Upgrade your browser (free)

Mar 23, 2010


Most of you are looking at this page right now in Internet Explorer, a web browser you probably rely on because it came with your computer. But know this, the web could be better.

You can download a browser called Firefox right now free at mozilla.com. It only takes a minute or two over broadband, and it's very easy. There's a couple advantages to Firefox. First off, it's more secure and gives you more control over things like pop up windows.

Also, it has add-ons. These can be behaviors that aren't a standard part of the browser, such as the ability to manage your del.icio.us bookmarks right in the browser or to customize Google search results, or they can customize the look and feel of your browser -- cover the tabs bar in cheetah print, for example.

Finally, the web looks better. Not only does Firefox simply render everything from images to text more attractively, but it's also more standards-compliant than IE, which means web sites are more like to to look how they should and do what they should in Firefox than they are in IE (and it makes web developers lives easier).

If it's sheer beauty you're after, go with Safari, also free for Mac and PC from Apple. It is the most standards-compliant browser out there and it renders text and images even better than Firefox. And it's supposedly the fastest out there (according to Apple's tests anyway).



Just to add some to this list:

Apple's Safari (Mac & Windows PC) can be downloaded here:

Google's Chromium (Beta) can be downloaded here:

Opera Browser here:

All three of these are very snappy, standards compliant browsers that make for great alternatives to Internet Explorer that everyone should try. Currently Chromium's the fastest browser out there, and is built on the backbone of Safari, which is likely the fastest non-beta, fully functioning browser out there.

Food for thought.




I have had firefox and chrome, I unistalled firefox after using it for many years because I like the interface of chrome better, I would strongly suggest checking Chrome out. Another browser I would recommend is Avant browser.


I downloaded your advice and it f*cked up my computer. THANKS A LOTS!!!!


Excellant blog, it got me searching for another browser.

I used Netscape with Win98 and loved it, except for the illegal bug that Bill Gates put into his programs to cause random Blue Screens and which caused Netscape to close.

After searching I found these two sites, VERY INFORMATIVE information.