FIT CHALLENGE: Clark injures herself during workout

Ellyn Clark
Jun 15, 2010


This past week was week 22 of the FIT Challenge. If my calculations are correct, that is five months and 10 days, if you include today, June 14.

This past week has been a bit rough. As I got on the scale at home June 7, I had lost another 2 pounds. Needless to say I was very excited! Does this mean I have finally broken through this two month plateau?

As the newspaper correctly reported, I did have my uterus removed, but it was a complete hysterectomy, not just my uterus. So as previously stated in my last blog, my body produces no estrogen and I am not on any hormone replacements.

So again, I have no idea what's going on with this body of mine. But the 2-pound weight loss made me think maybe it isn't my hormones. Who knows!

On June 9, while working out with my trainer, T.J. Temper, of the Northern Ohio Medical Fitness Center, I was injured.

As I was performing an exercise I heard this pop in my upper chest. I literally felt the area fold outward and then inward. I could not breathe momentarily nor could I speak right away ... the pain was that bad.

When the pain subsided a bit, I was finally able to tell T.J. what had happened. Of course, he was very concerned and ended our work out session right then and there. I felt I could probably go on and do some cardio, but he said, no way!

He then suggested I be checked by a doctor. I refused. I have no insurance nor the funds to be able to pay the amount of money an office visit or an E.R. visit would cost.

But please, don't be too concerned people. If the pain had been that unbearable I would not have been given a choice.

T.J. then thought to have one of the NOMS physical therapists take a look. She determined that I did not break anything, but pulled or possibly tore my mastoid muscle. The way it felt when it happened and the loud popping noise I heard, I am certain I tore it.

It's been five days since the injury happened. I feel a whole lot better, but still can't seem to lift my arms above my head without quite a bit of discomfort. I can't hug anyone nor have anyone hug me, that involves a bit of pain. And I am definitely a hugger!

I workout with T.J. again today. Have not seen him since the injury. Our schedules have not permitted it. So we shall see where I'm at and what I can do until this thing heals. Not sure what this means for me as far as weight loss and the competition go. So, stay tuned to find out.

This should be interesting for me, too.