Own Your Age

Sue Daugherty
Mar 23, 2010


A few months ago I read an article about being proud of your age.

I think I read it in the AARP Bulletin. It had pictures of physically fit, attractive, women wearing t-shirts that say “Own Your Age.”

In a nutshell this is a movement against ageism -- as in the discrimination and negative stereotyping of people based on their age. These proud "older" people are promoting a message that says I’m happy about who I am at my age.   

I find it interesting that in our culture, men with grey hair and crow’s feet are viewed as sexy, sophisticated, and attractive.  

Most women, however, will go to great expense to hide their grey and wrinkles because in American society grey hair and wrinkles are a detriment -- not an attribute for women.   

Generally speaking, these characteristics on a woman peg her as someone who is “old” -- which is a word we have come to believe is negative. Rarely is a woman with grey hair and crow’s feet perceived as sexy, sophisticated and attractive.

How did that ever come to be? What will it take for aging -- in a woman’s world --  to become socially acceptable? 

What do you do in your own life to make it socially acceptable to “Own Your Age?”



I bet Baxter offers him a plea deal. Something like 2 years and 3 slaps with a wet noodle sounds about right.


Is Stahl a one man commission now? How was this decision made? Decisions need to be made by seven commissioners not just one. Was this done by e-mail, special meeting or executive session that we didn't know about? The commission couldn't wait until tonight to discuss it and make a decision. Some more behind closed door decisions being made.


stahl is attempting to cover his own posterior since it was announced that citizens are interested in a recall. this only goes to prove that there is no integrity with this guy's decisions but only what's beneficial to him politically.


Looks to me that SOME people of Sandusky just can't be pleased with ANY decision ANYONE makes....First they are mad about one decision....then when it goes the other way....they are still mad. I don't get it. Maybe we need to let those that do the jobs...do their jobs.


Instead of broadcasting live from a bar, why not broadcast the "Police use of force" meeting this afternoon. Many of us would much rather see community events and talks like that broadcast on this website then a buch of people at a bar.


Usually I have to see the cartoon to not get it.


Hmmmmmm.... were did they get this idea from.

Thank you Sandusky Register. I am glad to see that events like this are now worthy of live streaming, not just some get together at Shifters or the Pump.


I should have known......


wow, that time time of day?
I stop in there alot during the week, a good freindly store.


One would think as many times as that place is robbed, that they would install a floor panic button that cashiers could surreptitiously step on to alert the authorities. Armed robbery isn't funny but it is beginning to be a joke what a criminals' ATM that place is.


thank goodness that nobody was hurt. this store gets a lot of foot traffic.
kudos to the young gentleman who has decided not to let this waver him in his employment. hopefully he's getting paid a little more than just min.wage.~along with the other employees.

Captain Gutz


Please elaborate on this button and how it works.


It's a button on the floor, or hooked up directly under the register or elsewhere and when you press it, it sends a message to a security company (like Brinks), and that company then alerts local law enforcement.

Breaking News

Wait till one of these cashiers decides to get a CHL and then...pop goes the robber.


Someone has finally admitted that making an honest living is only peanuts. Admitting we have a problem is the first step.


Too bad there wasn't any concealed carriers around to put a bullet in this scumbag's head...


Why nothing about the robbery that took place at the Mall last night?

It was reported on the front page of todays paper along with this story.

Three robberies in three days seems pretty unusual for this area.........Are people getting that desperate?



One word: Drugs.

hancrack me up

Because it's the SR..."Last Night's News...Tomorrow" (unless you subscribe on line).

Who was robbed at the mall?


I hope this scumbag gets balls enough to rob my store. I will blow his head off. These thugs need to be put in their place and the law does not work in our favor anymore.

hancrack me up

Could we have maybe cleaned up the pic a little bit so you can see the face a little better? Oh, wait...sorry...that may exceed the 75 cent value of our award winning paper.


I think that photo is a lot better than most. I'm sure that it's good enough that if someone who knows him sees the picture, they'll be able to tell who he is. Unless it's one of his drug buddies who doesn't care.


The Register can only print a picture as good as supplied............The one in the Journal of the FNB robbery suspect was in black and white and the crook looked like an Atari character.......That's my bank and it gives me second thoughts to see that a farm market has a better surveillance system.


Awww....I feel bad for the cashier. I'm glad he was not hurt in any way. OUTSIDER is corect...it is all about drugs...this one was even too stupid to try and make sure his face wasn't right in the camera. I hope they catch the creep.


Someone will see this guys picture and will know who he is. I bet he is rounded up soon. What a dumb a-s!
He's lucky he didn't try to rob someone who was packing! A bullet in the head would stop him real quick.


Thats DUSTIN LEWIS.............. Figures He Would Have To Rob A Couple Places, Got No Job And Has A Baby On The Way..... And His Own Mother Kicked His Sorry Azz Out. I Dont Blame Her. But 100% DUSTIN LEWIS


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I personally think the robber looks much younger than the guy on the myspace page, but did you see all that money on there? Maybe it is him.


Sure looks like him to me Do the cops read this page?


Yeah, the Sheriff is reading this page, although I would suggest you guys just call 419-625-7951 instead.

If this is indeed the guy I hope he deletes his myspace profile quickly because the prosecutor is definitely going to use it against him.


and this one



Well they removed my comment because it included "personal attacks"? Alleged Felons don't deserve privacy, so if you want to see him just got to Myspace.com and serch for friends and type in the persons name listed below, and it will be the first one to come up... Is this better SR? but 1 guess who reported it?


Also in Clyde(sandusky county) in 2005 he was charged with Felony Assault and Tampering with evidence........All this info is public data if they do a county muni record search, so this should not be deleted


Glad the cashier wasn't hurt, but why would the photog put the cashier's face in the paper?

Are the cashier's protected behind ANY kind of partition in that store?

If not, they should be, due to the fact this store has been known to be an easy mark over the years.


i know this kid personally that you are talking about....im not sure if it's him or not...but i know for a fact that the money on his myspace has been there for a LONG time it's not from strawberry hill...

hancrack me up

That is the same idiot. Used to live on Franklin St. What moron would leave their pics up for the world to see then possibly rob 3 places? hahaha!!! Something to send into Jay Leno! He doesn't even have any privacy settings turned on!!! take a peek...



He'll be caught soon. He'll go to prison. He'll get robbed in prison.




12 12 12

2cents's picture

Boy is that kid lucky! We were on our way to a shooting range at that exact time when we drove by. Onboard we had four automatics that we were going to shoot, adjust sites and just have fun. Two 9MM with 147 grain Hydra shock’s pointed at his head if I wanted to stop for a Coke would have stifled his threat for sure!

hancrack me up

I see all the posts with this guy's MySpace profile, name & pics were removed. Maybe he works for SR.


2cents...yeah, EVERYONE involved was lucky you didn't stop. Usually the only thing "heroes" like you accomplish is getting someone killed when it isn't necessary. Nothing like escalating a situation by introducing more weapons.

If police are there with theirs, sometimes at least there is a surrender. When it's another civilian, there's usually just shooting.

This place has absolutely no protection or security. I'll be honest, I don't even stop in there anymore.


crack heads will do anything to get there fix, I hope they find this kid and lock him up for a long time !!


2 cents is right, any number of us carry, some with CCW, some under the open carry. Had someone that was properly trained and disciplined with fire arms entered, the chances are good this kid would be in custody. Most properly armed citizens aren't the shoot first, ask questions later type. If more people got in line and carried, this type of incident would happen alot less often


yeah thats just what we need everybody walking around with guns !!! thats the answer !! NOT !!


This robber is probably from Sandumpy.


I heard he was a crack head from Perkins


Hey HiS,beepx22 said it all!


Re: Here in sandumpy, that is quite possible after further review of the photo provided.


Correct me if I'm wrong "Perkins 2060" but isn't Fox Rd. Located in Perkins Township. Or will you claim that his mailing address says Sandusky. Oh wait, so does yours.


The cashier is my husband and i am so happy and lucky that the guy didnt do something really stupid to hurt my husband. he is doing okay with all this.He is a strong person and is ready to go back to work. Glad they caught him and hope he stays there for a long time.


re YogiBerra, I don't pay income taxes to the city, do you???


Nope, left the area three years ago. Good to see you making a different comment though.


isnt there something about if you rob using a gun you get like 20 years or something like that ?


That's exactly who the posters before said it was! What an idiot! Had his picture on MySpace! Duh!


GREAT job officers! Happy to see him caught. Thanx goes out to the person that blogged yesterday....they said it was this guy. Nice job!


Yes, good job officers. And GREAT job to the unsung hero in blogland for identifying this guy!


LOL They really did recognize him from his picture. They deserve a reward!

the unsilent majority's picture
the unsilent ma...

I wonder if his mom and wife are proud of him? I just saw his myspace and was entertained by the picture of him holding what appeared to be a couple thousand dollars worth of hundred dollar bills. What a tard

2cents's picture

There are two Fox roads. One East of 250 and one off of Rout 4 “NASA is in the middle”. He would fall under Erie County anyway. He lives on the East side, East of Rye Beach Road. Because I am on East Fox Road but cannot convince the post office to recognize it as East Fox like they recognise Bogart as East and west many of my semi delivery trucks drive down West Fox to a dead end. Sorry for you people on West Fox, I do my best.

the unsilent majority's picture
the unsilent ma...

Just looked up the sentencing chart and hes looking at a mandatory 6 for the gun plus 3 to 10 more for the crime itself if im reading this right....But with our goofball justice system here in Erie County he will probably get 18 months with a plea deal


Forget the button to alert law enforcement. If our commissioners have their way.... by next year there will be nobody to respond!

Great job (again) by the Erie County Sheriff's Department!!


re intheknow: That's the fear mongering we needed on this thread - thanks!


re:need more cc people..........

Christopher Leonard was released Monday on $20,000 bail following his arraignment in District Court. Police said the 38-year-old shot his neighbor John Rota in the stomach Friday when they got into an argument over the disposal of leaves near their homes.
Rota told police that Leonard always carried his gun, even when cutting the lawn or playing with the kids in the yard.

We need more nut cases like Leonard, that will
solve all our problems............


Unsilent majority...."what a tard." HAHAHAH...that's REAL funny!


Didn't hear about that case jimbo.....The Leonard name does ring a bell. The guy does sound like a nut-case. There are good people with ccw permits however.

I laugh out loud when 2cents, SCHLICK, and others boast of thier bravado and how they would've taken care of it. Internet talk is cheap. When it comes right down to it, they probably would shoot themselves in the foot, or some innocent beer cooler or the cashier.

That's if they don't wet themselves first.
Shooting at another human is a split second, difficult, and do or die decision. Even veteran law officers, and veterans of the armed forces have a difficult time dealing with the psychological effects of taking anothers life, or seeing anothers life taken.

Especially with the mess that hydra-shock rounds make.


Don't worry Obama will solve all our problems. "Deliver us Obama"! I am sure this kid voted for Obama just like all of the other liberal thieves who lie, cheat and steal for a living. Maybe Obama will represent him as a public defender. Nah, I forgot he is too busy implementing his own agenda. You guys are right guns are the problem. Take all of them away then this kid would be a good law abiding citizen who contributes to society. RETARDS!!!


saved_by_grace_not_works, I been waitin fer one of yens to say it, you speak my language. You are a true patriot and you hit the nail on the hed. Ever since Obama got in office people lost thare jobs and you got all his supporters out there robbing and steeling. Its him and acorn that planned all this the for the last 8 years. Watch this kid get on one of Barack Hussein Obama's death panels when he gets outa prison.

And your right even if he didn't have a gun the cashier woulda handed all the money over.


moderators have removed this comment because it contained libelous or defamator statements.


Wow Bush04lover! You slaughter the written English word just as Bush slaughtered the spoken English language. I think the only thing you spelled correctly was Obama’s name. Freudian slip?

OK you bloodthirsty cooks. If this guy came into your store and pulled a gun on you, you’d need to start wearing Depends. You talk a big talk until Mr. Glock is looking up your nose.

hancrack me up

All cops had to do was come here to find the name & MySpace profile of this guy. Hilarious! MySpace is public domain so this post should not be deleted...again, his profile:



thanx for the link........

Should be updated to read: Dustin had 50 friends.

The one lady..........

Same last name as a doctor in sandusky?????


HMM...fear mongering? You'd better do your home work and catch up on current Erie County events. Find out what was discussed at the last Commissioners meeting.


he didn't pull a gun, he flashed his gun. If he came into my store and did that he'd be staring down 3 to 5 pieces, depending on the day of the week. like i said before, the purpose of CC or even OC isn't to kill, but to protect. one kid versus a couple of people that have their own weapons, isn't bad, unless he gets jumpy. For those of you that don't want guns available to the public, wait till one of us nuts saves your bacon, and then see how you feel.


UPDATE: Civil Service Commission has gone into executive session to discuss pending litigation regarding disciplinary action of an employee.

Karl Hungus-Mr....

Thank you for covering this live.

Karl Hungus-Mr....

OH SNAP!!!!!


She's Back! She was reinstated.


***" She's Back! She was reinstated. "***

That is fantastic news! Good news!


And how much money was spent here ????? WHAT A JOKE !


beepx22 yeah big difference there !! NOT !!!!

Most Wanted

Someone was talking about different gun permits. Could someone explain the difference? Thank you.


Re: Most Wanted

The acronyms are different, but they are the same thing. CC, CCW, and CHL are all referencing the concealed carry permit allowing the holder to carry a concealed pistol anywhere that is legally allowed (schools, government buildings, etc. are not allowed. But, any store or business that does not have one of those "No firearms allowed" signs on their door allows for a Concealed Handgun License holder to carry a concealed weapon.)

http://www.ohioccw.org is a good place to start if you are interested in the different laws.

OC or Open Carry is legal for any resident of the state of Ohio over the age of 18. You can openly carry a loaded firearm. I'm not too sure of the restrictions (the same gov't buildings, etc.), but I do know it is legal.

The most important part of gun safety is education. There are people who got a CHL just to have one. However, the people who are likely to carry concealed are passionate about the subject, and have probably spent a good deal of time getting to know their firearm and how to use it properly.

The most important part of the education is learning *not* to fire the gun. Had this poor kid made the mistake of flashing a gun at a serious CHL holder, he would have probably been face to face with a snub-nose .357 before he could lay his hands back on his gun. He would have been ordered to the floor and kept their until the authorities showed up, or he would have ran and the robbery would have been averted.

As-is, the kid is an idiot... an all-around idiot. I hope he gets the help he needs in prison.


well said ERN. thanks.

Most Wanted

Thank you ERNesbitt. My husband bought me a 9mm last year after our house was broken into. There are times he works late at night or has to travel overnight. I have been very leary about owning this gun. I have three kids in the house. Anyways, he taught me how to use it and all that and I'm a terrible shot outside at 80 ft. However, if someone was in my house at 20 or so ft. I don't think I'd miss since I have 9 chances! I was going to take the class that gets you licenced. Not because I want to carry but felt I would feel better knowing I took a class and educated myself. I didn't do it yet. Thinking I will now. Our car alarms have gone off twice in the last month after midnight. I slept with the 9mm beside me both nights. I just think I'll take the class after reading all these break-ins as of late. Don't see it getting any better any time soon. Thanks again.


LEBANON, Pa.— An autopsy was planned Friday for a suburban mother who last year shocked other parents by openly carrying a loaded handgun at her daughter's youth soccer game and this week was found shot dead with her husband in an apparent murder-suicide.
Meleanie Hain, who ran a baby-sitting service and became a voice of the gun rights movement, and Scott Hain, a parole officer, were found dead Wednesday inside their home in Pennsylvania.

Didn't do her much good to carry a gun.
Her husband was quicker on the draw........


ill repeat here as i did on the other......who's to say dustin even did it?? they have no gun....theres no video of him at the register...just shows him walking the store...maybe the so distraut cashier that cant work...needed to pad his pockets a little bit??? did they find the money on dustin? did they find a gun? nothing.....just from the cashiers mouth....


Hey "Friend of a Friend" .... I know Dustin... And I know Cody (the kid who got stabbed) and I am not a keegan.. And guess what.. Dustin is a FU*k UP! What kind of person in his right mind would TRY to kill somebody??? It wasent over a girl and it wasent self defense! I know first hand!!!!! Who cares about his sad little life... Thats NO excuse for what all hes done! DO you know how many people this guy has HURT? Hes beter off rotting in prison.. And if you ask me.. your no better than him. since he is "your friend" What kind of person are you? I think you need to pick new friends. And im glad dustin robbed the Hill... Now maybe hell be in prison for a long long time!!!


hahahahaha man im crying from laughin so hard....hahahah he tried to kill him really...hahah cause im pretty sure when cody fell on the knife and they were on the ground he coulda stabbed him if he wanted to and prolly kilt him...and if it wasnt over a girl then what was it??? probably because he drove to her house and told them on the phone he was going to kill them...simple as that...he did mess up..i understand that and im still his friend i could care less what you say...as far as me...i actually work 40 plus hours a week at almost $20 an hour not trying to brag or anything but to prove another idoit on this site, never done drugs, drink on very few occasions...never been arrested...your just ignorant for even saying something like that when for one you have no clue who i am or anything about me...but you must be a detective with ole unknown sense you know so much...but once again werent there...


friendoffriend you had made a comment on the 9th saying that the police was taking the cashiers word. well for your information he descibed the guy and thats who they said it was. my husband doesnt know Dustin. And you are saying stuff to someone else about judging well you need to take your oun advice. you dint know the cashier.he does work so i dont know what you are talking about.


i wasnt refering to the cashier what im saying is they dont have him on camera actually robbing the place...all i said is that its all just hear say inless they find a gun....because they dont actually have him on tape..only thing he's on tape doing is waking back and forth...nothing against the cashier....


friendoffriend... I'd suggest you never go to law school, you'd make a horrible laywer.


re:Most Wanted wrote on Oct 9, 2009 12:27 PM:I slept with the 9mm beside me both nights.

WINTER SPRINGS, Fla.— A man who thought there was an intruder in his house shot and killed his fiancee the day before they were to be married, police said Friday.

"Right now everything points to a tragic accident," Police Chief Kevin Brunelle told The Associated Press, adding investigators were awaiting forensic results.

John Tabutt, 62, told investigators he got his gun when he thought he heard an intruder, then fired at a figure in the hallway, according to Brunelle. It was Tabutt's live-in fiancee, 62-year-old Nancy Dinsmore, who family members say he was going to marry Saturday. Tabutt told authorities he thought she was next to him in bed the whole time.

Think about your kids lady.
You think you hear an intruder.
It turns out to be one of your kids.


Jimbo, then he was an idiot and didn't know the proper discipline for discarging a firearm.


beepx22 wrote on Oct 10, 2009 9:07 PM:Jimbo, then he was an idiot and didn't know the proper discipline for discarging a firearm.

Look bub.
I bought my first gun in 1949.
Been around the block more than once.

Anyone that keeps a loaded gun next to where
they are sleeping is asking for trouble.
Anyone that is awakened by a noise and grabs
the gun, will shoot first and think later.
It happens time and time again, and it's
usually a family member that dies.

People are people and to think that you can
"train" them to think first, and shoot later,
when coming out of a deep sleep, is wishful thinking.

I have more than one gun, but never keep any of
them loaded.

I'm concerned for the ladies kids, not your
gun business or whatever it is you sell.


re:then he was an idiot

The fact that you used "then he was an idiot"
tells me you haven't been around too long, or
haven't learned to much.

Anyone that calls some poor soul that woke out
of a deep sleep and shot his wife to be "an idiot"
knows little about people and how they react to
a stressful situation.

When I ran this in my spell checker it flagged
"idiot" as likely to offend someone and suggested
I use another word, you should take advice from
my spell checker.


This dude is a friend of a male cashier there, and not the one who got robbed. there are two that work there, so the other one.

hmmmm sound fishy to anyone else


Comment deleted because it contained personal information and potentially libelous statements. — admin


although i'm surprised this place hasn't been shut down yet. its got more health violations than i could possibly put in the text box. one that really sticks out is the time i almost made the mistake of purchasing a doughnut from here. i looked in the case and there was about 50 (no exaggeration) gnats swarming and 3 flies. one of them was trying to burrow into a doughnut. some one please report this place


Strawberry Hill is a dump. I've been in there twice and it's always a mess. I would be afraid of what the the bathrooms look like..


lol there are no bathrooms, just poorly kept port a potties out back behind the place. and dont bother asking for toilet paper.

"employees are not responsible" is what you get from the clerks


Jimbo. I don't sale guns, though in these times i wish i did. If someone jumsp straight out of bed and starts shooting, then they're not properly trained. Plain and simple. and i'd never advise anyone to sleep with a loaded gun near them. Im self sleep with the unloaded gun and a speedloader locked within a few steps, along with a flash light. If you have the mental dexterity to load a pistol with a speed loader, you should be able to at least think well enough to gather basic target data before you start hammering at the local neighborhood cat or what ever is in your yard making noise. you never put your finger on the trigger till you're ready to shoot, and your never ready to shoot until you know there is a threat. So yes, the guy in the news article that shot his fiance... is an idiot. It's like owning a car. if you let someone loose thats never driven in a high powered sports car, they're going to probably hurt someone. Same with a gun, if someone that doesn't know what to do with it gets loose then yeah someone is probably going to get hurt. Thats why you get educated.



socially hazardous

this comment is too beepx22 you said that friendoffriend would make a horrible laywer but the truth in the fact is its not what you know its what you can prove beyond a reasonable doubt, #1 no gun has been found yet,#2 he has not addmitted to anything,#3 there is no video that shows him at the register robbing the place or adjusting anything in his waist, right there is enough to dismiss a case.


exactly...so sorry buddy but word from a cashier and some crackhead thats not even aloud in strawberry hill...isnt enough to proove him guilty...maybe law school isnt for you...seems to make sense to everyone else....


just curious, is that the only tape? or is that the one released by the police to identify the robber? I've been in strawberry hill a million times, they have more than one camera

socially hazardous

the camera's at strawberry hill are just like alot of small gas stations and farm markets with closed circuit camera's only one camera records at a time. the rest dont record unless they are switched over to the circuit


well if thats the only feed, and they can't prove it was him, then he should walk. hope he has a good alibi.

socially hazardous

he really doesnt even need a alibi. they know he was at the store but did he do it we dont know. it could have been him, or the cashier, or someone else. it could have been aliens for all we know. also i thought it was innocent until proven guilty in this country but thats just me. others are just quick to trash someones name to satisfy their ego. one more thing when someone goes to prison and serves their time and gets released that means they have payed their debt to society and that should no long relect on their reputation. people just need to stop throwing other peoples buisness out there.


people are arrested on less than this all time time. The video shows him, appearing to "Case the Joint" which on its own doesn't prove anything. You keep bringing up the cashier, I'd hope they'd at least check him for the cash. I know if my place got robbed after the police were there we'd all have to show what was in our pockets, and if we had nothing to hide we'd do it. If he didn't do it, then by God he should go free, but if they have enough evidence to charge him, he's gonna have to take the ride and see where it goes. Remember, you can beat the rap, not the ride.


moderators have removed this comment because it contained crude remarks


Wasn't it the former police chief, his followers, the chaplain that caused the turmoil you claim in Sunday's paper? From everything we hear now, the whole department is behind the new chief and the direction he is leading the department. If the trustees hadn't taken the disciplinary action against the detective, people would have been irate that he was being shown favoritism and getting away with breaking the law. You can't have it both ways. The trustees did the right thing. And the township is again proud of their "men in blue."


Good luck, Pirates!

looking around

Wow! despite everyones speculation it appears he has returned to Ohio or passed through heading west?


i hope they find them


He was here Monday. Don't mean he's still here. But you guys keep looking. And keep your doors locked. He might want to kill you too for being such dipwads.


Unassumer - there is no room for sarcasim and put downs. this is a serious matter for many people that you do not even know and have no idea what any of these people are going through or why they are in a spot at the moment.

Please keep derogatory comments to yourself. They serve no one.

brutos smith

He was in Spotted?

Jeep Guy1

Kromer is dead .Suicide.


Party at the Skyway, get ready sue and mike.


Constant SW wind at 40 mph, 19 degrees, wind chill 2 below,global warming.


Hey goofus.........Still down in Naples? Pretty nice weather you're having today with the temp in the mid-eighties and the breeze off the gulf..........This is one of the kind of days I envy you.

I've flown into PIB to work when I wouldn't see a soul from the time I got to the airport on PIB, til the time I was ready to leave. A lot of times I was worried about getting home at the end of the day. If they can't see the monument, they don't fly.

Takes a special kind of person to live there year round.

Chung Lee

Chung Lee must ask "Is this on the comedy channel?"


My advise if your going in person:
1) Get there early, fills up fast.
2) Don't sit too close to Winer Warner, he spits when he yells for you to "sit down".
3) Don't sit to close to SMOOCHY...he is like a St Bernard, lot's of slobber because he is so happy to see ya.


Weeeeeeee. The NEW commission. I'm so excited I could just pee my pants.



the unsilent majority's picture
the unsilent ma...

all this cold almost made me forget about global warming


Start with laying off road maintenance, because it is non-existent during the winter anyways.


I hope they ask Don Icsman to be the permanent City Manager. What do you think?


We would need a different law director, he can not do both. I think it would be a conflict of interest. What does he make as compared to manager? Would he even consider it?

Julie R.

CRACKER: I think "Don" was being sarcastic.....and if he was the "DonIscman" that was posting on the other blogs he sure is funny!


Oh. Duh, stupid me! LOL


cute headline, sure is an attention grabber, until the bit about "he made it all up"...which makes SR out to be kind of slow on the draw.

Kid needs to be b!T*h slapped for a hoax.


This is "BREAKING NEWS"? Really? Wow, someome needs to re-evaluate what is and isn't breaking news. A boy making up a story to their teacher is not breaking news.


What an @sshole.



is very misleading


Did you really think they would have it ready on time? This is no surprise to anyone, this is the way the last few opening of new rides has been.

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BellevueMom: The mayor can't tell council to not place something on the ballot...basically, the mayor can not tell council what to do...it's called separation of powers. Why not put the electric aggregation on the ballot and let the citizens decide? As for putting Brooks on council...again, the mayor can't tell council what to do there...it was their decision and it was handled in a VERY bad way..it comes off as they made a decision behind closed doors and out of the public's eye.You contradict yourself when you say the "old council added things to the agenda last minute"...what was the PERS ordinances...they were last minute! Kile and Crosby could very well be bullies, but at least they make their comments in the public during the meeting and not keep their mouths shut until after the meeting and then run to a newspaper reporter creating a "he said...she said" thing and creating headlines like the one on this story! If Keiser felt the way she expressed herself in this story...why doesn't she say that during a public meeting where the Crosby and the Mayor are sitting right across from her and the public is there to hear it firsthand?


Mr. or Mrs. Moved here,you are not seeing the truth, only the lies and assumptions being put out by the administration. If the council was elected to save the fire dept. as you put it, that means the citizens want it to be saved since that is who they voted for. And the mayor is the one who told council not to put the first energy thing on a ballot until November.(I asked a council person about that, did you?) Are you so sure that $100,000 is going to each city & township or is it going to be split up among the ones that approve it? You should do YOUR homework before you spout off. And who knows why they did the interviews in private. Maybe to show that council can make decisions without the mayor telling them what they should do? That's the way the old council was. Doing whatever they were told,and adding stuff to the agenda at the last minute. Do you mean to tell me that in 2009 EVERY ordinance came out of committee? DO YOUR HOMEWORK. Kile and Crosby are bullies and should be exposed for what they are!

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This has the appearance of the whole school board fiasco again...people elected with one agenda and it ends up costing the taxpayers and there's a bunch of hassles and a blackeye on the community.

This council was elected to "save" the fire department and that's all they have been concerned about. Does the mayor and Crosby withhold info...probably and yes, that is petty.

But, as a council person I would do my homework and FIND the answers to QUESTIONS...questions they are not asking. There's more resources to find the answers to questions other than the mayor or safety-service director.

This council...or a majority of them... are meeting out of the public's eye to scheme up their agenda. Proof of that is the ordinance to do away with the PERS payment. Should that be done away with? In this day and age, maybe, but the decision to place that on the agenda was done over the phone or email or at one of the council member's home and not in a public meeting!

Go back to when they appointed Brooks....they did not conduct the interview in the public's eye...why? What did they have to hide? They had an opportunity to appoint a person with fresh ideas and no agenda or ties to "the good ol' boy network," but they chose to bring in a person who made a living off the taxpayers. Again, it appears this council met somewhere prior to that meeting and had a predetermined plan on who they were going to appoint to Bill Ruffing's seat.

Council had the opportunity to get $100,000 from FirstEnergy to place an electric aggregation option on the ballot. All they had to do was say yes and the taxpayers would then make the decision and the city would have $100,000 in its coffers. While ALL of the area townships put the measure on the ballot - again, a no-brainer considering the voters make the decision and not just a couple of elected people - our city turned down money and an opportunity to let the voters decide and possibly save on their electric bills.

ALL of this would have been taken care of a few years back when Bellevue had the opportunity to vote to go to home rule or a charter form of government. Then, a professionally trained city manager could have been hired with no bias or hidden agenda, rather than a mayor and his hired safety-service director running the city. A professionally trained and educated city finance director could have been hired. It would have allowed for the hiring of the most qualified fire and police chief rather than having to promote from within. And, there would be enough checks and balances you wouldn't have this petty bickering that gives the community a blackeye - which is not good when you're trying to lure industry and jobs to the area.


It's a shame that bullies are running this town right into the ground.

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With their degree of antics, perhaps they could sell tickets to a food fight and help garner some much needed municipal revenue.

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Sorry thing about this, is by the time you start proceedings to run Kile out of office, his term will be up. Lets hope that when the next elections come up that Bellevue citizens elect someone with Bellevue as a whole in mind and not some "Bellevue name, Bellevue money or a Bellevue oldie but goody" as mayor. As for Crosby, he has no credentials to be a safety service director, just a Bellevue name. I hope council starts IMMEDIATELY to get rid of him.


bellevue schools -closed monday!


this is nobody's business. typical small town rag


Is this really news, or just a bunch of free advertisement for Strayer Real Estate?


Okay, this is not news. It's been on the market for MONTHS!!! Slow news day?

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Based on my recent experience with selling a house, here's some advice:

Regardless of what the news media says about the rousing comeback in housing prices, housing remains a commodity and as such, the lowest price wins.

1. If after a couple weeks one is not getting any showings or a few showings but no offers - lower the price.

2. Set a bottom dollar figure that one is willing to accept. If one is getting little to no activity, gradually keep lowering the price in $10-$20K increments on a bi-weekly basis until one reaches that number.

3. De-clutter. Remove as many personal items from the house as possible. Obtain a storage rental unit to store the excess items. Make the house look as spacious as possible.

4. Get the word ‘home’ out of one’s vocabulary. It’s a ‘house,’ its no longer one’s ‘home’ – one has moved on!

5. Entertain every offer with a counteroffer. Is the house for sale or not? Don’t get one’s nose out of joint if someone low-balls ya. Remember what Vito Corleone said: “It ain’t personal, it’s business.’

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They are laughing at Jason Singer's blog!

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I'm still trying to find out what happened at Big O's early Sunday morning where there were about 15 cop cars there.


Now WHAT would the SR do without police scanners? I guess things on the state and national level are not important enough. So now the SR is beginning to morph into ambulance chasers.