News of's death greatly exaggerated

Mar 23, 2010


As soon as we announced the registration, many of our, ahem, fans predicted our quick demise. Indeed, some have even gone so far as to say it has already occurred, and "hits are exponentially down." While I hate to ruin a really clever comment with the facts, the fact is, the site is doing fine:

Fact #1: Last week, the week we turned on registration (Tuesday), this website saw the 4th highest weekly traffic in its history.

Fact #2: January's traffic was the highest monthly traffic on this website ... ever. Page views have increased almost 60 percent since last January.

Fact #3: This week, traffic is on pace to hit the same number of page views we had the week BEFORE we turned on the registration.

Now, I've still got my fingers crossed. I hope people continue to find good stuff on this site, and I hope even more people find the site and join in. I hope in six months or a year, the comments will be a rich, vibrant, entertaining marketplace of ideas. And, naturally, I hope our traffic continues to grow. We're going to continue working on tools and content to make that happen, and that means continuing to work on and improve the registration system.

We introduced registration at this moment because the comments needed to start replicating the dynamics of face-to-face interaction, such as accountability. But we were always going to end up there. Because registration lets you do cool stuff.

For example, I'm often frustrated reading news online because it seems I can't ever find the deeper content I'm interested in. I get the New York Times in my email about 4 times a day and it drives me nuts how much I'm reading the same 3 headlines over and over ... and over. And I know there's all kinds of stories being published by the Times that I would love to read, but I have to work pretty hard to find them. We're working on systems that will customize the website to each user's individual interests -- like Amazon recommends books based on the other stuff you've bought. Systems like that aren't going to show up for another six months to a year on our sites, but they aren't possible without registration.

In the end, registration is good for everyone. It creates identity (social media wouldn't be possible without it). It turns the web from a novelty into a tool, because it persists your data. It can only be a real part of our lives once we sign up for it.



It doesn't bother me that i had to sign up---I"m hooked, lol


The registration will not kill the Register. The abusers are the only ones thinking and saying such things.

I do find it odd that now Nephew Nick thinks that registration is a good thing for everyone....


I appreciate the registration change. Thank you!! It certainly cleaned up a lot of hateful comments that were made to create social tention and the loathing of others. None of it having substance or purpose. -- Sue


I appreciate the registration change too and while there are still some irrelevant comments made or smart allecs trying to be funny, it has made for better rapport all the way around!
Thank you!!

Uncommon Sense

To the Register: You need to create a way for us to keep track of the stories we have commented on. After commenting, I like to come back and see the rest of the comments. However, I often cannot find the article again because the links were removed. Also, when you put a "Just In:" story and then follow it up with a regular story, the comments end up in two different stories. It's hard to follow what others have to say since the comments are contained in two different stories.


Depending on the personal settings on your computer, you can access stories that were removed by clicking on the history button, and going to the day that your comment was made. It'll show pages visited. Click on, and it will list the stories and you can view the comments. For those that don't know.
Just sayin.

bill ney

Several days ago I commented on the story about the ill man needing a kidney. Seriously, even at 74, if I was compatible, I would offer up. I had asked in the blog for anyone to give me a phone number --or some way -- to follow through. Now, that story is gone, I think. Don't know if anyone responded.