FIT CHALLENGE: Clark promotes using natural sugar

Ellyn Clark
Jun 2, 2010


This past week was week No. 20 of the FIT Challenge.

When I wrote into FIT, I never ever thought I would be picked among so many to participate in this challenge. I had no idea what I was in for. I had no idea having a personal trainer would be so physically demanding and yet so rewarding.

The process to change oneself is not ever easy. The process to change means giving up certain foods and behaviors, as well as moving outside of well-established comfort zones. 

It is a strong individual who commits to changing themselves, but even strong individuals have periods of weakness. What sets them apart is the determination to keep going, pushing or working through the weakness.  

Admittedly, I have and will have periods of weakness through this competition. But this past week has not been one of them. I feel strong mentally, emotionally and physically. 

I not only thank T.J. Temper, my personal trainer from Northern Ohio Medical Fitness Center, for this, but it's also my determination to see this competition through to the end win or lose, gain or no gain.  

The weight loss has seemed to slow down. Last month, it slowed down because I was dealing with the "Varuka Salt" inside me. I can only blame myself.

This month, I am not sure what to attribute to the slow weight loss. I have stuck to eating according to the Diet Solution Plan with the exception of three meals in a three-day period last week. 

These were evening/supper meals. I did not cheat, but was not able to stick to the DSP (Diet Solution Plan) to the letter. With the increased intensity of my workouts I don't believe those three meals (days) adversely affected me. As T.J. always says, if you cheat, you only cheat yourself. He's so wise for being such a young man. I can tell his mama raised him right!

To change oneself means arming yourself with information. Information is knowledge and knowledge is power. Sorry, I know that sounds so cliché, but it's so true.  

I have learned so much about healthy eating. I have read books, read info online, purchased the "The Diet Solution Plan" by Isabel De Los Rios, as well as the "Fat Burning Kitchen" by Mike Geary.

As a result of reading and following the DSP, I no longer ingest any types of artificial sweeteners. Did you know that artificial sweeteners are a lot worse for you than regular white sugar? Diet sodas have artificial sweeteners. Artificial sweeteners keep you wanting more sweets. You will never be able to stop your craving for carbs (sugar/sweets). 

Artificial sweeteners have no nutritional value, therefore, your body does not process it as it would a natural sweetener. So, if the body does not process artificial sweeteners, then what happens to it? The body stores it in its fat cells. It becomes fat!! Right around your middle, and if your a woman, right around your middle and butt.

If you just can't fight that sweet tooth, it's much healthier for you to eat all-natural sugar. The body recognizes nature-made, not man-made, and will process it and get rid of it. 

Use all-natural sweetener, such as Stevia. Stevia is 100 percent nature made, not processed. I get mine at Kroger or Meijer; Wal-Mart doesn't carry 100 percent pure Stevia. It comes in individual packets. 

I always carry Stevia with me. In my purse or the glove box of my car. I drink lots and lots of iced tea. I don't like unsweetened tea — so have to have my Stevia. 

If you can't get your hands on some Stevia or other all natural sweetener then ingest the regular sugar. But STAY AWAY FROM ARTIFICIAL! 



Good for you, keep up the good work!  BTW, I believe you are correct about the artificial sweeteners being bad for you, only in my case it was joint pain. Quit using it, period, and my joints do not hurt nearly as much.... 

Ellyn Clark

Reply to big-d.

Thanks big-d for backing me up on this. Eating anything processed or man mad does add joint pain and stiffness to your body. This I have found to be so true since I have, since Jan., been eating as all natural as I can. And I FEEL the difference in my joints and especially my knees when I stay away from the man made and processed foods. Thanks again for reading my blog and havin' my back.