Plaintain soothes bug bites, sore throats

Sep 12, 2012


This week on the Herbal Collections blog, master herbalist Mary Colvin writes about Plantain, a plant highly useful for a variety remedies.

"When you first hear the name Plantain, you might envision a fruit similar to a banana.  However, the plant I am writing about is what the Native Americans called, White man’s footprint.  They gave this name to Plantain because the seeds were mixed with the grass seed and planted wherever the colonists settled in early America."

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Won't be long before they will be banning it. Big Pharma can't be having plants cure people of anything. Same with marijuana, it cures and helps alot of conditions but Big Pharma won't let them make it legal. It's all about greed and money.


Herbal collections are the most preffered things these days. Many people are interested in growing their own plants. Gardening has become one of the favorite hobby of people these days. But ofcourse, it should be done with utmost care to avoid certain fungal infections.


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