Now online: New and improved Fandy

Mar 23, 2010


I'm excited to say that the new is now online. It has a lot of new features that we hope you'll find exciting.

First, we've created comprehensive tracking for football statistics. We realize there are other sports, so please understand, this is simply a pilot program. We plan to start including additional tracking capabilities for other sports over time -- perhaps one new one a season.

Perhaps the coolest part of the new statistics package is that we'll have live updating scores from any of the games we cover. That, and any player will be able to track his own performance through the site, as can any fan.

One of the new features I'm most excited about is the huddles. Basically, we were looking for a way to help people who participate in club sports to organize their leagues and connect with each other. Hence the huddle groups. Anyone can start one and they can make them private or public. They can make posts and host discussions among the members and create schedules of events just for the huddle. It's an ideal way to make announcements to the teams in a league or to the members of your own team. You could even track a season using the huddles.

Finally, we've given people some additional tools to keep the comments a little more polite. There's a "flag as offensive" link on all posts that you can hit to recommend a post for removal. Plus, users now gain reputations according to their posts on the site.

Of course, along with all that, there's dozens of little improvements that we've made, and are continuing to make -- it's a public beta, which means there's still a fair amount of little improvements we're going to make.

In any case, check out the site. Give it a chance. And let us know what you think!



Fandy fuckin_sucks, so do you.