Blog: Praise for litter program

Sep 11, 2012


I am glad to see the Greener Corners containers come into town. It seems to be a win-win situation for the city because our litter problem is out of control.

The program is paid for by advertisements from businesses that wish to place their ads on the containers at a $100 a month.  It is cheap advertisement for restaurants to let the tourists know where the businesses are located in town for a bite to eat.  It would be nice for the city to buy into one of the advertisements for our city marina. I would like to see local downtown businesses take first choice in the ads.

I had a commissioner once tell me that the city had to market itself.  That may be so, but first you must clean the town up and make it look like the city really cares about its environment. You do this by cleaning up the housing, vacant commercial buildings, paving the streets, and maintaining the parks, sidewalks and curbing.  The city needs to showcase our best to the many visitors who visit our town.  We want them to go away with the thought that the city really cares enough to look its very best.

It is most important to let investors and developers know that we are making every effort to clean up our town.  The investors would like to invest in a town that cares about their maintenance so their development can succeed.  They don’t want their development to turn out to be another vacant building years down the line.

The city has taken great strides to improve upon the city’s eyesores and badly maintained infrastructure. There is still much to be done and very little money to work with so we need to spend the money wisely and distribute the grant money evenly. The city needs to make sure we are not placing all the grant money in one place so other projects are neglected.

Litter and vandalism are not good for any city.  If the city brings itself up to pristine condition, the crime rate starts to drop and people start to take pride in their city by picking up the litter and depositing it into the appropriate containers available.

Until next time, please take pride in our town and do not litter or vandalize. Take care of your property so the Code Enforcement Officer doesn’t come knocking at your door any time soon.

Sharon Johnson is a born and bred Sandusky resident who's outspoken about community issues. Her blog, chronicling her efforts to keep tabs on city projects, is posted here Tuesdays at 11 a.m.




You are missing the big picture.  You can put as many containers around the city as you want. If people don't use them they are of no consenquence.  People have no respect for the city or the facilities offered by the city.

Do more refuse containers make you personally litter less? Your respect for your community keeps you from littering.

You have to change the mindset of the citizens. This project is a band aid on a gunshot wound.


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The Answer Person

And who PAYS to empty them?

car 54

    Sandusky, let's give this a shot. Spot on Sharon.


I agree with donutshopguy and Sam and the answerperson.....ALL of the below.  These are relevant questions that need answers before ANY of this works. 

These are useless if people have no incentive to use them.  How is going to get paid to empty them?

These are going to get vandalized the first week out, watch and see.....graffi central.


I think you have to start somewhere.  How about the donutshopguy putting an ad on one of the containers and get the ball rolling? I do think the city should not do a long term contract with Greener Corners just in case we don't get ads for the containers.  I would give it a year to pilot the program to see what kind of response you do get from the business community.  The finances are provided through the ads for collection and maintaining the cans.  If there are no ads, there is no program.  


How about sharon putting an ad on one for her blog ?