What’s The Social Cost To Being Positive?

Sue Daugherty
Mar 23, 2010

I’ve always found it interesting that it seems so easy for people to be/become negative, but it takes effort to be/become positive. I wonder why that is?

Negativity is such a magnet. Just look at how the Jerry Springer Show attracted such ratings. They interview people in chaos and bring all of their dirty laundry to life. The same applies with the Hollywood tabloids. Even newspapers. The more disasterous the headline, the more people read the paper.

I don’t get it. Negativity feels bad, and it produces little or nothing useful. Yet, negativity attracts others to join in the misery. And they do! There is a customer-base for those who want be negative. These people enthusiastically exchange negative stories, share their negative opinions via gossip and cause all who participate to wallow in their self-manufactured negative feelings. The truly amazing part to all of this is the minimal amount of effort that has to be invested to spread negativity far and wide because it’s so easily contagious.

So why doesn’t that occur with being positive? To be positive takes a conscious effort to be/become positive in your thoughts, your speech/interaction and your behavior. The strange part is that being positive creates an aura of hope and possibility -- and that feels good. Positive people are fun to be around. Being positive causes people to feel motivated, innovative, productive. Simply put, it makes happier people and that makes good things happen. So can anyone tell me why positive people, positive dialogue and positive news stories don’t outnumber the negative?

With the new year fast approaching, and difficulty surrounding us, what would happen if Americans came together at the local level and made a commitment to not let negative thoughts take the driver’s seat in 2009?  Better yet, what if Americans made a commitment to replace negativity by concentrating their thought/prayers, feelings, language and behavior on being positive – and bringing others into the fold by modeling this behavior? I’ll tell you what would happen: It would mean that we would have to watch less TV, limit what we read and listen to, change the type of things that we talk about and the way we spend our time and talents.

Wouldn’t it be cool if there was a community willing to make such a commitment?



Hey Art,

Take a breather or a shot of Jack Daniels. You should know by now that anyone can hijack your name here. Go onto the Forums and register your name so nobody can hijack it. How can you file a lawsuit? You will only waste your time and money. I myself drink vodka when I get all out of sorts. I don't think that you are being mocked. All that you have to do is state that a certain comment is not attibuted to your name. That is one reason why I refuse to use my real name here. But then, what do I know as I am just a grumpy old fart.


Wow buddy, do you need a hug? Perhaps you are a bit constipated? Maybe you should get an enema. You could also try breathing exercises and a bit more fiber in your diet. Before you know it, you'll be able to squeeze that turd right out.

Seriously though, calm down, it's high strung people like you that end up in the news dressing up like santa and going on killing sprees. Just relax.


Alcoholic beverage preference: In vino veritas

With the constant drumbeat of all the lousy economic news, few may have noticed that the broad index of all U.S. stocks, The Wilshire 5000 is up 17% from its late Nov. lows.

Since around the first of Nov., I've been shoveling a bit of cash into domestic and foreign stocks, at a time when many individual investors have been fleeing in mass from those markets.

To be a contrarian investor ya gotta be positive as well as putting one’s money where one’s optimism lies.

‘To buy when others are despondently selling and to sell when others are avidly buying requires the greatest fortitude and pays the greatest ultimate rewards.’

- Sir John Templeton

Who’s the richest man in the world? Warren Buffett. How did Mr. Buffett become the richest man in the world? Investing. Go and do likewise.


Monty Python - Always Look on the Bright Side of Life:


Io Saturnalia!


An imposter posted under my name at 11:11 p.m. on December 27th. Whoever is doing this, please stop. And for those giving free investment advice and opinions, is this particular blog really the place for that? What's good for one person may not be good for others. This debate should be discussed on another blog in the future.


One other point, I’m sure Ms. Daugherty would not approve of what is going on in her blog. In addition, I almost forgot, Have a positively nice day, everyone!


People, have we all forgot the lesson of the warrior snail and the banjo mite?


Once again, an imposter posted under my name at 12:01 p.m. on December 28th. Whoever is doing this, please, please, stop. It is so hard to be positive with the stooges in this blog, but don’t worry Ms. Daugherty, I’m better than they are!


Mick (or an 'imposter') wrote:

'And for those giving free investment advice and opinions, is this particular blog really the place for that?'

Why not? With the overwhelming preponderance of negative economic news, you don’t view putting one’s money where one’s mouth is as positive? I’d call it darn optimistic.

Loosen up friend. It’s in the face of adversity where ya really find out if you’re really and truly positive.

If you fold like a cheap lawn chair in the face of some of the clowns on this blog, can you really refer to yourself as positive? This is a pillow fight compared to the 'real world.'

Rick Studer

As some of you know I’m writing a book and the book includes a few of our bloggers, primarily Art Vandalay and in a “hanging role”, Jeff. I’ve decided to also include eternal optimist Frank DeRio. Listed below is a small excerpt that introduces Frank. I hope you enjoy…

I hate fxxking dates now that I’m middle aged. I mean, what’s the fxxking point. One pathetic soul who has failed at every relationship they have ever attempted, meets another pathetic soul who has failed at every relationship they have ever attempted, thrown together, and then have hi hopes that sparks will ignite skyrockets In flight, afternoon delight. Yea…happens all the time, I’m sure of it.

Middle age women are usually one or two time losers, hoping the third time is the charm. Occasionally you will come across one that has never been married, but those scare the fxxk out of me. I mean what kind of woman gets through 20 or 25 years of prime dating time without ever getting married, especially if she doesn’t have kids. If you come across a good-looking, 40 year old babe, never married, turn around, don’t walk, run like a motherfxxker, you just met heartache, headache and head-case all in one. Run Forrest, run!

The third contestant in “The Dating Game” is… the widow. The widow is the most complicated. Depending on how far out she is form the tragic event, you just don’t know what you are getting in to. Hopefully you are not the “first” date for the merry widow.

My date tonight is from behind curtain number three, “The Widow”, Scrubby Del Rio, the wife of the late eternal optimist Frank Del Rio. Why the name “Scrubby”? I don’t know, I never asked. Of all the vomit inducing things Frank would say, Scrubby was pretty far down on the list.

Frank and Scrubby moved here from San Diego a few years ago. Frank was always fond of mentioning that “laid back San Diego attitude”. I always wondered why they left in the first place; maybe the trailer parks are cheaper in Ohio than California. Or maybe they just threw his a$$ out for being so dam annoying, who knows. But tonight I have a date with his widow and I’m kind of excited.

Scrubby is a diminutive blonde, barely over five foot tall. Not skinny but not heavy either, maybe a little stocky, but in a good way. She reminds me of 40-year-old cheerleader, small chest with strong legs, very strong, well-defined legs. She has that smooth, creamy skin tone that turns a wonderful shade of brown in the summer. And her smile, big white, unnaturally white, teeth. Yes, I’m looking forward to this.


Georges brother. Right on the target with one exception.Could you change the name of the widow? Here is why. A few decades back I was swinging & saw 1rst hand a lady that..ahem went by the name of Vanessa Del Rio. This women had an enormous appetite, and it wasn't food. You see by going with the name change you could satisfy me ..ahem again. In some small way you could help me go back in time. Yours randyWaynewest. p.s. thanks for the good vibe


Why so enraged? Did you not notice the spelling difference? Maybe you need your eyes checked....if you didn't see the difference that you shouldn't be driving . I'll help you for the last time. VanDelay (mine) Yours Vandalay. NOW PAY MORE ATTENTION!! I'm slow to anger , but you keep pushing my buttons! I really want to be + so I'll let this one go. Please have a happy, happy day. Oh, best wishes for a GREAT new year!