FIT CHALLENGE: Guerra commits to drinking only H2O

Annette Guerra
Jun 2, 2010


This last week of May has been probably the best week of May overall.  

I met with someone earlier last week and am really glad that I did.  This person is really going to be my strength in getting me through these next seven months.

This person has given me such an uplifting outlook on my future that I am positive only good things can start to come about. 

I am also happy to say that I did finally lose weight this month. It did take me all the way to the end of the month to do it, but I didn't gain. I'm pretty happy about that. 

The workouts with my trainer, Kevin Gallagher of Anytime Fitness, are going well and really got intensified this past week. But it feels good. Kevin really keeps my spirits up and keeps me going. 

I am definitely getting my exercise and drinking water when it comes to taking my kids to Cedar Point every day. That's all I do there. Walk and drink water. 

I heard so many compliments this past week about people noticing my weight loss. If you haven't noticed already, I LOVE the compliments!

Since May 25, I have been only drinking water. Some people might think, no big deal. For me it was a HUGE deal. I love my pop. I love my Crystal Light. Both a BIG no-no. Not good for me and not good for my multiple sclerosis. Would of been nice to know that 10 years ago.

I still would really like to keep my goal of losing 50 pounds for my birthday at the end of June, but if I don't make it, I'll still be OK.

So as for June, I see nothing but good things coming out of this month.



Drinking water only???  That is a novel idea, but I do not think that is very healthy.  Lose 50 pounds in one month??  I sure hope these people are talking to a physician before trying a health risk procedure just to lose weight.  Good luck with that.

Ellyn Clark

Girl, I am so proud of you!! Really, I am. I know how difficult it can be to drink water and especially only water. I'm not much of an H2O drinker myself.

I love your new attitude, looking toward the bright side of things, looking toward the positives. You Go Girl!! Keep it up!

Just read the above comment from Taxpayer. Actually water is the healthiest drink you can possibly drink. No additives, non processed, nothin but good ol' natural God made, water. Think back since the beginning of time. Was there pop? Was there bottled juice? Was their water flavored and come pre-packaged? Was their milk pasturized or homogenized? So really? Stick with your water kid and get your vitamins and minerals from the all natural food you eat and all natural vitamin supplements.

50 lbs. in one month does sound like a lot of weight. But I don't recall you saying anything in your blog about a "health procedure".

I believe we put complete and total trust in our trainers to guide us every step of the way. Don't you wish others would? I mean really? Our trainers are called trainers because they have gone through the years of education and experience to be able to call themselves as such. They are professionals. Therefore, I don't believe we would be, any of us contestants, permitted to attempt that much weight loss in one month without the watchful eye and guidance of our trainers. I also believe that our trainers, having the knowledge and expertise they do, would not allow such a weight loss without any of us being under the care of a physician.

I just felt that I needed to share my thoughts with you about that comment. Thanks!! Besides isn't that what these blogs are all about?? To share opinions and feedback?


Okay, so where did I say that I wanted to lose 50 pounds in 1 month?  I am down 36 pounds so far and would like to make it to the 50 pound mark by my birthday. 

And since when was drinking water not a good idea?  I didn't realize there are people out there marketing that Pepsi and Coke are the way to go for a healthy lifestyle!


3 months ago i started drinking only water, i weighed in 325, im down to 294 now, this will be a good start for you.  good luck.

6079 Smith W

@ Previous commenters:

Great job!

I drink a lot of water too.

When available I like La Croix . It's got the CO2 fizz and natural flavor with no natural or artificial sweeteners.

When La Croix is not available, I prefer store brand club soda with a few drops of lemon or limejuice.

I gotta have the 'fizz'; plain water is so bland to me.