Leaving the Comfort Zone

Sue Daugherty
Mar 23, 2010


I find it interesting that even though people are unhappy with their circumstances, they stay there. (I’m referring to circumstances BEFORE the recent economic downturn.)

It is my hypothesis that people “stay put” because it provides them with comfort. You see, current circumstances are predictable, even if they are unpleasant. In the end you know what to expect in your unhappy circumstances. There are no surprises. And that, in itself, provides a degree of comfort.

Few people enjoy the unknown. I believe that is why people remain where they are even when they are discontented.

Think about it: How many people have you known (again, I’m referring to BEFORE the recent economic downturn) who stayed with a job they hated. Why? I’m willing to bet that much of the reason is because the alternative provided too many unknowns, i.e., the gamble of having to move, the possibility of having to sell your house and find another, the “what ifs” that go along with having to do a job that is different from what you are use to, the chance of not liking the new job any better than the old one, the possibility of not knowing as much as you need to know to do the new job well and the question of -- Will you have to disrupt the  family lifestyle and routine if you take a new job? 

Leaving your comfort zone brings with it the risk of having to live a life filled with what is not familiar.

I wonder what our society would be like if we embraced the unfamiliar and looked forward to leaving our comfort zone. (Easier said than done, that I know!) What do you think?



Hey everybody! I was back home in San Diego for the holidays so I did not have a chance to check out the blogs. I'm back here in my new home and I hope everybody had a great holiday season. Sue, once again you have come up with an excellent topic. Back in San Diego, my wife's brother had been working a job as a tax auditor for over 18 years. One day my brother-in-law confided to my wife and I that he was bored and wanted a change but was afraid to take a risk for fear of losing everything he worked for. My wife and I told him we would be there to support him no matter what the outcome. He took a risk and decided to open a small sporting goods store. It was slow at first but it eventually grew and grew. Now my brother-in-law is the proud owner of 7 very popular stores. The little idea he was afraid to try has grown and he couldn't be happier with the career path he took. My point, is that sometimes we may be afraid to take one small step that may end up resulting in one giant leap of success. Hopefully with the right support and positive attitude, those that are scared to take the risk can realize anything can be accomplished. Let me leave you with this, if we find our own inner happiness we can pass along the courage and support to help others find theirs. Be safe and remember "If we come together, together we become positive.


MY REPLY TO MICK: Exactly what God is George W praying to...? Clearly, it's the wrong God, if you beleve his prayers are are steering him in the right direction.


how do you know YOU are not praying to the wrong GOD...
As a president you have to make desisions, these desisions are based on information from others. There is no room for "Monday Morning Quarterback".
Were mistakes made? Of course...tell me ONE president(PERSON) that hasn't made them.
But that's not what this blog is about.

As for sue's question,
I've moved at least 10 times (military) in my life. I had several jobs/careers etc..I'm done moving, changing jobs
Maybe it's the age thing...lol..When I was younger it was a lot easier to pack up, move the whole family and try to see if there's a better life out there. I have come to the conclusion that life is what you make out of it. Our "dream" was to have a family, house, dogs and the white picket fence. We worked very hard, working jobs we weren't really crazy about to forfill our dream..never forgetting the importance of spending quality time with each other.We were never rich ($$$$), but at the end of the day we ARE rich, because we have each other..for better or worse...


Off the subject for a moment and onto the subject of misrepresentation, the person signing in as Mick is an imposter on this blog (all of the last blog and most of the one prior to that)...a spineless and gutless man who gives himself permission to make comments on such subjects as religion and education, under the name of others. Don't buy it, Ms. Daugherty..he's just trying to retaliate for getting busted as one of the idiots on here who are trying to ruin your blog. Have they succeeded? Looks like it! Our community could use the comments of other boomers and seniors, and they should feel comfortable in giving their much needed insight and input on what are some very important topics. But now, no one's comments can be trusted as their own. Requesting that the SR flag these imposter posts for removal from the blog, immediately. A legitimate email address should certainly be a requirement to post comments on these blogs. The SR could at least monitor the imposters and the situation.

Rick Studer

To Fraud Warning:

I too have been the victim of a name squatter. May I suggest you develop a body of work in the Blog, then others will recognize you by your writing. When the fake "Rick Studers" tried to infringe on my brand I countered with superior thinking, spelling and punctuation, it then became obvious who the real frauds were.

Currently you are only known as a lecherous complainer in the Blog. May I suggest you cull together some coherent thinking on one of the subjects, leave out the hectoring, and participate with the rest of the readers. Thinking will set you free!



People in Sandusky complain of no good paying jobs here.You say,they don't want to leave the comfort zone and I say they are chickens,no gonads.I left for the west coast 30 years ago,made my fortune and moved back here to be close to family again.I now have all the money I need to carry me to my end.A few people can get rich in Sandusky if your part of the (city rulers club)the rest have got to leave to make your fortune,it's not here in Sandusky.Go West,Go West.


Why is it that alot of the ELDERLY of ERIE COUNTY can no longer AFFORD to ride the SENIOR BUS? An elderly friend of ours that use to take the Senior Bus to her Doctors, hairdressers(mall),pharmacy, and grocery store can no longer AFFORD to ride the bus!! Since there was a $1.50 PER way fee added to the ERIE COUNTY SENIOR TRANSPORTATION, she has to rely on friends or just not go!! This is a tragedy as I know that the Senior Center as well as the GOV'T is helping to support this program! Most of the ELDERLY cannot afford to use STS or the local TAXI services and now the SENIOR BUS has been ripped away from them! Please, DO NOT TELL US the old gas cost! When the price of gas went down, the cost to ride stayed. I know for a fact the drivers are not paid any kind of money, my hubby quit because he'd spend 14 hours on the bus and was only paid for maybe 5 or 6 hours. I know that it's not for great upkeep on the buses, again because my hubby drove them and there was constant problems! So, please tell me why are we leaving our elderly with NO TRANSPORTATION! Of course we could give them all their licenses back and a car to drive!!


It is very annoying listening to this heckler who claims some nonsense about people being imposters. It is obvious that no one is using a legal name in the comments. I use Mick because it is my first name. Actually, my birth name is Mickey but as I've aged I've felt that Mick has a pleasant tone to it. Plus I don't get the Mickey Mouse jokes! LOLIf that offends the imposter then please accept my sorrow for your situation. May I suggest some time reflecting about the meaning of your life with a higher power. To Gulliver, there is only one God. I pray you aren't a Scientologist or something odd like that. I do agree about registering for comments, something should be done about abuse. My email is "Micklifeisaright@yahoo.com. Send me an email if you want to get involved in abortion protest.I also get model airplane inquiries at this address if anyone is a modeler!


Listen Mr. Mick, I take offense at your comment because unlike others I have the nads to use my real name. It really fries my bacon that people come on here using another person's identity to post comments because they are so scared and weak to use their real name. Once again I'm forced to agree with Studer that the proof is in the pudding. Read a real Art V. post and you know its me, I tell the truth and realistic views on all subjects and take no crap from anyone. Even though this excuse for bird cage lining of a newspaper occasionally deletes some of my posts because they are scared of the truth. Besides Mick we know you are an imposter anyway, go back to your own crappy written Register blog Nick and stop trying to get attention in Sues.


The Amushunkwa Indians believe the true path of wisdom and self fulfillment points to the human, not away from him. Some follow the path to leave and wander. The Amushunkwa follow the path within that leads to growth and wisdom.


Well...there you go again. (Ron Reagan drawl). Before anyone complains again notice how my name is spelled. This fact has been stated before. As Garrison Keller stated, "you know what burns my bacon." Well what burns mine is old grumpy people getting mad over nothing more than the way my name is spelled. I'm hard baby...real hard!! (george costanza)


To the Van Delay formerly know as Jeff. Just curious Jeff, is your new moniker a tribute to former roach gladiator/congressman/hot tub drunk, Texan Tom Delay or is it just a nod to erectile dysfunction, the bane of a certain blogger's existence?

To Vandalay ground zero, may I suggest you use your IQ as your "handle". 22 is short an sweet, like your nemesis Jeff, it also has a nice Star Trek/Get Smart quality to it which you should appreciate, so try it out! Have a spiffy day 22!

Rick Studer

My appolizes to all the "Micks", "Mick number 4 was me". That was too much fun! :)


Biff!!! (This like the original Batman) Blapht!!!! He sternly gazes at him and speaks, I've ran out of patience with you!

Rick Studer

People are creations of evolution. Today, instead of a safe cave, we find a "safe" home and because it is natural to us, we tend to stay there. No matter how complicated people try to make things people are really quite simple. They seek shelter, food and fornication. Anything else one does is superfluous and is probably done in the pursuit of one of the afore mentioned three things.

Therefore, my "hypothesis" is that we are genetically predisposed to stay in our nest, collect our eggs and fornicate, if we are lucky. The risk taker is in actuality an abnormality possibly destined for great rewards, more likely destined for failure.

Here's a poem I wrote awhile back, I think it's apropos to the current topic.

The Grate

Snow blows and winds howl,
night turns dark and cold.
Stars in sky, a blackened void unfolds.
Scarves wrap round the whiskers of a twice unshaven face.
Bent and trembling man stares down at shoe and lace.
This time, this man, this disgrace,
finds himself among the trash and
leaves, this life to derogate.
This man of little consequence, lying on the grate.
All around life is moving, filling the streets with sound.
This man of luck gone wrong,
huddled on the ground.
While man can walk, talk boastful and loud.
Every man can find himself huddled in
this worn, abandoned shroud.
We fill are day with thoughts of riches
Life and love abound.
We never see the path we're walking.
Laid beside the ditches,
filled with bodies left abandoned,
by the men who all where proud.


Rick have you forgotten my previous post about Vanessa Del Rio? My face is always in the wind. Learned to go against the grain since I was a child. (So much more fun) You see I'm no bodies slave & no bodies master. Stride upright-stride true- keep walking firm,& true. (To-da-lou) SPALTT!!!!!

Rick Studer

First off Jeff, I'm tenebrous not SPALTT!!!!! (sic), (splalt) (no bodies?, How about nobodies?)

You seem awful spry this week Jeff, did you find a nickel on the sidewalk?

Vanessa Del Rio? Rick Studer does not write porno. I would have thought twice if you had said Christy Canyon, but ultimately I would have still declined.


I am saying it for the last time I am real, my name is real and I am fed up with the mockers. You childish piece of dung Mick, V.D. Lay, Jeff Crapbill or whomever better stop. Last warning STOP!!!!! Its jackasses like you that are ruining this blog. If you want to be an idiot post under you own identity instead of using someone else to take the fall. These dolt Register readers are to moronic to realize the difference between me and your stupid mockery of me. And to Sue Im glad you will allow someone to mock me and leave their comments up but you waste no time on deleting mine which are real points of view and realistic observations.


Well gosh golly gee I guess things are gettin a litte crazy in here.


Shakespeare said it best: "Frailty, thy name is women." In your case Vanity, they name is Rick." Oh, please stop wearing the shako. Not only is it out of date, but you never served either.

Rick Studer

Shako? Oh... your word of the day, or should I say your "phallic" word of the day. How short must you be... I would imagine your ole' mum dressed you up as Napoleon every Halloweenie. Do you still have your own shako?


What is wrong? Male implant falter or fail? Maybe you are a TV.