Sandusky's traffic big and growing

Mar 23, 2010


As a matter of fact, October saw a new record in our page views here at There are few, if any newspapers our size with more successful websites.

After my last post a user writing under the handle Macho Grande asked if I would provide some details on our website's popularity. He indicated some skepticism that we had any (though he may have been referring just to this blog, where he is probably right). In any case, I am more than happy to provide our numbers -- not the least because we are pretty proud of them.

Last month, served up almost 2 million page views. That was a record, though it doesn't count events like our live coverage of McCain's visit in a meaningful way. That visit by the way, had as many as 1,071 users watching online at any given time (and it was the first-ever appearance on video of John McCain with Joe the Plumber).

That was an 8 percent increase over the previous month and a 34% over the previous year (and more than 220% from two years ago). I don't have any hard data for what other sites in communities our size are doing, but I try to keep a pretty close eye, and I don't think there's many sites doing better.

Overall, some 20,000 people visit our website each month, according to a Belden Research study last year.

Generally speaking the traffic is strong, but it's a far cry from the actual newspaper which reaches approximately three times that many people. So there may be a future wherein the news we report is delivered entirely electronically, but from where I sit, that day is further off than those in the punditocracy would have you believe.

About 21% of people in this community are still using dial-up at home, and 36% of people don't have internet access at all (from home), according to research compiled by Borrell Associates. Only about 56% used email in the last month. I'm certain the internet is not a fad, but it still has a ways to go before it comes close to replacing good, old paper and ink.

Finally, I may start writing some posts that are range a little further afield than my blog has so far -- it should be more interesting to me, and to you all. However, Mr. Grande, I'm not aware of being punished for my previous writings. But then, I can be obtuse. If I am being punished, giving me unfettered access to our websites is a funny way to shut me up!

In any case, thanks for the questions, I hope I've answered them to your satisfaction. If you have more questions, don't hesitate to ask.



Its a shame you can't somehow monitor more closely or require some sort of registration to prevent some of the comments on your site. Its pretty bad when a person's obituary becomes a chalkboard for comments about the cause of death, the reasons, method, etc. or an article about someone's career becomes a launching site for comments on his marital fidelity.

I feel sorry for any poor Joe or Jane who gets his or her name in your paper, then has to read all the personal attacks from whomever has an ax to grind or a grudge.


If the monitored the comments and did something about all the hate then they would not have as much traffic.

I also find it funny that he says that the hardcopy paper circulation is aprox. 60,000 when they only print around 23,000 papers on a weekday, and just a couple thousand more on Sunday. Not to mention the hundred to thousands of returns from the dealers everyday.


I must say the obituaries are more exciting than Nicks crappy blogs.


I'm sorry if I gave the wrong impression, but what I said is that the newspaper REACHES that many people. Paid circulation is less than half of that to be sure, but research both in our own market and across the country documents that each copy of the paper is read 2 to 2.5 times, on average. Obviously, some get thrown away after one person scans the front page, and others get sit in the coffee shop all day where they're read by fifty people, but that's what it averages out to.

--Nicholas White


Nick looks like a molester with that creepy facial hair.


The main reason for all the web interest is certainly NOT in the SR's news reporting, but is mainly due to people signing on to see what kind of wacko, out of control, awful comments you continue to allow on here each day. CAN'T YOU FINALLY DO SOMETHING TO CLEAN THIS MESS UP? Or do you let it go on because it generates interest in your website? I am guessing the latter is true.


My cynic's instinct tells me that the SR loves the controversy generated by the forums, as that drives traffic. However, there's no real way to control what people post; even registrations aren't a real barrier. They simply need to shut them down if they want to change the tone. And then if someone wants to write a letter to the editor, let them do it either in print OR electronically. All they have to do is put up a form which requires the submitter's phone number, and only publish letters that can be verified.


I check the website to see what stupid comments Mattie made, but I do not support any of the merchants that use the Registerag until little Mattie is bye, bye. My way of protest.


nick is sexy he can molest me anytime