AFFORDING HOME HEATING: It doesn't matter to them, because they haven't heard from you!

Sue Daugherty
Mar 23, 2010

Will someone please explain to me why there is vocal opposition and demonstration opposing the price of gasoline, yet no consumer action against the price of home heating? Is it because people have no problem affording home heating? Do heating bills really give us no cause for concern?

Our U.S. congressmen/women and our U.S. senators make laws that influence the price of regulated utilities - electricity and natural gas; as do our Ohio representatives and Ohio senators. The Federal Energy Commission, Securities Exchange Commission and the Public Utilities Commission of Ohio make the rules and regulations based on those laws. Yet on May 5th, (11 weeks advanced notice) when Serving Our Seniors and the Erie-Huron Community Action Commission invited these Ohio public servants to come to Sandusky and take part in our public forum, "Affording Home Heating: What's In Our Future?" They all politely said they were not available.

At first I was angry by their lack of interest. Then I realized. It's not going to matter to them, until they know it matters to us. And clearly, their comfort level with saying, "no thank you, I won't be attending," is a reflection of the citizens they represent.

If you are concerned about the price of heating your home, communicate this to those who represent you on this issue. Call our elected and appointed representatives and let them know how disappointed you are that they won't be taking part in the public forum entitled, "Affording Home Heating: What's In Our Future?," on Friday, July 18, 2pm - 4 pm, at the Erie County Office Building (downtown) 247 Columbus Ave., Sandusky. Be sure to RSVP so you can attend the forum, yourself. (419/624-1856).

And remember this: It's not going to matter to them, until they know it matters to you!



Should read struggle not stuggle. I got lit because of this. Look at where they live. Nice. What they drive (and shouldn't) nice car. Good medical from retiring - many work & have nothing for their families! Old has it made compared to most of us.


You know another point, why does SOS have the presumptive arrogance to take my money for these people who were too busy living large, many of them whiny union hack retirees, to properly prepare for the end years? Given the money that is choked out of me for Medicare and Social Security and all these other glom on programs, the citizens of this county need to chuck this levy. I'm tired of working for other people. This levy is forced charity. But the SR will give it a free podium.


Is the point of this article to promote your boyfriend's house on Third Street?


Yes! These same people never went through the harsh eighties, when my generation kept getting laid off,etc. They always said "I grew up during the depression, yeah but they were children, not parents.They can do without like everybody else. They think all owe them - B.S.!


The greatest generation was neither. Look at the mess they left, and we get stuck with the bill. Now get your meandering gas guzzling boat cars off the road before I run them over with my SUV. :)