Matchmaker: Make me a match

Sue Daugherty
Mar 23, 2010


I just heard a report on the radio about an industry that is booming during the recession -- matchmaking.

It seems that when people are laid off their desire for a relationship increases.

This got me thinking about a group of people who have more time on their hands than the general population. They are probably struggling with a sense of purpose (I’m guessing about that. Don’t interpret this to be factual -- I’m just blogging.) The need to relate, to belong, to have someone to share thoughts and feelings/love/acceptance can be greater because of that loss of purpose.

This made me think about single older adults. One of the stereotypes about older people is that they no longer care about companionship, expressing love toward a significant other and feeling love in return.

Although there may be some senior citizens who are convinced no one else can take their spouses’ place, it’s not the majority. All widows/widowers cannot be painted with the same brush. In fact, I think a senior dating service would be just as successful as the matchmaking industry is for laid-off adults in a recession.

Are there any single senior citizen bloggers out there?  

If so, tell me what you think about my hypothesis.  

Would you use a dating service that specialized in matchmaking within your peer group?



We must always remember that idle hands are the tools of the devil. A perfect parallele to this hypothesis would be the situtattion in Cuba. The combination of a mostly Godless society, failed communist government and lack of a freemarket economy has lead to an increase in recreational fornicating. People with idle time, low morale and lax morals choose to enjoy each other for recreation. Very sad. Until the Castros are gone there probably no hope for this situation to improve. That being said, I suggest you make sure you are compatible before enjoying the company of new friends. I always ask if my new friend is pro life. Why waste time on someone who might enjoy therath of God someday. I always remember that God helps those who help themselves! Happy Dating! :)

Kottage Kat

I am a Christian, single 22yrs, Senior Citizen. I am purty fussi, and my # 1 requirement is that any person of the male gender that comes into my life has to love the Lord more than he loves me. I miss the companionship, and conversing with someone who does not have fur and 4 legs. Just because we are older, does not mean that we are not capable of feelings, or thinking. There does seem to be a lack of Senior Groups for singles, just to meet, attend activities,
and have a good time. I realize that many are on limited incomes, and it is finacially difficult sometimes. Living in Huron County, I am restricted to the programs that SOS offers.
If you or anyone knows of groups like this that get togeather locally, please advise. Would like to see one, perhaps in the Tri-County area. Thank-you


My mother-in-law has been widowed for a while now. Men have let her know that they are intersted in her and her philosphy is this... Why in the world would I want another man to cook and clean up after. It would be nice to have a companion when I go to social events, so I don't have to be my friend's 3rd wheel.

I think she would participate in a singles club, as long as the "club" emhasized that they don't exist to get you married...

Are there any other 60 or older people that think like my mother-in-law?

Kottage Kat

I prefer group activities, and like your mother-in-law am not intrested in marriage. It is nice to go out to dinner, have some good conversation with your peers.

Sue, Can you let us know if there are any groups like this in the area??? Thank you


I am not aware that there are any match-making social groups in Erie or Huron County for people age 60+. I have long thought that there should be. But just like everything else.... nothing is ever simple.

I would think for such a social group or business to be safe and reputable it would take a lot of planning and a lot of background checking. (I seriously wonder if existing match-making groups/agencies really go to this expense before they introduce someone. I highly doubt it.)

I would like toknow from Erie county residents age 60+, would you want a social introduction/social dating service if one existed? (DON'T interpret this question to mean that Serving Our Seniors will do it. It would just be good information to see if there is a "market" for it. Who knows... if there is a market, maybe there is an entreprenuer out there who would start a dating service for the 60+ crowd.)

Kottage Kat

Not particularly intrested in anything like e-Harmony for oldsters, something on the order of the Christian Singles that meet on a regular schedule and do things and then go out to dinner. SOS was not even thought of when I posted, they are not in that business,lol. Thank you for your reply.