Dare to be different -- dance!

Sue Daugherty
Mar 23, 2010


If you still haven't made your New Year's resolution yet, it's not too late.

I've got a suggestion.

Resolve to meet new people and learn how to ballroom dance in the process. I'm not talking about that freestyle, shake-your-booty-anyway-you-want to type of dancing. I mean dancing like "Dancing with the Stars" type of dancing!

There's a new game in town (so-to-speak) that wants to help you do this, it's called the local chapter of USA Dance, and they invite anyone to join.

So you say you can't dance? Doesn't matter. No previous experience required.This group accepts novices to veterans. They are all there to help each other out with their dancing faux pas. All you have to do is join.

It's cheap too! It's $25 per year to join this USA Dance chapter. What's best is they extend a special welcome to beginners who just want to know how they can get started. The swing, cha-cha, foxtrot, waltz -- you name it and they will help you learn it.

If you don't have a dance partner, don't let that stop you.This club exists to promote the benefits of ballroom dancing. Singles are welcome! (Who knows, this could be the place to be to find your better half.) Everyone in the group is there to dance with everyone else. They'll tell you that themselves. One of the ways to become a better dancer is to learn how to dance with other people.

So if I've whet your appetite, call the volunteers who started this dance club, Bob and Carla Davis, 419-684-9074, or e-mail them at ctdavis@lrbcg.com.

If you already enjoy ballroom dancing, then come to their dance on Valentine's Day at Sawmill Creek in the Hiawatha Room. It's $10 per person for non-members and $5 for Dance USA members. (You can't beat that.)

For those of you who have never danced before, they want you to come too.

The first hour (7- 8 p.m.) the chapter members are going to offer a free ballroom dance lesson. So come on, dare to be different -- dance!


Oliver Hardy

I have always been known as a ladies man. I will have to check this out to find my better half and learn how to do the cha-cha.


If you wonder whether or dancing has any benefits to your longevity, check out the 104 year old dancer at
www.2.vhi.ie/topic/srdance She is AMAZING!! -- Sue

Oliver Hardy

I tried that website but I keep getting an error.


Google this and you will find it...

vhi health care Special Report: Dancing for Fun and Exercise After 60


Oliver Hardy

I thank you Miss Sue for the additional information. I was able to find that 104 year old dancer.

I normally do not show off my dancing skills in public. But I will make an exception in this case as it helps to keep me physically fit as I get up in years. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4...