FIT CHALLENGE: Mortus buys new pants — again

Gary Mortus
Jun 2, 2010


I am heading into the sixth month of the FIT Challenge and still enjoying the journey to better health. 

I worked with Derek Nimrichter of Bodi N Balance on May 25, 27 and 28. We continue to change up the sessions to help with the weight loss and help me tone up. On May 28, we worked on all core exercises, which went well.

I am working on setting up a home gym consisting of a treadmill and a couple items to help on a daily exercise routine — it's my way of making a complete lifestyle change. 

My improved eating habits and increased exercise has resulted in weight loss, but it's not a short-term solution. It has to be a lifelong process if I really want to accomplish improved health. I hope the new workout area pushes me to work out more outside the gym.

I was very pleased with myself during the weekend. I worked around the house on several projects and I continue to have more and more energy.

I only have one problem with my journey to this point — I have had to buy new pants, twice. Not that I'm complaining. I started at a size 44 and went to a size 42. I am now in size 40 pants. It is a good problem to have, but I don't want to look too "baggy" at work. I have also had to buy a new sport coat. I went from a size 54 to a size 50.

On May 29, my daughter Leslie and I walked in the Jon Martin 5K run/walk in Bellevue. 

This event was well attended with about 400-plus runners and walkers. We had a good time and the weather was perfect. We finished in around 50 minutes. I did see several people during the weekend that commented about my weight loss. It's always nice to hear the positive comments.

Look for my current results in the FIT Magazine on the second Tuesday of the month.


Ellyn Clark


I have only had to buy pants once so far. But it won't be long before I have to buy them again. Especially jeans!

I'm with you, it's a good feeling and good problem to have.

You are doin' great but I want to know when you are going to plateau so that Annette and I have a chance to catch up.  *big smile*

Sorry I missed you guys at our meeting. It would have been great to see the two of you and chat a bit. I had to work. :o(

Hopefully get to see you next month. Bring your old pants with ya so we can visibly see the inches lost.