BLOG: The talent you don't know about

Sue Daugherty
Jun 7, 2010


We are all happy for Crystal Bowersox being discovered for her singing talent --  me included.  It really is amazing how many local, talented people are out there. These are people who are worthy of the same fame and fortune as the celebs we see on magazine covers. But because they’ve only been discovered by their own social circles they haven’t received their “due”.
I have a talent discovery that you probably don’t know about…  Richard Koonce. This is the man who bought three Sandusky school buildings that were on the auction block for $5. I’m here to tell you his talent extends beyond buying real estate for a song. This man can SING!
How do I know this? Richard was kind enough to be one of our entertainers for our “HATS OFF TO MOM” fundraiser luncheon the Saturday before Mother’s Day. That man had me mesmerized. He sang “Love Ballad” by Jeffrey Osbourne. There I stood with a camera in my hand. My boyfriend had a video camera ready to shoot. When the music started and Richard began to sing, we were both in a trance. I forgot to take pictures. He forgot to shoot video. 

Richard was simply phenomenal. Not only does he have a fantastic voice, but he knows how to interact with the audience – charm, confidence and great energy. A born natural. Now he is a real local talent that too few know about.