Sandusky's charter specific on police chief search

Sep 4, 2012


Topic for this week is Charter Section 27, paragraph 4.

The section states the following: Any active full-time law enforcement officer with not less than 10 years of prior active full-time law enforcement service, and holding the permanent rank of Lieutenant or higher, as of the date of the application of said officer hereunder, shall be qualified and eligible to so apply and to be considered for appointment in relation to a vacancy in the position or office of Chief of the Department or Division of Police.

The ad the city ran states the following qualifications: 

Minimum H.S. Diploma/Equivalent Rank of lieutenant or higher Minimum of 10 years progressively responsible law enforcement experience.

The ad also listed these preferred qualifications: 

Minimum of four years in a supervisory capacity. Bachelor’s degree from an accredited college or university in criminal justice, law enforcement, public administration or related field. Master’s degree from an accredited college or university in criminal justice, law enforcement, public administrative or related field. Specialized training such as the FBI National Academy, PELC, CLEE. 

If there were to be any instructions to the committee regarding documentation or procedures they had to follow, why weren’t the instructions conveyed to the committee before they started and not after they had finished their job? I cannot remember any committee meeting that I have attended that minutes were not taken of the meeting. 

The city is an Equal Opportunity Employer and the Charter wording along with the qualification wording posted in the ad, in my opinion, are out dated with the present employment laws which reflect the equal opportunity statement the city acknowledges. 

Until next time, the committee did the best that they could with the applications that they had received. We should be appreciative of their efforts.  If the commission doesn’t like the way things were done, it is up to them to change things for the next time that we have to select another Police Chief.   


Sharon Johnson is a born and bred Sandusky resident who's outspoken about community issues. Her blog, chronicling her efforts to keep tabs on city projects, is posted here Tuesdays at 11 a.m.



Well said, except it is not the commission, but two commissioners that are dissatisfied, not the entire commission.  Despite her comments on BTL, which contridicted her comments at the first meeting when this came up, Ms Cole was angry. This "witch hunt" began because her candidate didn't make the final five.

When she commented that "people from Perkins" need not apply" it pretty much said it all. 

I whole heartedly agree with Ms Johnson.  The committee AND Mr. Brown do indeed deserve our appreciation which is exactly what I have been saying all along.  There is no need to waste taxpayer money on any investigation.  Ms Cole and Mr Poole are now wasting taxpayer money on a vendetta.  They should publically withdraw their request and apologize to Mr Brown for their nasty attitudes. 

I think it only fair that they do so....and soon before they waste even more money. 

Good for you, Sharon.  This one you got right.

And yes, if they commission doesn't like the way things are worded in the charter, then change it before the next time it comes up.  Don't sit there and complain about it. 

Super Judge

 Preferrd BA?  This is a JOKE right? No MBA required? We are going to get some C average highschool bum with this add!


@ superjudge.   Please read the ad closely and you will see that the ad asked for someone with a BS and an MBA as well.  Most of the candidates have that qualification anyway if you looked at the list when it came out. 

T. A. Schwanger

I'm hearing the taxpayers have spent over $20,000 on this issue with more financial expenditures to come. Why was there not a budget ceiling approved by Commission?


With all due respect, Mr. Schwanger, I don't know where you are hearing this, but can you imagine what it will cost the taxpayers if Ms Cole and Mr Poole get there way and there is an "investigation"? 

The committee and this choice is almost completed.  What more will be spent?  What money has been spent so far and where are you getting the figures you have?  From whom did you get your figures?  Are they accurate?  Did the committee give them to you?  Did Mr. Brown and the committee give them to you  or  did that figure come from elsewhere? 

I don't like hearing anything that isn't from the horse's mouth.  I hate anything that isn't fact driven. 

Even if it is fact, what other costs could there possibly be that would come up except that the committee has to chose the final 3 from the screening process after the testing board results come back.  That then goes to Ms Ard who is already being paid to do her job. 

The only other expense would be this outlandish  accusations of Ms Cole and Mr Poole which, to may people, are unfounded and without merit. 

Those should be dimissed based on the ever changing story of Ms Deidra Cole, who cannot maintain her story from one day to the next on what her point was about her complaints.

Perhaps a budget cap for the next chief of police search is something they should also consider if and when it comes up again. But that should be decided when it becomes necessary.  It is a little late now. 


Wiredmama needs to pay more attention.  An investigation has been called for by Mr. Brown at the last commission meeting. Mr. Brown has asked for $12,000 so far to bring the applicants to town for interviews.  That isn't  even counting the expense of hiring a lawyer to investigate the whole situation. Whether or not Brown spends that much remains to be seen.  They wonder why this town has no money.  The city continues to get themselves into stupid situations and the taxpayer ends up footing the bill. 


@ Darkhorse...... It isn't Mr Brown who brought this all on.  You want someone to blame for this, put the blame solely on Ms Deidra Cole and Mr. Wes Poole.  They are the ones who caused this whole mess with their foundless accusations and complaints. 

They are the two who are costing this city the money.  They are the ones who are making this whole project run more than it ever should have.  And frankly, when this cockymamay thing is over, and it is found that NOTHING has been done wrong, they should foot the bill or resign.  Yes, RESIGN for costing the taxpayers this money for nothing.

Deidra Cole and Wes Poole have done this for NO reason other than a personal vendetta.  PERSONAL.  If you were at that first meeting as I suspect you were, you heard it yourself.  Then listen to her interview on BTL.  Talk about not making sense.  She changed her story completely.  Oh, she just went from one lie to another. 

There is no way she can be believed.  So this whole thing is just costing the city a bunch of money for NOTHING. 

Why?  Because she has a bug up throat that her candidate didn't make the final five.  Blame her.  She attacked Mr Brown as did this paper.  What do you expect him to do.  He called her bluff.  She got what she wanted. 

Mr Brown asked to have the money to pay for the candidates to come and meet the commissioners after having taken the tests and to narrow the group to three.  After all the complaining she did that is what she wanted.  They did that for the candidates whan they wanted a City Manager.  Remember?????   The list goes down to three from that five.  The meet and great.  And did that money not include the background check ?  So why complain?  That is necessary. 

Seems to me, darkhorse, that you are complaining about something necessary at the same time you are complaining about the UNNECESSARY.  Divide the two.  It would make more sense. 

T. A. Schwanger

 Greetings WiredMama222. 


  From Minutes of City Commission meetings regarding the Police Chief Search. This information is easily found on the City's web-page:::

Mr. Brown motioned for $10k for advertising on 4/23.  

8/13 Mr. Brown motioned for $2970 for travel expenses and $5130 for the assessments;

8/27 Mr. Brown motioned for "up to" $5000 for background checks. 

Total is to date $23,100 ---nearly waht the City spent on the City Manager Search.

 Also, on 3/26 Brown and Smith motioned for the City Manager to utilize professional assistance....what happened to that?  Upon motion of Pervis Brown and second of Jeff Smith, the commission voted to establish a committee to move forward in obtaining assistance and outside input into the process to select a new police chief.

Commissioners Cole and Poole did not make the final call for an investigation, Commissioner Brown did. Furthermore, Commissioner Poole asked for, and to the best of my knowledge has not received, documents validifying the committee's work.

Under Sandusky's Charter, as Ms. Johnson quotes, at least three of the final 5 candidates do not qualify for the Police Chief position. If the City Commission, the City Manager and/or appointed committees can't follow the City's Charter, why have a Charter?




Hi, TA.......Mr Brown is responding to the allegations of Ms Cole and Mr Poole.  You cannot take things out of context and end up with a  truth.  This entire MESS started with Ms Cole and Mr Poole and their unfounded allegations.  Remember, sir.  Your and I sat side by side when this all started.  We were at the same meeting along with my husband.  I turned to you and said, "I think I am going to be sick".   

Ms Cole stated this with her "I got several phone calls ......"  remember?   And the fight was on.  She accused Mr Brown and his committee of everything under the sun.  Mr Poole jumped on board.  ALL BECAUSE HER CANDIDATE DIDN'T MAKE THE FINAL FIVE. 

Let me ask you?  Did she ever ONCE before that, make a motion, ask about or question in any meeting about this search committe?   (NO).  Did Mr. Poole?  (NO).  In all the weeks of searching and going over the applications and working the committee did, did Ms Cole or Mr Poole ever once ask the committee or Mr. Brown any questions about the candidates, their applications qualifications, their backgrounds or anything?  At their meetings or in the commission meetings (NO).  

So why did she and Mr Poole wait until the final five?  Now, you are not a dumb person, sir.  The comment at the meeting was....."No one from Perkins need apply".......Her candidate didn't make the final five.  She had been pushing for him.  You figure it out. 

No sir, the candidates chosen had qualified.  Mr Icsman had backed that up.  HE STATED AT THAT MEETING THE COMMITTEE FOLLOWED THE CHARTER ( he's the lawyer....he knows what is best....he read it).  So why is everyone else trying to do his job?????  You, Ms Johnson, the SR?  Ms Cole?  Do you all feel you can interpret it better than the Law Director of this City?????  

May I see your law degree, please? 

If the committee spent what they spent to find a city manager, then so what?  That's what it cost.  What do you think it should cost?  What figure do you have in mind?   What ceiling cap do you suggest?

What change do you suggest the Charter have?  How much will that cost the city?

Which candidates do you say do not qualify so you can argue that with the law director who says they do.    You can tell him when you show him your law degrees.  

In fact, reading her comments, that isn't what she said at all.  Are you not misquoting her? 

That should be interesting, as I was sitting right next to you the night he read the Charter and said the committee followed it to the letter and was correct in its selection.  So was my husband.  Neither of us is deaf or dumb.  And we both have college degrees so we are not ignorant either.  Not saying that you are ignorant....far from it. 

As for Mr Brown.....he had no choice but to ask for this stupid exam after Ms Cole and Mr Poole made such a fuss over it.  They are to blame, they are the cause of it and they should pay the price for it. 

Its called HONOR.  They questioned his.  I will tell you this.  When it is done, and if they find nothing has been done wrong, Ms Cole will find herself in a bit more trouble.  First she told people they couldn't speak at meetings.  Now she calls other council people liars and tries to manipulate candidates for the Chief of Police? 

Perhaps it is time for Ms Cole to go.  The City of Sandusky is NOT her personal playground.  She is there to SERVE the people of Sandusk, not manipulate the City for her own personal use. 


Tim....don't bother arguing with weird. She takes her orders from smitty. She does NO research herself.


@fireside.....I do ALL my own research and take orders from no one.  I am afraid you are so mistaken it is ridiculous.  Are you afraid that Mr Schwanger cannot debate an issue for himself?  Without your snide and unwelcome input? 

Perhaps you feel he is not competent to "hold his own" without your unwelcome and unnecessary comments or support?  My my, you do not give him much credit, do you?  How sad for Mr Schwanger, that you would feel he needs your stupid comments to "uplift" him. 

You give him little credit by trying to downgrade me.  How utterly and completely you underestimate me as well.  You think that your tactics are going to alarm me, harm me or upset me in some way? 

That your comments will make me any less right, any less accurate or any less competent in my addrressing the issues?  Do you think that I have to have someone tell me what to think do or say from the commission because I cannot think for myself?  

How wrong you are.  I know Mr. Smith and have spoken to him exactly three times.  That it all.  He does not direct me, give me information nor tell me what to do, think or say.  So YOU have the wrong idea, the wrong impression and are headed in the wrong direction with your comments. 

Perhaps YOU take direction and think what people tell you to, I don't  I am a free thinking person and I see what is going on with this mess down at city hall and I dont like it. 

This city isn't moving forward.....its standing still.  No one is moving it forward.  Its stagnating.  And I see some people who want it to stay that way.  I see some people who abuse the power they have for their own person use and it sickens me. 

I won't sit idely by while that goes on, either.  So call me names, batter me with your dumb sayings and accuse me of all the stupid inaccurate things you wish.  That does NOT make them true. 

Just be careful that YOUR stupidity, and that of your friends, does not make me lose respect for your friend Mr Schwanger.   That would be a shame.

car 54

     Ms. Johnson, I'm troubled over the break in at Commissioner Smith's Sandusky Hardware store. Why was it not listed in the police blogs?


wow...must have hit a nerve.