FIT CHALLENGE: Mortus to bike with twin brother

Gary Mortus
Jun 15, 2010


Well, we are moving along in my quest for a healthier me. It is hard to believe we are in the sixth month of the FIT Challenge.

The sessions with Derek Nimrichter of Bodi N Balance went well this past week. On June 7 we did several different sets. On June 10 we worked primarily on core and on June 12 we did increased weight sets to help burn more calories.

I have mentioned this before, but I continue to enjoy the sessions at Bodi N Balance and I am seeing the "fruits" of my labor in increased strength and agility.

I have started to bicycle a little to try and get in shape to ride with my brother later this summer or fall.

My twin brother is the one who rode almost 4,000 miles last year and my challenge is to ride a couple of times with him (maybe 50 miles each time).

It is good to see myself getting to the point where I can truly see this goal come to reality instead of just joking with him about riding. I told Derek last week that a year ago I was considering a rider to cut grass at home and now I can walk as much as I need to without feeling completely worn out.

I am still talking to many people about the FIT Challenge and what it is doing to help my health.

I see many people wanting to change their lives, but just need to start. The diet has been good and is working by portion control and making far better choices. A little exercise and making better food choices could help most people and is not a drastic change in anyone's life.


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Speaking of grass cutting...  Day two of SF selection I was instructed to pick all the grass in the formation area.  About the size of a football field.  Yes with my hands, pick all the grass.  I thought maybe aI would do it for an hour till they found some other form of pain and suffering to do.  I was wrong and am proud to say I accomplished it with a bit of help from a few other candidates.  It only took one day.  Now I use a lawn mower for my own yard.  It is much easier and takes much less time to complete the task, but I can always fall back on the hand picking if I need to.  This is one of the great skills the Army has given me.  Maybe I can show you how to do it sometime.  You basically just crawl around ripping grass out and putting it in bags.