The economic recovery package: Do you know what's in it?

Sue Daugherty
Mar 23, 2010

I've got to hand it to the Obama Administration, they are going above and beyond to keep the citizens informed and involved.

Our economic recovery is serious and very disconcerting. In my opinion the surest way to economic failure is for citizens to be uninvolved and uninformed about what's in the economic recovery plan and why it is in there.

I'm encouraged to find on the Organizing for America Web site that "we the citizens" can attend a public meeting to learn and discuss Obama's economic recovery plan.

Because I work Monday through Friday, the one I'm going to takes place at 2 p.m. Saturday, Feb. 7 at the Seneca Public Library, 77 Jefferson St. in Tiffin. For more information call Bobbie Sue Grenerth.

There will be one in Erie County at 11:30 a.m. to 1p.m. Feb. 9t at  at BGSU Firelands, inside the Cedar Point Center. The number to call for more information is 419-681-0290.

I'm curious to know whether will you be going? Why or why not?



Tim,with all due respect,I hate to point out mistakes because I make my fair share of typos, but your spelling is that of third grade level making your already ridiculous posts that much harder to read!!

My advice is to slow down, I get your point because I already listened to snippets of Hannity and Levin today,but don`t make it so hard to read.

Maybe if conservatives would come up with some new ideas for the 21rst century instead of the same tired repetitive nonsense of tax cuts which failed under Reagan and W.(The economy doesn`t trickle down as the middle class has always been the fuel to the economy`s engine.)Maybe if they quit guarding the constitution ,which was great 200plus years ago but things have changed,people have evolved and progressed. Please let go of the 19th century we are now in the 21rst!!!!!!!!!!!


PS .I also love how Andrew Wilcow mentioned Ayn Rand 2 months ago she is now the model poster child on right -wing radio and these posts, do any of you have an original thought?


OK THEN YOU CHANGE THE CONSTITION. it is possible you dont' just make it up as you go. the founding fathers made it simple they new that things could change. we are a nation that is based on laws. the laws we follow or not evolutional. if the law must be followed by the intent of the people that pass them. if things change then the law and constition must change.
Second trickle down economics did work. our economy was worse at the end of carter. but policy of economic do not work the second you put them in. the explosion of the 90's had more to do with regan then any one else. and just like bad decision takes year to hurt us. carter and clinton house policy, and bush and modern day repulicans turn on capitalism and conservatism have caused the problems we see today. The problem with capitalism is we have not tried true capitalism in years. The goverment butts in every way possible just try to have a small buisness and if you do have one and you don't see it then your lucky

Also for as much as we think we have evolved we havn't. the same problems of today are the problems of yesterday. the other day and this is off the top of my head i heard a quote from a roman politicion who stated this around 50-100 b.c. give or take a few years. "if we don't stop spending money we don't have and giving welfare to romans that don't want to work then we will fall." Amazing they did.
and last my spelling and grammer is more like a first grade leval not third get it correct. i have millions of ideas in my head and can do almost any math question but when it comes to grammer i fail horrible so deal with it.


one last thing. Tax cuts only work when you have a limited goverment. look at Ireland. they have the lowest corporate tax rate while we have the second or third highest. Ireland has more jobs and buisnesses they don't know what to do with it. even russia has put in low corporate taxes. why do you think bush number one had to raise taxes. because the goverment kept growing and growing and the democrates told him it was for the best for teh country. He did it then they stab him in the back and used it agaist him in his re-election.
so if you want tax cuts to work you must cut goverment also.
also how much more taxes can we pay. as a middle class going into lower class we pay over 50 percent in taxes if not more. and thanks to strickland it is going up. what do you think a fee from the goverment is. A TAX
You can not be the land of the free with big goverment. The two do not go hand in hand


one last fact then bed time for me. remeber when they stated the middle class got smaller over bush. well quess what the lower class didn't grow it stayed the same. so that means all those poor middle class people didn't disappear they became upper class. look at the numbers you will see this. Obama is a prime example of this. He was so broke in 1996 he could not get into the democrate convention in Ca and had to find a way home becuase he was broke. but some how between then and his senate run he got rich. and he got legally rich not starting rummors just stating he became succesfull. 8 of those twelve years where under bush. so you know what it wasn't as bad as you make it seem

Anonymous (not ...

Lotsa new 'old' concepts about individual social and economic freedoms are to be found in the readings at the The Ludwig von Mises Institute web page:

Perhaps if some of Obama’s 21st Century-minded apparatchiks had the ability to read more and listened to less radio, the odds might perhaps improve that they would be able to actually add something to the discussion other than simplistic and immature ad hominem attacks.



So, you call me a
For the last year, maybe longer I've been listening to the mainstream media and average joe's chanting "Hope" and "Change"
So, what do you call that?

Coming from Europe I understand what "big goverment" does to a country. Universal healthcare that is going broke, unemployment rate at 11-13%..

We are heading down the wrong track. This stimulus bill will not work. There is a different agenda in this bill.


“I believe there should be an amendment to this bill!
The amendment should state “that any Congressman / Senator who signs on to this bill will resign or not seek re-election if this bill does not do what it the bill states it suppose to do”


cm you now exactly what is going to happen. when this don't work it will be the conservatives and republicans fault for not helping even though they been shut out of the process of making the bill. because by then the america will forget what happened like they always do. will believe everything ap new tells them and once agiain the dem would look like the kings they are not.

The New World Czar

What's in it for the government? Alot
What's in it for the taxpayer? Little

If anyone heard the recent comment made by John Kerry as to why it shouldn't go to the individual, then it is easy to understand why this fruitcake bill is a joke.


CM you are from Europe? Well then - America, Love it or leave it.


Yes, I am from Europe. I came to this "great" country because..well lots of reasons..I fell in love with this country because of the freedom. I grew up with universal healthcare, which by the way isn't free (13-15%) I still have family over there, and let me tell you if you think unemloyment is bad in this country, I beg to differ.
I am an american citizen, just as you. Just because I don't agree with this goverment doesn't make me un-american. I pay my taxes, so I have every right to agree or disagree with the decisions the goverment makes.


LASTIST NEWS FROM POLESI to prove my point on the blam. she stated today tat with or with our republican support this will pass and we will have transparasy. we will be held responsable for the results we predicted.

don't you get that the not responsable for teh results just responsible for teh results they predicted. so when this fails and it will like all other massive goverment programs they will not take responablity and pass the buck


kurt, you need to listen to cm instead of being racist. CM has lived under the conditions our congress and leaders are trying to take us. he can tell you first hand what will happen. and it is not what you think will happen. We need to learn from other people mistakes instead of being like a teenager that thinks his parents are stupid. and that is what many people are doing. they see the history but think it can't or won't happen here


Thanks Tim
The simple statement shows the maturity level of Kurt...:-) ahhh...the american education--lol (just kidding)


Education puffeth up, oh forgot CM you are agnostic. Knowledge is great, wisdom is best. You compare apples to oranges. Maybe you really need to count it a blessing to be able to talk the way you want. Is it true that the British aren't allowed the right to have a CCW? Wow !,come here & talk like you do...tsk,tsk,tsk.


JUST IN: Obama`s approval rating back up to 69 percent after Monday night`s press conference..


Careful MHL! I think CM is an ardent Rush/Anne Coulter fan. He might foam at the mouth soon! (We know the type).


wow and palin approval rating is still 80 percent and congress rating is still 10 percent and 90 percent of statistic and made up on the spot. to make things worse ratings are so distorted you can not rely on them anyway. and come on kurt you forgot something else. education was originaly started by use christians. our leaders or founding fathers pushed schools so we could read our bibles and now what is inside it. amazing something the people you support would go crazy over today. I don't understand kurt you talk conservative and don't realize it. you are putting religion with the leaders and don't realize the leaders only care about power. so you they give you a crumb and take more away.

What is it you don't want to realize, you don't want to reconize this, rather pick on the person born out of this country who could actually teach you somthing about american history and how we are distorting it. I bet you and mhl actually think abraham lincon who was a good president was a uniter like obama said today. a non partision. yeah that is why his strong stance on slavery lead to a civil war. some non partisionship


also why don't any of you give facts or examples, kurt you where the one complaining we give no history of ourselfs. tell me why you think these ideas would work, tell me what constition athority we have to do it, and most of all tell me when in history it actually worked. and don't dare use fdr because his policy prolong the depression. while the world was recovering we crept deeper and deeper into a depression. university of southern california found in the study that his policy prolonged it by 7 years. so that is my challenge to you tell me what country every when to socialism and keeped its freedome and succeded
or you can ignore me like you always do. if it is a religious reson you feel this way then fine do teh help yourself don't get the goverment to do it for you

Rick Studer

I always thought CM was a chick...

Chung Lee

Chung Lee say it time for timlavigne to get dictionary. Not only are his rantings incoherent, but they appear to be in foreign language. Can't trust the polls? You do realze that polls are based on math? Maybe statistics are hard to understand if you spend life on back of garbage truck and sleep with a fat pig. Chung Lee also think you may like to know that Lincoln was a REPUBLICAN!


Well well well. This is great. Fact was FDR got elected 3 times as president because the MAJORITY of people KNEW that his bold plans helped America get out of the depression. Unlike Herbert Hoover, who was similar to W. Do nothing, the problem isn't ours. While you are at it timavigine here is a quote from Ron Reagan about the homeless, "They made it their choice." See timlavigne under Reagan my wife & csmall child & I were homeless. Yea I lump most Republicans together. Maybe for that reason. Oh, didn't Lincoln marry a distant relative also? Da*n historical facts!!


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well unfortunitly you where homless for probley other resons and not the presidents fault. but hey you Have to blame some one. I sure it and had nothing to do with any choice you made. And I can say that because I am in horrible finacial shape myself and I could go into the resons why but i can tell you what it is not because of W. you need to learn the most important thing of faith. personal responsibility and not goverment intervention.
Second the reson FDR was re-elect 3 times is the same reson many people get elected. Fear, he was doing something and hey it must be working but it did't becuase while the rest of the world was getting out of the depression we didn't. Also do you even know your history of why the depression started. Why the market went down. It wasn't because of hoover. The depression started becuase we set high terriff on the imports. This slowed the world economy to go bad. thus causeing the stock market to crash and trigering the great depression. It is amazing just becuase a person is in power does not mean he is the reson things went bad. Don't forget we have congress and the senate who make policy also. this is not a dictatorship. You need to know your history of why this happen and not just the oh he did something so he cared. Also, Fdr Policy had nothing to do with the ending of the depression. WW2 is the reson we got out of the depression. Again know your history.

It is also the reson why this stimilus package is geting passed, because we have to do something. If you get people addicted to the goverment you will get re-elected.
as for lincon he was a great leader. He believed in the constition and he stood up against slavery. but he was not a by-partision leader.

AS for Regan coment for they made it their choice you now many homless people do. not all but many do because normally it is a choice in there life, a buisness choice, a personal choice that lead to them being in that position. The most a politicion can do is tax a buisness out of buisness. I believe, and I could be quoting the wrong founding father, but Benjermin Franklin said "the worst think you can do for the poor is help them".

Freedom takes personal responsability


Tom, I know you are copying your latest edition of the "Limbaugh newsletter ."you received today,but please slow down and look at the keys when typing.

There are people that make it happen,those that watch it happen, and those that ask whathappened. Thankfully we now have leadership making it happen instead of leadership wondering What the hell happened?

Oh and Palin`s approval ratings were 80 percent in August before she made a fool of herself.


let me put this plan Mhl. Give examples on how your policy's work. Give examples of how what in our laws allow it. YOu can't because all country's that have tried socialism have failed.

Chung you better hope i don't find out who your are. Because can you say liabel or slander. You must not. Also you don't know me very well though because i have not been on a garbage truck in 14 months.
You can not trust polls unless you know who they have polled. I could walk into a Union meeting of 1000 people and ask them who they support and i can say the latest poll shows 99 percent go for democrates. god polling people know how to poll to get a result that is wanted.


well sometimes doing something does not always mean it is correct. Second the people who made the problem, the politicion both democrates and republicans can not fix the problem.

You have to let the market fix itself.
adding money into a broken system just make the money more worthless. look at Germany after WW1, Japan yen in the 90's, Zimbabway with there million dollar bills. History shows it does not work but hey let's do it anyway becasue it can't happen here

Kottage Kat

How much is that worthy organization ACORN getting??? and why????


Well Tim,like polls opinions can be slanted. Many do believe FDR`s "socialistic policies" pulled us out of the depression. Others believe it prolonged it. We do know that supply -side ,trickle-down,voodoo economocs whatever the hell you want to call it have failed time and time again. Sure the rich get richer but the middle class eventually stops spending and the economy goes in the toilet.

During the last 8 years there is a wider differential between the upper class and the middle class than ever before in our country`s history.Actually I think the term middle-class is an oxy-moron. Sure we have more billionares but we have more in poverty.

You conservatives love to throw around the terms socialists and Markists. Whatever!! I do believe in capitalism as long as people aren`t getting rich off the backs of others. People like Bernie Nadoff.

Let me put it to you this way. I go to work every day to better the quality of me and my family`s life.While I agree there are many that need to step ot up in society and earn their keep, I would rather my tax dollars go to feed or educate some poor child who were born into poverty through no fault of their own,than some CEO`s 36,000 dollar antique comode with legs!

I`ve included a few typos and spelling errors to make you feel at home LOL