FIT CHALLENGE: Guerra says good riddance to plus sizes

Annette Guerra
Jun 15, 2010


So this week, I have accomplished another one of my goals. I no longer have to shop in the plus size stores!!!  

Since Jan. 1, I have gone from a size 24 jeans to a size 16!  Granted that still isn't the smallest that I want to be, but never having to step foot in a plus-size store or section ever again is a great feeling.

Also this past week, I only got to work out twice. I came down with strep throat toward the end of the week and had to cancel Friday's workout. I'm still a little sick now, but did manage to get the workout in today.

But the month so far is still going awesome. I feel so much better. I get compliments from everyone I know and even some from people I don't know.

And I've got one person in general whom I just met a little more than three weeks ago that has completely changed my life. Changed my mood.  The way I think about myself. Helped me work through problems with my past and hopes for my future. 

And the biggest change of all ... my diet. And I don't even consider it really a diet, cause I love it. I love doing it and the food I'm eating. It's normal everyday food. Nothing fancy, just basic.

I can definitely see where my life is finally turning out for the better. I no longer want to be the "fat" girl who's always picked last. I want to be the "fit" girl that stands out with my head held high.