What’s The Social Cost To Being Positive?

Sue Daugherty
Mar 23, 2010


I’ve always found it interesting that it seems so easy for people to be/become negative, but it takes effort to be/become positive. I wonder why that is?

Negativity is such a magnet. Just look at how the Jerry Springer Show attracted such ratings. They interview people in chaos and bring all of their dirty laundry to life. The same applies with the Hollywood tabloids. Even newspapers. The more disasterous the headline, the more people read the paper.

I don’t get it. Negativity feels bad, and it produces little or nothing useful. Yet, negativity attracts others to join in the misery. And they do! There is a customer-base for those who want be negative. These people enthusiastically exchange negative stories, share their negative opinions via gossip and cause all who participate to wallow in their self-manufactured negative feelings. The truly amazing part to all of this is the minimal amount of effort that has to be invested to spread negativity far and wide because it’s so easily contagious.

So why doesn’t that occur with being positive? To be positive takes a conscious effort to be/become positive in your thoughts, your speech/interaction and your behavior. The strange part is that being positive creates an aura of hope and possibility -- and that feels good. Positive people are fun to be around. Being positive causes people to feel motivated, innovative, productive. Simply put, it makes happier people and that makes good things happen. So can anyone tell me why positive people, positive dialogue and positive news stories don’t outnumber the negative?

With the new year fast approaching, and difficulty surrounding us, what would happen if Americans came together at the local level and made a commitment to not let negative thoughts take the driver’s seat in 2009?  Better yet, what if Americans made a commitment to replace negativity by concentrating their thought/prayers, feelings, language and behavior on being positive – and bringing others into the fold by modeling this behavior? I’ll tell you what would happen: It would mean that we would have to watch less TV, limit what we read and listen to, change the type of things that we talk about and the way we spend our time and talents.

Wouldn’t it be cool if there was a community willing to make such a commitment?



It is 100% positive that the citizens of Sandusky would see bright new streets if the 10% Entertainment & Admissions Tax replaced the City Income Tax and the increased funding was restricted to street rebuilding until every street in Sandusky is freshly paved.


I believe it was self-help author Martin Seligman who once said that as a species it's possible that we may be genetically hard wired to be negative.

His thinking was that those of our early hominid ancestors who were fearful and careful tended to survive predators. Those who were positive and took risks became dinner.

Hence, the genes of the careful and fearful were passed on more so than the positive risk takers.

As a life game plan, I've tried to hope for the best, yet plan for the worst. So far, so good.


The first question is positive or negative about what? If being positive equates to not giving voice to the wrongs and injustices around us in an attempt to bring about change, then being positive becomes a negative act. If being positive means not confronting those who bring about those wrongs and injustices with the evils of their acts, then being positive itself becomes an evil. If being positive means standing idly by while our natural rights are violated, then we are doomed to slavery and servitude.

In these cases, and others, being negative is a virtue, rather than a vice.

And another thing, being negative is not something that a community can be. Only individuals can be positive or negative and a community is nothing more than a group of people who happen to live the same area.


A COMMUN8ITY IS A GROUP OF PEOPLE WITH A COMMON CULTURE. An optimistic culture is possible to propagate. No one has tried to create such a community culture that I know of.


The Amushunkwa Indians say the squirrel that hordes his nuts will spend his time waiting for the dark cloud, while the squirrel who shares his nuts with all will be happy every day... IMO


I have recently moved here and now I am asking myself why. This town, this paper, these bloggers are all very strange. The main theme seems to be bitterness, not a cool positive vibe like back home in San Diego. If We work together we can all accomplish one positive goal and make life better for all mankind. Back in San Diego we raised over $3200 for a family who was put out of their home due to the recent banking crisis. We also were able to deal with the local utilities to arrange payments on the bills. If you live in a positive state of mind then you can accomplish anything.


Welcome to Sandusky Frank, we need more people in this town with a cool positive attitude like they have in San Diego. Did you move here because Sandusky is right behind San Diego on the best places to retire list? That's cool if you did. I understand that San Diego has the largest Browns Backers club in the country, wouldn't it be cool if you started a San Diego Chargers Backers club here? Peace.


A traveler approached the gates of a city. He met the gatekeeper and asked, 'Are the people in this city friendly?'

The gatekeeper replied, 'How were the people where you came from?'

The traveler said, 'They were mean, cruel and nasty and that's why I left.'

The Gatekeeper said, 'Well that's the way you'll find the people in this city.'

The traveler turned and went away.

Later, another traveler approached the gatekeeper and asked, ''Are the people in this city friendly?'

Once again, the gatekeeper asked, "˜How were the people where you came from?'

The second traveler replied, "˜They were kind, considerate and very pleasant.'

The gatekeeper responded, 'Well that's the way you'll find the people in this city.'

The traveler entered the city.


In place of measuring the strength to a county based solely on its economy through its Gross Domestic Product (GDP), the Himalayan country of Bhutan has considered an index of Gross National Happiness (GNH).

Check it out:



I would like to answer the question Ms. Daugherty posed... "Wouldn't it be cool if there was a community willing to make such a comittment?

Answer: YES! IT WOULD BE VERY COOL!! All we need is a leader willing to take this challenge on. Someone who is a Dave Waddington type. Would your community have an public leader who would want to lead this movement of community optimism? (hhhhmmm.... I wonder?)

To do this would would take considerable effort & planning and constant leadership -- lots of leadership!! If someone would lead, I believe others would follow. As I see it, Obama's leadership style is one that is the epitome optimism.


Greetings everyone. Thank You for the kind words Brokeback Bill, very interesting thought but I really am not into football. I think community support of a common group is good, but I oppose the violence that football betrays. I think the idea of a GNH index is great. If the GNH is low we can rally together to bring the morale up. Getting the community involved boosts the morale of those who might night think of a community event can be fun and positive. Back in San Diego I was a member of the San Diego Spirit Squad, a group who took action cleaning up local parks and standing up for local animal rights. It was fun and had a positive impact on the community. Well I dont want to hog the blog so to speak so I will leave you with my Grandmother Ida's favorite saying, she was a neighborhood organizer in the San Diego area sewing blankets and baking pies for the less fortunate. "If we come together, together we become positive." Peace to all.


I just wanted to commend all the wonderfully positive feelings in this blog. I was a member of the 1986 company of Up with People that toured Japan for Coke. It is such a great buzz to be around so much happiness and joy. Everyone feeds off of it so way to go people. Even on this same website you can see what anger, resentment and pettiness can do to people, just read about the Marina District vs. CRG articles. What anger is filling that scene. Those people should read this blog for inspiration, yes, I would like to teach the world to sing! Peace and love to all over the holidays!


If I can contain myself from puking long enough from all this sappiness I will comment on the subject at hand. Welcome to town Mr. Del Reto, I want to start with saying this, get freakin real! Wake up and smell the coffee life is not a Candy Land game there are real problems and obstacles to overcome. We must first take care of ourselves in life and worry about lazy welfare, food stamp, handout wanting losers second. People may perceive me as negative but in all reality I just speak the truth. I dont just come on here like Jeff Crapbill kissing up to Sue or rambling on about nothing like Nick Whites blogs. I call out the Register, I challenge them to give me Art Vandalay my own blog. I will be honest, factual and to the point. I will actually bring realism to this blog not sappy crappy I love you, you love me sugary rabble. Some people may not like my honesty and integrity and may disagree like Rick Studer who couldnt even pen the description on a shoe box or Nick White who couldnt even write directions on how to boil water but oh well only the strong survive.


When I lived in Chicago, I once worked for a company that had a branch office in San Diego.

While riding in an elevator with a couple of the partners, I overheard one of the gentlemen who lived in San Diego comment to the other who was a Chicago resident about Chicago's often frigid and in climate weather.

The Chicago partner said, "˜Yes. We like it that way; it helps to keep the "˜undesirables' out.'

Housing is extremely expensive in San Diego and has more than its share of those "˜undesirables.'

There are always trade-offs aren't there? Enjoy the winter weather. Welcome to Sandusky.

Reads like you're volunteering as a local community organizer. You've got my vote for the position.


Iificould techone thingoff thispage I t would be artv.............. hes and idiot he sholdhave his but kiked


Yes, it takes effort to be positive. Why, I don't know for sure.
This effort to be positive has a very big pay-off.
Most of the time, it's your mind that stresses you out.
One moment you might be worrying about the future,(and you're lost in a reverie filled with hope and fear) the next you might be obsessed with the past.(and you're overcome with regret and self-recrimionation).
You are not your thoughts or feelings. If you keep an open mind, surround yourself with positive thinking...(it might be difficult at first) you start thinking about postive things more and more...
You can train your mind to be more positive..
Positive thinking doesn't mean you can't disagree with something...
Life is 10% what happens to you, and 90% how you react to it.


CM, Jeff, Frank Del Rio, Brokeback Bill... It looks like the something good may be brewing!!!! :)-- Sue

PS -- "Never doubt that a group of THOUGHTFUL, COMMITTED citizens can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has. (a quote from Margaret Mead.)


Imnot belivin u cutmeandleft artvin
Heisveryngativ with vrything hesay s


Sue give up on these dirty nasty old people. Just shut up with your simpering candy coated nonsense.


Excellent post, Sue! This is exactly what the world needs more of. I agree that it would be wonderful for a community group to meet with this intention.


Hi everyone, thank you Sue and Frank for the nice thoughts. This week's blog has had a wonderfully cool vibe about it. Maybe Frank woke us all up with his first post, I don't know, but it happened. So thanks again Frank.

I think we could all agree the an altruistic attitude is what is required to benefit our fellow man and in the long run even benefit ourselves. Not everyone can go out and be a community activist. Some have time constraints, others have lack of resources or the knowledge to take this on or perhaps some are just not capable of doing something of this magnitude. What I would like to do is challenge everyone to try and make a difference in one person's life, just one of the fellow human beings that cross your path everyday. Maybe buy them a meal, give them a ride, give them old pair of gloves, something that might make a difference in their life for the better. Just think if everyone did one little thing for someone. Give it a try.

Some of you long time readers might have made a connection with the poster known as BLACKJACK and myself. I've know him for a long time. I've taken it upon myself to get him help with his anger issues. Recently we got some medication and I think it is helping a little. We've even talked of him getting his GED so maybe the next year holds some good things for him. I suggest all of you find your own BLACKJACK to help. It feels pretty good. Peace.


Wow I'm so excited it seems like we have all banded together great job everybody. It reminds me of back in San Diego when me and the neighbors helped out one Christmas at the local homeless shelter serving food for the less fortunate. We banded to help who needed it and it brought a little moment of hope and a glimmer of joy to those folks. I am seeing a brighter more positive attitude and its great. Great job Sue, Bill and all those who have helped make this a better place for you, me, my 2 children and the community in general. Peace to all and remember "If we come together, together we become positive."


Great here comes the vw microbus, flowers,tie dyed, leisure suits,bellbottompants crowd again. Peace and love from Haight Ashbury


For yrs., I've known someone who has often been called a "˜Pollyanna.'

In a popular context, the term is usually used to describe someone exhibiting naí¯ve optimism.

Though I knew this person as someone with an often-positive outlook, I did not see this person as someone with an excessively optimistic personality.

So, being the incorrigible student that I am, I bought and read a copy of the book, "˜Pollyanna.'

In a nutshell:

The character practiced what she called, "˜The Glad Game.' Even in the worst of situations, if one searches hard enough, one will find something to be glad about.

See: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pol...

If you don't care or have time to read the book, the Walt Disney movie follows the story line well.

And yes, this person is a "˜Pollyanna,' in the "˜true' sense.


Also, if you haven't seen the movie, "˜Bridge to Tarabitha.' Rent it and watch it.

The previews presented it as a kind of "˜Chronicles of Narnia' knock-off. It is not.

It's a "˜sweet' coming of age movie that gushes positivism.


The way I see it, the problem with positivism is like a lot of change that we desire.

We tend to want the world to change, but we don't want to make the effort to change ourselves. Therein I believe lays the meat of the issue.

IMO, change like motivation comes from within oneself.

As some humorist once said:

The meek will inherit the Earth after the aggressive people have killed each other off.

"˜Road House' was on TNT yesterday. I love that movie and have seen it dozens of times. Pardon me; I gotta go practice my kickboxing...


HERE'S MY QUESTION: If there are people out there who like this idea of creating a positive community...What's doable? In other words, what do you think it would it take for a local community to begin a movement that would result in a community culture of optimism?

What do you think the "first step" should be to initiate this process? And how many people would it take to complete the "first step"?


Greetings everyone. To answer your question Gulliver it just takes one person with a positive mind and determination to inspire a whole group. Back in San Diego my wife and I helped an elderly lady that wanted to do something about her decaying neighborhood. We helped her paint, fix up the outside of her home and landscape. She was pleased with the result when slowly other neighbors took her example and fixed up their property. Within a year the neighborhood had transformed into a beautiful place to live and be proud of. The residents celebrated by throwing a street fair to show off the new face of the community. While at the celebration I saw the elderly lady that had started it all, she was standing there with tears in her eyes. I asked her what was wrong, and she replied nothing that she was crying because she thought she would never see her neighborhood return to its former glory and she wished her late husband was still here to see it. We shared a hug and I started to cry as I realized how much this determined lady had accomplished with a positive attitude and a little bit of faith in her fellow residents. I hope this gives a little insight on what you can accomplish when you put a positive mind to it. Remember "If we come together, together we become positive."

Rick Studer

Being that we are all Americans it is our manifest destiny to arrive at the same conclusion together. Whether you choose to travel with a smile or a frown (or in ignorance as Jeff would) it makes no difference, our final location is predetermined.


Ok I have had it. This blog has been invaded by hippies and unrealistic freaks. These flower power positive pot heads have taken over a serious blog. This blog is for serious honest discusion not some twisted smoked up non realistic pot views. You know Frank you say back in San Diego, you know what Frank i wish you were back in San Diego. Your blogs are so sappy and sugary its digusting. Your fruity talk makes you sound like you are from San Francisco not San Diego. Oh wait Brokeback Bill and Crackjack seem to have taken a shine to you, so maybe its true you live that freak ammoral lifestyle. Get your fruity self into reality, life isnt a bed of roses. Jeff Crapbill may i ask what you are rambling on about? Do you just blog comment to say oh Im special I can blog on one of the worst blogs in media history. Speaking of blogs, still no answer to my request for my own blog. Perhaps they fear Art Vandalay will actually cover the real topics and speak the real truth not report on duck derbys or making the headline about stupid bike shows. Oh I forgot one thing Del Reto get bent. Del Reto I am positve about one thing, Im positive my foot is going to meet your sugary rear. Get realistic.


oooooooh yummy master studer is back. master studer i missed you, may i take you to dinner and a dungeoun nite at cleveland leather next saturday nite?


What you may be seeking is "Social Networking". This goes on all of the time in the business world.

Not applicable to everyone, but since most people don't have a clear vision or direction, their initial response to different situations may be to sort out the negatives first, from the positives.

Negativity is infectious and habit-forming, and it's easier than it's opposite. In a way though, it serves a purpose only if brought about with diplomacy and accuracy, and only to improve situations. It takes work and a thorough thought process to put a positive spin on things.

Both are choices. If you choose to do so, surround yourself with those whom you consider to be positive thinkers and think a bit more before you make comments. And if you smile alot, people will wonder why you're so happy, or they'll wonder what is wrong with you. The later comes from up-bringing, IMO.

One more thing...I'm just glad and grateful to be here today to be able to make a comment. And I'm glad and grateful that I am a citizen of this wonderful country.

For more "positive" aspects on your daily life, visit www.motivationinaminute.com You can sign up for their free daily newsletter, and at no cost.

Slight correcton on the movie title below...it's "Bridge to Terabithia", and it is worth the mention...a very good movie. Maybe Rick and Art can rent it, since there are "negative" tones (without the diplomacy) in their comments.

Rick Studer

Jeff... Manswer? Is that what you are calling it now?

Just curious, do you ever tire of hearing "That manswer is unacceptable"?

Enjoy your manswer Jeff, self-fulfillment is the true path to happiness; ask any of your past paramours.

Positively Best Wishes,


P.S., please refrain from lumping me in with that half-wit.

P.P.S., while I have your attention Jeff, I wanted to let you know I'm putting you in my book. I haven't decided if you'll be the stowaway who hangs on the bottom of the pop-up camper from Sandusky to New Mexico or the eccentric "bat-man" who hangs upside down with the bats in Carlsbad Caverns. Any input?


Manswer wrote: "˜And if you smile a lot, people will wonder why you're so happy, or they'll wonder what is wrong with you. The later comes from up-bringing, IMO.'

Your point reminds me of my "˜Pollyanna' that I described earlier.

She told me that once when someone was commenting on her positive nature erroneously asked her what kind of medication she was on.

Better positivism through chemistry? Shades of Aldous Huxley's "˜perfect' drug, soma!


Mr. Studer: Still living with your parents eh?


Maybe I could feel more positive if your negative thinking live-in boyfriend and his buddies would quit trying to kill Sandusky with their opposition to the Marina District! Have a nice day!


Why don't you just get a job already? This is a positive blog, we don't need your negativity here. Have a nice day (off). LOL!


Hey, I am POSITIVELY not NEGATIVE. I have positive hopes for the future of Sandusky, as opposed to Mr. Norman. Thank you and good day.


You have no say in this. You do not have a job, therefore you pay no taxes, therefore no say so in what happens. As I said before, get a job.


How do you know anything about "hmmmm"?
Just because they disagree with you, you say they don't have a job? You are lame.Grow up.


Well the time has come for the truth speakers to take back this blog from the candy coated do-gooders. Jeff Crapbill you are a hypocrite. You posted under a fake name promoting be positive but yet under your real name your true colors come out as you instantly attack Rick Studer as soon as he appears. Dont get me wrong I cant stand him myself, but unlike you I dont have to hide behind false identities to munipulate the blog and peoples opinion. I have no qualms about telling my opinion, which is the fact. Thats why once again I challenge The Register to give me, Art Vandalay my own blog. I also want to say due to the fact the Sandusky Register sometimes deletes my comments because they are afraid of the truth, I may be posting blogs also on my myspace page. You can find me on myspace at artv44870, send me a message if you want me to start posting my blog on there as well, free from the control of this newspaper which is afraid of the truth. Since the blog is about positive things, I must say the most positive thing that has happened on here is that we havent heard from that sappy Frank Del Reto, hopefully he went back to San Diego.

Rick Studer

Finally... the blog has returned to normal. Jeff has embarrassed himself again..., now with both of his personalities. Art has proven once again that his head is half empty, or should I say half full. Our new friends the "hmmm pas" are bickering and we even have a Mr. Foam sighting. Yes, all is right in the world.

To our Friend Hokie Pokie Jeff

You put your manswer in
You take your manswer out
You put your manswer in
And you shake it all about
You do the hokie pokie
And you turn yourself around.
That's what it's all about



Because i know, that's why. Stay out of it.


It's beautiful outside. Cuddle up with your loved ones, watch a good movie and be happy you are alive...Make the best out of life, it's to short..enjoy it.
Merry Christmas!!!!!!!!

P.S. Be wise and pick your battles, most of the time it's not worth it. Remember only 10% in life happens to you, 90% is how you react to it.


It is a hard world to get a break in, all the good things have been taken. That being stated I still believe in the Golden Rule. I also believe in turning the tables on people who give out the rules and expect others to follow them. This isn't 1950 anymore. The world really is colder & harder. Divorce is a great indicator of this. Pick your friends carefully. Overlook others faults - knowing that you have your own. No one is perfect. Do what you can with what you got. Apologize if you are wrong....do so as soon as you realize your error. (Those that are educated and or have authority have a big problem with this one). Realize that we come into this world with nothing & leave the same way.


Clark back at helm of Sandusky NAACP:

Did we notice that this article run yesterday didn't leave an option to write anything? Another one of the RAGISTER'S ploys to control. I say everyone cut and paste this on all the blogs and we can comment on it from each blog. Let's see if they will disable all the blogs. Why bother to write the article on the blogs when you disable the comment section. If you are going to pitch MATT you have to be willing to catch!!!


With all the negativity being posted, I was a little skeptical about ever posting on the blog again. I decided not to let a few bad apples ruin the whole barrel. I thought to myself maybe with my example I could help guide the negatives into becoming positives. With a little determination and will power we can change for the better. Back in San Diego my wife and I discovered upon a homeless Jack Russell Terrier. We quickly to the dog to our vet who very graciously agreed to check the dog out although it was after hours and he was on his own time. He determined the dog was severly malnourished and gave the dog the proper medicine to help him get his strength back. The vet said there probably wasn't much hope for the dog and said he wasn't going to charge us for the services and medicine because the outlook didn't look good. My wife and I insisted on paying and told the doc to stay positive because we belived the little guy would make it. Several days passed by and slowly the dog got better, and eventually he made a full recovery. My wife and my determination gave that little dog the hope and determination to recover. In recalling that incident in my life it gave me the hope and determination to help the blog become a better and more positive place. I wish you all safe and happy holidays, and remember "If we come together, together we become positive."


Thanks, Frank on behalf of many, I'm sure. Don't let the three or four stooges on here put a damper on your spirits. The reason they're on here is to gain attention by plucking each other's feathers and to be blatantly disrespectful to Ms. Daugherty's ideas and efforts. She has already asked them kindly to leave on a prior post, but they have impolitely implanted themselves again on her blog, only to place each other on the whipping post. One even commented, "The Blog has returned to Normal", while insulting other posters. You would think that men in their 40's and 50's would eventually grow up and show some respect, but in this case, there apparently is no hope. Ignore these clowns and keep the positive attitude, everyone. And to all, a very "Merry Christmas", knuckleheads included.

Rick Studer

Nice story Frank. It reminds me of a little dog I had, a terrier. He came up to our house, apparently abandoned, but obviously suffering from malnutrition. We nurtured him back to health and vitality giving him a lot of love and kindness and of course food. My wife at the time even cooked for him, in fact he ate better than I did (which isn't saying much, my ex was a terrible cook). But the point is, here is something that needed help and by others giving of themselves Jimmie got a second chance at life and I think that is your message. So thanks Frank.

(On a sad note, Jimmie had a housebreaking issue that I couldn't solve so I had him euthanized, but I don't think that distracts from the point I was trying to make.)


Rickie,rickie,rick. Merry Christmas to all.


@rick struder

Not to be negative, but did you euthanized Jimmie because of a housebreaking issue?..That's sad, and it does distract from your point...
Merry Christmas

Rick Studer

I just wanted to say Merry Christmas and have a Wonderful New Year to all the bloggers. There seems to be lot of criticism directed at the "comments" in all the blogs carried on the Register website lately. I think the level of thought and detail that goes in to this particular blog are head and shoulders above all the others. Whether you seek fact or fiction, humor, maturity or immaturity, this blog has it all. Now I must go and let Jimmie out before he pees on my pillow again. (I will give that dog needle)

P.S. Mick, we'll talk later...


To the person who poorly posted while mocking me, you better stop. I will sue you for defamation of character so fast your head will spin. I am a serious blogger and I don't need a dimwitted imbosol like you dragging my name and reputation through the mud. So I am telling you right now dont ever do it again, or you will regret it. Now as far as Mick, I would like to say Mick you have no right to talk. I say that because once again we have a person preaching the positive wholesome angle but yet you call certain bloggers immature and knuckleheads. How are you being positive? With your shady side talking you have just exposed yourself, you are obviously a republican . If you dont want to hear the realistic view on life then go somewhere else. Contrary to what you believe, everything isn't always coming up roses sometimes its nothing but fertilizer. Get realistic and oh yes you can take your lips off of Ms. Daugherty's rear anytime now.


No names were ever mentioned in my prior post, in the hopes that those referenced would self-identify by including my name in one of their own returned, negative posts. Well done, men. Two down and two to go. Have a positively nice day, everyone!


Here Mick goes again with the insults. Well sir let me tell you something, like I said before life isnt negative or positive, its real its harsh its creul with a little happiness thrown in every once in awhile just to mix it up. Thats the reality bub. Ask all the auto workers who are losing their jobs because people like you want to buy piece of crap foriegn cars and stupid crappy trinkets from Wal-Mart. How do you think they feel they may lose their house or dont know if they will have any money to put food on the table. I know Mick, maybe you can feed them a few slices of your positive pie I'm sure that will fill their bellies. They have no time for you, or Frank Del Reto's game playing posts, they only have time to be realistic and wonder how their real lives will turn out, not this unrealistic positive fake candy crap attitude of some the posters on this blog.


Life is life..it's all what you make out of it, you know! Let's see, did yu read the stories about the people that went thru the depression? Seems like they survived it just fine..without all the material things that we think we need.
Life is not fair, but do you really think that being negative about it, is going to make it any better. I don't think so.
So, you can sit and feel sorry for yourself, stuff yourself with all the anger until you blow...or maybe, just maybe do something about it..the choice is yours...you have to live with it.


Positivism: When life gives you lemons you make lemonade.

When times are good, being mentally positive is easy and often stupidly simple.

When life has been difficult, I have often needed to remind myself of the mock Latin phrase:


(If you don't know the phrase, Google it and then emblazon the translation upon your mind.)

Rick Studer

Hey, since this blog seems to be abandoned by the blogstress, she hasn't been around for three weeks now, (anyone else notice that), I thought I would post these. I wrote these last year for an "on the wagon" New Years Eve party. Since its New Years again I'll share and also remind everyone not to drink and drive.

You might have a consumption issue:

If when you buy your new car down at the "Buy Here, Pay Here", instead of a temporary tag, the salesman just sticks on a new yellow license plate.

You might have a consumption issue:

The local bums keep breaking in to your car to salvage the aluminum cans.

You might have a consumption issue:

If your riding lawnmower is the only one in the neighborhood with its own yellow license plate.

You might have a consumption issue:

If you are banned from your local Irish pub because you're giving Irish drunks a bad name.

You might have a consumption issue:

If you are going to communion services for the wine and crackers, even though you're not a Catholic. And then you tell your friends that you found this new bar and that the portions are small but the waiters are "off the hook".

You might have a consumption issue:

The gay guy at work swears there is a picture of you on the wall of his favorite bar. You're shirtless, holding a shot glass in each eye, being hugged by a tall black guy. The caption reads "Love, Batman and Space Dork"

You might have a consumption issue:

When you take a shower you notice you're a$$ is tanned darker than your legs.

You might have a consumption issue:

Some kid at Wal Mart says "Look mommy, its Space Dork, from the playground".

You might have a consumption issue:

Everyone knows you by your first name at the liquor store. "NORM!!"

You might have a consumption issue:

You're working at retail and NOT thinking about a career change.

And finally, You might have a consumption issue:

If every morning when you wake up, the first thing you say is, "why the hell am I at this Beth chicks house".


What is there left to be positive about?
No jobs, homes lost, $11 trillion debt,
government doesn't listen to the people,
young people have no respect or manners,
war in Iraq...... never mind, gasoline is down. But then again, my car broke down and no money to repair it so I don't need the cheap gas now. Never mind.


Gray skies are gonna clear up ! Put on a happy face!


Nice change of attitude Art. I'm sure Ms. Daugherty would approve!

Well done, one down and three to go. Have a positively nice day, everyone!


This crap is going to stop. I demand to know who is using my name in vain. Sue either you stop this person from posting under my name or you and The Register will also be named in the lawsuit. I post my realistic views on here and now I am being mocked by a fraud. Point blank do something before I do.


Hey Art,

Take a breather or a shot of Jack Daniels. You should know by now that anyone can hijack your name here. Go onto the Forums and register your name so nobody can hijack it. How can you file a lawsuit? You will only waste your time and money. I myself drink vodka when I get all out of sorts. I don't think that you are being mocked. All that you have to do is state that a certain comment is not attibuted to your name. That is one reason why I refuse to use my real name here. But then, what do I know as I am just a grumpy old fart.


Wow buddy, do you need a hug? Perhaps you are a bit constipated? Maybe you should get an enema. You could also try breathing exercises and a bit more fiber in your diet. Before you know it, you'll be able to squeeze that turd right out.

Seriously though, calm down, it's high strung people like you that end up in the news dressing up like santa and going on killing sprees. Just relax.


Alcoholic beverage preference: In vino veritas

With the constant drumbeat of all the lousy economic news, few may have noticed that the broad index of all U.S. stocks, The Wilshire 5000 is up 17% from its late Nov. lows.

Since around the first of Nov., I've been shoveling a bit of cash into domestic and foreign stocks, at a time when many individual investors have been fleeing in mass from those markets.

To be a contrarian investor ya gotta be positive as well as putting one's money where one's optimism lies.

"˜To buy when others are despondently selling and to sell when others are avidly buying requires the greatest fortitude and pays the greatest ultimate rewards.'

- Sir John Templeton

Who's the richest man in the world? Warren Buffett. How did Mr. Buffett become the richest man in the world? Investing. Go and do likewise.


Monty Python - Always Look on the Bright Side of Life:


Io Saturnalia!


An imposter posted under my name at 11:11 p.m. on December 27th. Whoever is doing this, please stop. And for those giving free investment advice and opinions, is this particular blog really the place for that? What's good for one person may not be good for others. This debate should be discussed on another blog in the future.


One other point, I'm sure Ms. Daugherty would not approve of what is going on in her blog. In addition, I almost forgot, Have a positively nice day, everyone!


People, have we all forgot the lesson of the warrior snail and the banjo mite?


Once again, an imposter posted under my name at 12:01 p.m. on December 28th. Whoever is doing this, please, please, stop. It is so hard to be positive with the stooges in this blog, but don't worry Ms. Daugherty, I'm better than they are!


Mick (or an 'imposter') wrote:

'And for those giving free investment advice and opinions, is this particular blog really the place for that?'

Why not? With the overwhelming preponderance of negative economic news, you don't view putting one's money where one's mouth is as positive? I'd call it darn optimistic.

Loosen up friend. It's in the face of adversity where ya really find out if you're really and truly positive.

If you fold like a cheap lawn chair in the face of some of the clowns on this blog, can you really refer to yourself as positive? This is a pillow fight compared to the 'real world.'

Rick Studer

As some of you know I'm writing a book and the book includes a few of our bloggers, primarily Art Vandalay and in a "hanging role", Jeff. I've decided to also include eternal optimist Frank DeRio. Listed below is a small excerpt that introduces Frank. I hope you enjoy...

I hate fxxking dates now that I'm middle aged. I mean, what's the fxxking point. One pathetic soul who has failed at every relationship they have ever attempted, meets another pathetic soul who has failed at every relationship they have ever attempted, thrown together, and then have hi hopes that sparks will ignite skyrockets In flight, afternoon delight. Yea...happens all the time, I'm sure of it.

Middle age women are usually one or two time losers, hoping the third time is the charm. Occasionally you will come across one that has never been married, but those scare the fxxk out of me. I mean what kind of woman gets through 20 or 25 years of prime dating time without ever getting married, especially if she doesn't have kids. If you come across a good-looking, 40 year old babe, never married, turn around, don't walk, run like a motherfxxker, you just met heartache, headache and head-case all in one. Run Forrest, run!

The third contestant in "The Dating Game" is... the widow. The widow is the most complicated. Depending on how far out she is form the tragic event, you just don't know what you are getting in to. Hopefully you are not the "first" date for the merry widow.

My date tonight is from behind curtain number three, "The Widow", Scrubby Del Rio, the wife of the late eternal optimist Frank Del Rio. Why the name "Scrubby"? I don't know, I never asked. Of all the vomit inducing things Frank would say, Scrubby was pretty far down on the list.

Frank and Scrubby moved here from San Diego a few years ago. Frank was always fond of mentioning that "laid back San Diego attitude". I always wondered why they left in the first place; maybe the trailer parks are cheaper in Ohio than California. Or maybe they just threw his a$$ out for being so dam annoying, who knows. But tonight I have a date with his widow and I'm kind of excited.

Scrubby is a diminutive blonde, barely over five foot tall. Not skinny but not heavy either, maybe a little stocky, but in a good way. She reminds me of 40-year-old cheerleader, small chest with strong legs, very strong, well-defined legs. She has that smooth, creamy skin tone that turns a wonderful shade of brown in the summer. And her smile, big white, unnaturally white, teeth. Yes, I'm looking forward to this.


Georges brother. Right on the target with one exception.Could you change the name of the widow? Here is why. A few decades back I was swinging & saw 1rst hand a lady that..ahem went by the name of Vanessa Del Rio. This women had an enormous appetite, and it wasn't food. You see by going with the name change you could satisfy me ..ahem again. In some small way you could help me go back in time. Yours randyWaynewest. p.s. thanks for the good vibe


Why so enraged? Did you not notice the spelling difference? Maybe you need your eyes checked....if you didn't see the difference that you shouldn't be driving . I'll help you for the last time. VanDelay (mine) Yours Vandalay. NOW PAY MORE ATTENTION!! I'm slow to anger , but you keep pushing my buttons! I really want to be + so I'll let this one go. Please have a happy, happy day. Oh, best wishes for a GREAT new year!