What the ...?!?

Jason Singer
Mar 23, 2010


In one of the most bizarre interviews ever given, actor Joaquin Phoenix showed up with the Unabomber's beard and confused all get out last night on David Letterman.

At first, I thought it might be a joke. He mumbled answers. He couldn't remember the name of his latest co-star, Gwenyth Paltrow. He was just staring at the ground.

But in the second half of the interview, Letterman clearly becomes upset and starts making acerbic jokes about him.

Phoenix, who's giving up acting to become a rapper, said he'd love to come on Letterman's show once he's ready to perform.

"You know, that seems unlikely," said an irritated Letterman, who then tried to awkwardly turn it into a joke. Phoenix didn't find it funny.

"Well, I've seen some of your other guests," Phoenix shot back.

"You're right," Letterman said. "We'll certainly keep you in our rolodex."

At one point, Letterman complain about Phoenix's gum-chewing. Phoenix proceeded to take out his gum and stick it on Letterman's desk.

At the end of the interview, Letterman gave him one last parting shot.

"Joaquin, I'm sorry you couldn't be here tonight."



I think that Phoenix is just bored with the sanitised, repressed and uncultured situation of American television and the media per se - Letterman set the philistine tone with an opening joke about his beard, for god's sake. As if it were a crime to have a beard! We should remember the censorship of Bill Hick's on Letterman - not to mention the destruction of anyone who had an authentic voice - think of Lenny Bruce. I think Phoenix seemed incredibly bored - not to mention offended and perplexed - and went through the motions to fulfill the contract... but he did not play Letterman's game. I hope he gets his lawyer to sue every news source who confused his obvious authenticity with madness.


The video is no longer available due to a copyright claim by CBS Broadcasting, Inc.

I suppose next your column title will disappear due to a copyright claim by Rice Krispies ?

The New World Czar

I thought that Joaquin was just trying to act like Charles Grodin used to when he was on Letterman's show.

Glad to see that he is taking his future career as a rapper seriously. Only problem may be that nobody else does?


he's cllearly stoned out of his gourd. or just bored. and do any of the idiots really "give up" acting or "retire".

Do any of us care. NO.


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