BLOG: Wax On, (Bleep) Off

Jason Singer
Jun 16, 2010


Long before The Karate Kid had corn rows, he was played by Ralph Macchio, an Italian teenager with a big white headband and a bigger heart.

Macchio starred as Daniel LaRusso in the first three "The Karate Kid" movies, as well as the Oscar-winning film, "My Cousin Vinny." Then, like a fresh drum of pork fried rice at a $5 buffet, Macchio disappeared.

"Wax On, (Bleep) Off," a faux trailer for a new documenatry about Macchio's life since stardom, stars Ralph Macchio. In the movie, Macchio faces his toughest challenge yet — to become a Hollywood badboy. With "The Karate Kid" returning to the big screen and his career fading, his friends and family are forced to stage an intervention.

It's nice to Macchio has kept his sense of humor. The trailer is (bleeping) hilarious. Check it out below: