Make sure your genealogy work is legacy, not trash

Aug 24, 2012


This week on the Northwest Ohio Genealogy blog, family history hunters are encouraged to find way to preserve their hard work.

"Have you thought about what happens to your life work your genealogy once we get the final date? This is a important item to be taken care of while we are still alive so that it does not end up in the dumpster. If you are not able to identify a family member that is interested that is the legacy of our family history we need to make plans for it's care once we are gone. Many opportunity exist outside of our family units to find a good home for our genealogies."

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 Could you please clean this up a bit, SR, so that a person can understand what is being said? Sorry, but I can't make heads or tails out of these 2 paragraphs.... Thank you! 


 @iam. What they are trying to say is this: if you have spent countless hours working on your family tree make sure to have someone who cares about genealogy have a copy before you die.  If no family member cares about it, donate it to a genealogical library or society.  Then it will be preserved for the future when someone may have a desire to see it.