Natural gas prices have dropped -- even more for Sandusky residents

Sue Daugherty
Mar 23, 2010

In July — after Serving Our Seniors exhausted its Utility Assistance fund helping older people who received shut-off notices — I was fretting about the cost of home heating for the 2008/2009 heating season. In July, natural gas prices were ranging between $1.35 per ccf to $1.56 per ccf for a fixed rate. I'm happy to report that those prices have gone down.

Now this is unusual for this time of the year. Normally, natural gas prices drop in the summer, when there is little demand and the prices increase in the fall and winter months. That's not what happened this year.

On Oct. 5th the Ohio Consumers Counsel posted the new rates for natural gas.

These rates change every week, but on September 28 consumer prices for natural gas (fixed rates) ranged from $1.195/ccf (Vectren Source 800-516-6740) to $1.49/ccf (IGS Energy 877-444-7427)

But if you are fortunate enough to live within the city limits of Sandusky, you can buy natural gas for $1.0368/ccf. And if you are age 65 or older and the primary owner of the residence, your rate is $1.026/ccf.

The city of Sandusky signed a two year agreement with Direct Energy. The fixed rate stated above won't change for the first 12 months of this new contract. This rate will take effect December 2008.

To illustrate the significant savings the City of Sandusky negotiated with Direct Energy, let me compare it to the price Direct Energy has posted on the Ohio Consumers' Counsel Web site (as of September 28) — $1.349/ccf. According to the City of Sandusky's press release, all you need to do is "opt in." To "opt in" simply call Direct Energy at 866-803-4618 beginning October 24.

If you are age 60 or older and find navigating through this process is too confusing, call Serving Our Seniors office at 419-624-1856 and ask for help. Through the use of three-way calling we will call Direct Energy and facilitate the conversation so you can "opt in" to this new natural gas rate.



Sue is it true that Mark and you burn Whale oil for lights? Is a wick reguired for burning?


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Rick Studer

Thanks Sue, always good information to have.

Could you sometime do a comparison on the current prescription drug situation as compared to the state it was in before SOS got involved with the affordable drug program? Are people still going to Canada for drugs? Are the Wal Mart $4.00 prescriptions helping a little, a lot? Has Wal Mart forced a change in the whole drug industry? Is there still a hole for certain drugs or are there affordable alternatives for all treatments? Just curious if real progress has been made.


Hey Studer try staying on topic you miopic field mouse. What is your infatution with Sue that you insist on brown nosing her all the time? Your comments constantly derail the subject at hand and disrupt the flow of the blog. Please take you medication before you decide to post further comments.

Rick Studer

Art Vandaloid…. 8:55pm on a Sunday? What, did the Star Trek convention let out early? I imagine you still have on your Spock ears as you write this crapoola…

As anyone knows, besides insurance companies, drug manufacturers are on the top of my most hated list. I was merely curious to what the professional had to say.

It was also my intention to move the comedian “Arnold” to the bottom of the page. Its obvious Arnold is a mental defective. The premise of his joke makes no sense. Mr. Foam and the Blogstress are ECO friendly. Whaling has been banned since 1986 by the International Whaling Commission so why would they burn whale oil? The Foams are not indigenous Inuit or Japanese researchers, but instead, enviros, no, i don't think so.

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I guess ur not ready for a serious discussion of erectile dysfunction. As usual no one takes it straight, its always a joke. Do you know how many seniors are ripped off every year by manhood enlargement email scams?

John S.


Did you know that one of the greatest sources for the spread of STDs is retirement homes?

Too many seniors erroneously believe that they are too old to catch 'em.

Sad but true Sue?

Related to topic:

The Marcellus Shale runs through Ohio. There are reports of nat. gas in Lake Erie, near the coast. I understand that Canada already drills on their side.

The basic economics of supply and demand could lead to lower prices.


I’m wondering if sex education is offered in the local nursing homes? Some seniors might not be receptive but a few might be helped. The expense of condoms might be a factor. Maybe Serving Our Seniors could contact some of the manufacturers for some “samples”, and then hand them out, discreetly of course. It seems a shame to spend your twilights with a case of the jigs.


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And you're on topic?

'Unlame?' Your incomplete West Virginian sixth grade education is showing.


West Virginia University is fine place of higher education. Cedar Point's own Mr. Jack ia a WVU grad! If you want to insult someone call them a Republican!


Rick Studer

First and foremost my apologizes to the Blogstress (and of course Art Vandeletto) for straying from this weeks topics of “buying the heat” and “bringing the heat”. But I wanted to bring attention to the latest “Say it ain’t so Joe”, non-other than the new rightwing hero himself, Mr. Joe Wurzelbacher, or commonly known as “Joe The Plumber”.

Finally, we have the “Joe Sixpack” of Sara Palin’s dreams and sentence fragments. Joe Wurzelbacher of Holland Ohio, a Toledo suburb, is the newest Right Wing flavor of the day. Immortalized on You Tube, Rush Limbaugh, dribble artist Sean Hannity’s show and of course the final presidential debate between Obama and McCain, mentioned more than a dozen times.

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Rick Studer

Welcome back Jeff...


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Rick Studer

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Rick Studer

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