What you ought to know about the cost of health care

Sue Daugherty
Mar 23, 2010

Serving Our Seniors has started to study Erie County's older population (65 to 75-years-old) and those "soon-to-be" senior citizens (55 to 62-years-old). The responses to the surveys have been returned and the data is now being tabulated.

As the surveys were mailed back to our office I would read some of them. I was somewhat surprised at what appears to be a lack of awareness that the "soon-to-be" senior citizens have about the cost of health care once they are on Medicare. So, I thought this would be something good to blog about.

I'm going to give a general description about how Medicare works. I'm not going to get into the complicated details. (If I did, this blog could go on forever.) I'm just going to give you enough information to give you a general understanding of how an older person is insured under our Medicare system. After you read it, tell me if you are surprised by the costs and comment on how prepared you are to meet these expenses in retirement — don't forget to factor in inflation.

Traditional Medicare insurance has 3 parts to it:

Medicare Part A is insurance that covers you while you are in the hospital. There is no monthly premium for this insurance once you are eligible for Medicare, that is, age 65 or permanently and totally disabled. Medicare Part A covers 80% of the bill when you are in the hospital. It's up to you to pay the 20% the Medicare doesn't cover.

This is where "Medigap," (also called, "Medicare Supplemental Insurance Policies") comes in. Medigap insurance is an insurance policy you can buy from a health insurance agent. Our experience is older people who have health problems, pay about $200 per month for this insurance.

Medicare Part B is insurance that pays for out-patient services, i.e., doctors visits, physical therapy, occupational therapy, lab work, etc. Today this insurance costs $96.40 per month. This amount is automatically deducted from your Social Security check. You don't have to buy this insurance if you don't want it. The alternative, however, is to pay for all of your out-patient services out of your own pocket. (Probably not a good idea to take on that financial risk in later life.)

Medicare Part D. This is the prescription drug insurance. Today, there are 52 different prescription drug insurance plans to choose from and they range from about $16.60 to $98.00 per month. The difference in price reflects how comprehensive the coverage is. But all of them have restrictions of some sort or another.

In addition to the premium costs are the deductibles and co-payments that come due when you use a health care professional. And keep in mind that Medicare does not pay for dental care or eyeglasses.

So tell me, are you planning for these costs in your retirement budget?



We're mid-50's and my husband should be able to keep his medical and prescription coverage for both of us. If will become secondary to Medicare at age 65. For us, would this replace Medicare B and D?
Thanks, Sue, for your article. Advanced planning sure beats planning-on-the-fly.


It least she has her facts together for this article!


Just let my wife & me have the same care as Nancy Reagan & Ted Kennedy, God knows we worked harder than they have.


You're providing a great service, thanks!

Rick Studer

To: Re Sues Blog

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Rick Studer

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I'd like to see the qualifications for Medicare to be based on one's employment situation as opposed to age based.

Many boomers are being laid-off or taking early retirement and as many know, health ins. during the blackout period can be very expensive to non-existent.


what is Part C? what does it cover or not cover? how much does it cost? is it necessary or a good thing to have?


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Come on. Get over yourself. No one is forcing you to read this blog. Everything isn't about you and what you want. There are many of us who appreciate the information that Sue provides.


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TO WHAT ABOUT: You asked "What is Part C"? Part C is fairly new. It's an insurance plan that you pay an insurance company for. It's an alternative to the original Medicare insurance. You still have to be "Medicare eligible" to get it.

It's more complicated to explain than regular Medicare. But if you want to know more we are hosting 2 public forums on it just to understand what it is.... CONSUMER BE AWARE: UNDERSTANDING MEDICARE Vs. MEDICARE ADVANTAGE PLANS (That's another name for Part C). Oct. 14th at Vermilion Public Library 2pm. Oct. 15th at Erie Co. Service Center, 2900 Columbus Ave - Sandusky. RSVP by calling Serving Our Seniors 419-624-1856. An audience size of 15 or more is required to justify the time and travel of our speakers. -- Sue


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One thing is for sure, events this week might shape all of our financial futures all the way through retirement. We also may point to this week as a pivotal moment in the 2008 Presidential election. As history tells us, this may be a week to pay attention!

Rick Studer

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Rick Studer

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Rick Studer


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what we ought to know about insurance; no one can afford it!


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