blog’s administration pages and add it to your site -- you may have to consult your site’s help pages to find out exactly where. On blogger, it’s as simple as editing your blog list, then clicking Add To List, and then pasting in the copied url.



Planet earth hates you.


That guy in the video sounds like teh ghey!!!!!1!11!11oneone


The RSS feed is only on individual stories, I don't want that. What about a feed for categories like "homepage news" or obituaries. What about the Forums? It might be fun to get an RSS feed for Elsebeth, how could that be done?


Thanks for the product placement! We hope the $5.00 we sent you helps produce your RSS video. Of course, you won't be able to hire a guy with a face, but maybe you can find one who's a bad narrator.


Huh: The RSS feed that appears on a story actually gives you all the stories in a category. So if you go to one of the news stories on the homepage, that story's feed will give you the "homepage news." Sorry for the confusion.