Coffee hour with the commissioners

Sue Daugherty
Mar 23, 2010


If you have never been to the commissioners’ Saturday morning coffee hour, which really ends up being more than two hours, I highly recommend you give it a try.

The coffee hours were started by Dave Waddington and Danny Edmond when they first took office and Dan Kaman eventually joined them. Waddington and Dan Kaman have continued them.  

Last Saturday it was Dave Waddington, Dan Kaman and Bob Warner all sitting around the table with 11 Sandusky citizens. Each of us respectfully asked each other questions, brainstorming on why things would or would not work if they were tried, why things that were tried aren’t working and what can be done to turn them around.  

It’s always an enlightening experience – for both citizens and the commissioners.

Sanduskians are fortunate to have three leaders who take their responsibility to represent the public seriously.

Month after month these men demonstrate a commitment and willingness to openly discuss the issues facing the city with the citizens who elected them. For the commissioners, it’s an opportunity to connect to the pulse of the city, get new ideas and to establish citizen trust that their interests and concerns are being fairly represented.

For citizens, it’s the opportunity to hear information from the horse’s mouth -- so-to-speak -- instead of the “he said/she said” information grapevine that so many people take as gospel, but is not the truth at all.  

These coffee hours also serve as a forum for citizens to share information and their own ideas. It’s an unthreatening place to become civically engaged and foster mutual understanding as well as learning about local governance.

The average person has the chance to share their own area of knowledge and experience on how the city can best tackle problems/issues successfully for the mutual benefit of all concerned

This coffee hour is really the foundation for good governance. We all have a part to play in whether or not our community prospers.

Who would have ever thought that getting involved in local government is as easy as having coffee and respectful conversation?    

I can honestly tell you that it is.

Thank you Dave, Dan and Bob!  



Coffee hour was a really positive thing for the commissioners to do. When's the next one, Sue?


Where is Stahl, or Farrar? Why do they not participate....


The next coffee with the commissioners meeting will be Saturday, 8am 2/14/09, at MR. SMITH'S COFFEE SHOP ACROSS FROM THE SANDUSKY STATE THEATER. -- Sue