SHS Victory song penned by student in 1914

Matt Westerhold
Sep 5, 2012


 A Sandusky student wrote the fight song that has stood the test of time. 


The Answer Person

Probably the most detailed article I have seen here in quite some time!


If you click on the word 'song' the info comes up on a blog.

Peachy Keen

Wow, Matt. I graduated from SHS in 1973 and from what I could read in the tiny print of the "victory song" photo and article.... that you lifted from the Sandusky Library's blog...I don't recognize the words to that song at all! I don't think it has "stood the test of time", unless they have ressurected this 1914 song in some form since I graduated? Back in the day, the SHS fight songs we sang were "Fight the Team" ala Ohio State and "On Sandusky", taken from the Wisconsin fight song.


I do not understant why are not post the article here..

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