FIT CHALLENGE: Mortus is 50 pounds lighter, lots happier

Gary Mortus
Jun 8, 2010


mso-layout-grid-align:none;text-autospace:none"> color:black">We are moving toward the halfway mark in the FIT Challenge and I am  color:black">unofficially 50 pounds lighter.

mso-layout-grid-align:none;text-autospace:none"> color:black">I continue to enjoy the workouts with Derek Nimrichter of Bodi N Balance. He is still pushing me harder each session. I hope I can remember the different exercises we work on so I can continue  color:black">the program after the close of this challenge.

mso-layout-grid-align:none;text-autospace:none"> color:black">On June 3, Derek had me do six reps on the Jacobs Ladder as part of the workout: two at one minute and 45 seconds; two at one minute; and two at 45 seconds color:black">.

mso-layout-grid-align:none;text-autospace:none"> color:black">The reason I mention this is that I continue to get stronger, but this machine sure makes a believer out of you very quickly.

mso-layout-grid-align:none;text-autospace:none"> color:black">If I could ever do 10 minutes of continuous work on this machine, at a good pace, I would consider myself in fairly good shape.

mso-layout-grid-align:none;text-autospace:none"> color:black">Derek does mix up the sessions to keep me from being burnt out and to help prevent me from hurting any muscles. I have seen that exercise and diet will work, and it's much more successful in tandem.

mso-layout-grid-align:none;text-autospace:none"> color:black">I am still trying to work out when I am not scheduled to work with Derek on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday.

mso-layout-grid-align:none;text-autospace:none"> color:black">I did workout twice this week at home focusing on cardio and core exercises. The diet is still going well and having a partner, my wife, to diet with is helping greatly. I keep reminding myself that this is just the beginning of a new and healthier life style and not just a "fad."

mso-layout-grid-align:none;text-autospace:none"> color:black">I have surprised myself and others that I continue to stay focused on the goal and haven't wavered. I tell people that having the public watching is a great motivator to stay focused on changing my health.


Keep Focused

Great job Gary!!!!

Thanks for being so public with all this.