Friend the next president?

Mar 23, 2010


I may have been wasting my time with all that polling data -- though I dearly love pouring over the statistics at both and (also written by an Obama supporter btw, though I think both sites do a good job of letting the math speak for itself).

According to a recent study, referenced in the Wall Street Journal Obama's popularity on Facebook accurately predicted his surprise victory in Iowa -- a victory traditional prognosticators missed. 

The web offers a slew of new data to track, including things like who's getting the most views on YouTube. It's just another way that the internet is changing the country.



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Rick Studer

Hi Nick! Can I call you Nick? I hope so. A small group of bloggers including myself have been looking for some news digs. Usually we work the Sue Dautry Blog but we've been asked to leave so I've been looking for a new home for the group. I would be bringing along Lance, AverageJoe, BlackJack, Art Vandalay, Nurse Kathy, Jeff the pervert, Mr. Foam (who might be jeff), Mr. Ed, Regarding Sues Blog , "The Narrator" and myself of course.

I notice you write pretty short and don't have a lot of comments, maybe we could punch this blog up for you. I can offer you 400 to 700 words a week and I am pretty political. You can go over to "For What It's Worth..." and check us out, unless Mick has cleaned us out with his new found knowledge that is. Let us know if you're interested. Some of the group wanted to work "oy with the poodles" but I'm against it.


Rick this place is a dive! Have you actually read any of the older blogs?


Well well well, I return home from a knife and shear expo in Tuscaloosa and what do I find? Rick Studer has finally been put out by Sue. Then I examine closely because the only person she has ever personally responded to is Mick. I have directly asked her multiple questions. Was there any personal message to me? Nope. My deep down feeling is I am no longer welcome on what I personally thought was the most honest interesting blog on this site. I guess I may actually have to agree with Studer and follow your blog Nicholas (yes not Nick I have more class and respect than Studer), lets just hope those ammoral homos like Blackjack and Lance stay away.


You know what Nick if you want to delete my post, you can shove this blog up your arse.


Nick you are apparently a friend of Blackjack or Lance. Perhaps you are an ammoral homosexuaul.


Hey Vandalay! Thought you were at the knife sharpeners sleepover? Not much happening here. Pretty dead at the old place too. Thought Mick would stop by over there for a courtesy post since he helped run everyone out, you know, make it look busy. I also noticed Jeff came out from under the chair and used his real name. I guess he feels safe now. It's very civilized, that should make the Blogstress happy, Foam too. You know what Randy Newman says...

I'm not sure about this Nick guy, seems pretty quiet. I wonder if they are making him write a blog, like a punishment or something... Seems like a happy guy though!

Oh, I almost forgot, I heard Blackjack got arrested while canvassing for Obama in Huron.


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I heard mention Art was back. Has he already been composted?

Rick Studer

I wanted to personally thank the Sandusky Register for streaming the John McCain speech today. While I'll be voting for Obama it was still great fun and excitement to have a major party candidate visit our small town. People shouldn't be disappointed with the time spent here by McCain, he's a busy man these last few weeks before the election. Thank you Mr. McCain for the time we got.

Sandusky readers you should enjoy the moment, you'll probably bring up the visit in some conversation years from now! This reminds me of the Sandusky football coach who wouldn't let his players hear John Kerry speak at the Mansfield football game. I know from children in his class that he was a Bush supporter and an avid Kerry hater. To bad his personal views got in the way of what a teacher should be. That was something those kids would remember a lot longer than that game. Where is that coach anyway? At least Bush will be on the bench pretty soon!

Also of note, its always fun to see the Secret Service boys in their Ray-Bans watching the crowd, just like in a Hollywood movie.

What was local gadfly Jeff Krabill doing? He was on camera a lot but didn't appear to be doing anything but watching the crowd. Was he a super secret Secret Service man? Or was he there to make Joe Plumber look dynamic and interesting? Just wondering...

And to the elderly lady standing by the Register camera, you said you enjoy coffee and cigarettes in the morning (for reference). Were you really that excited to see Joe the Plumber? I thought you might have been flashing back to a 1963 Beatles concert or something. Seriously, after the election I bet you could get Joe in your life, or at least in your toilet tank...


Rick Strudel:

Do you live at home with your parents?

Do they make you pay a stipend for room and board or do you freeload?

BTW: The presence of the Sec. Svc. was reality. Hollyweird is fantasy and simulates reality, not the opposite.

FYI: Mr. White is family to the owners of the SR, NR and other papers.

Other than bloviate (not unlike you), what has BO actually accomplished as a statesman?

Rick Studer

As Election Day 2008 rolls around this year there is almost a feeling of inevitability in the air. Barack Obama leads in just about all the polls for President, he's contesting in several traditional red states like Indiana and Georgia and does not appear to be losing ground in any of the blue states.

The one blue state that the McCain camp points to as a target is Pennsylvania. Currently, according to, PA sits at a +8.5 for Obama and as high as +14 in some polls. If this is McCain's last best hope then God bless him. He appears to be a drowning man swimming for the anchor. McCain is hoping some undercurrent of western PA racism will float him to the top on November 4th in the Keystone State and save him. We'll see...

By all media accounts if you are a Democrat, moderate or liberal, a poor man, a union man, a black man, a Muslim man, a French man or any other kind of man that Rush Limbaugh has yelled at in the last month, things are looking pretty good for you.

Buyer's remorse? Is anyone having second thoughts about Barack Obama? With all this good news something must be wrong. Can this many people be right? Not likely...

Can Joe the Plumber be wrong? I heard him myself; he said we need to take our country back. Back from who Joe? The George Bush Republicans? Joe might be right; the McCain Republicans need to take the country back from the Bush Republicans. That way we get the country back and the Republicans still have it, win-win! Joe is straight, Joe is wise...

And what about this Obama guy? Is he even American? What about his birth certificate? The Republican governor of Hawaii has certified that it is genuine and sealed it, after letting independent fact checkers examine it, copy and photograph it. This sound like a conspiracy. What are they hiding?

How about Obama himself? At onetime he had some kind of inspiring biography. Local boy, bi-racial, fatherless, raised by mother and grandparents, forced to study long and hard to get an education. Attends the best schools culminating in a law degree from Harvard University where he became the Harvard Law Review's first black president. What's kind of crap is this rascal trying to prove?

And now we find out he is a terrorist, or at least he pals around with terrorists. And what about that minister? Who wasn't shocked to find out that black people still harbor some occasional resentment toward the white man? We just assumed that at the end of every service the congregation would take turns standing up and naming their favorite white guy. How sad to find different. I guess there is still some work to do...

Is that an American story? You want a real American story? Rich party boy from wealthy political family goes to Yale, with family intervention, sadly he feels the other student think they are better than him but he overcomes and graduates. He then becomes rich middle aged party boy, finds Christ, buys a Major League baseball team with no money and becomes a governor then a President. Now that is an American story you can be proud of!

Buyer's remorse? I'm new to it, I've never voted for a Bush...


Nick: I tend not to believe polls that often they have been wrong way too many times before. For example, Reagan won in a landslide in 1980 when the polls were close a few days before. In 2004 exit polls showed large wins for Kerry where Bush eventually won the state. I believe this is because regular guys like me and you hate getting phone calls and will lie to the pollsters just to mess with them!


So, do you live at home with your parents?

Re BO:

Yea right. Reads like you've chosen a heart surgeon to perform your critical operation who has no ER experience but who gushingly promises you a splendid outcome.

IMO, like Clinton, the media, which has helped to create BO's aura of personality, will work to destroy him. For the Fourth Estate it's all about ratings and eyeballs. Re-watch the movie, 'Network.' Not that long ago fiction became reality.

Gettin' back to principles of the U.S. Constitution of limited Federal govt. would be favorable to either of the Dumb and Dumber parties' political pap.


Why is America stuck with just two parties that do not work anymore. We have two parties trading power every 8 years, and getting nothing done except lining there own pocket. CNN had a report about senator ted stevens who was just convicted on 6 felony counts of accepting gift from government contractors. I found it shocking that he will be able to keep his $122K a year pension even after the passing of the new ethics bill. Why, you ask? Because the bill only effects people who are convicted of bribery, theft, and 3 or 4 others NOT ILLEGALLY ACCEPTING GIFTS!!!

That proves to me right there, we cannot trust these people anymore. They do not have our best interest at heart anymore they only want power!!! republicans did the last 12 years, the democrats did it before them. The sad thing is we got here by just ignoring whats going on until something happens that effects our pocket books; Its only then were torked off. We still don't call our congress person or senator. We still dont make time to vote. More times than not we just throw up our hands and say I have no control! The truth ithough s we are in control, but it takes effort. It take you and me to know how our elected official vote, what bills they sponsor, how they govern, and to let them know what you approve of and dont! It takes all of us 100% of us to goto the polls and vote!